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Pranera Profile

  2. 2. About Us Pranera, started as a Quality and Sourcing Management Company in New Jersey, USA inthe year 2005 ventured into Apparel Manufacturing for Indian Market as of 2008. We haveextensive Merchandising and Manufacturing experience in the field of Knitwear as result ofhandling production for brands like Fruit of the Loom, Levis, The Childrens Place, L.E.I.,Garan, Primark. We are now a proud supplier of High Fashion Women’s Western Wear forMax Retail Stores (Lifestyle Stores).We stay abrest with global trends by using latest fibres, innovative fabric constructions,printing technologies and embellishments. We are focussed on Indian domestic market andgrowing economies understanding the growth trends of branded apparel and organisedretail. Our USP is manufacturing the latest techniques at an optimum cost.Our Team Our strength lies in our people. We are team with vast experience in Knitwear Manufac-turing and Quality Management.Our Managing Director, Mr. Sivabalan, has more than 10 years experience in InternationalKnitwear Marketing and also in Factory Management. He has spearheaded a team to launch3 Domestic Underwear Brands, handling from Product Design to Production to Logistics andhas indepth understaning of the Indian Market and its supply chain requirements.Merchandising and Production Manager, Mr. Arivalagan, has 13 years experience in the fieldof Knitwear Merchandising and Production Management. He has handled brands likeHanes, Primark, Joe, L.E.I.Senior Manager Quality Control Mr. Parmeshwar Biradar, has 15 years experience in QualityControl and has worked in premier inspection houses.Planner, Mr. Anil Kumar, has 11 years experiance in raw material sourcing, merchandising,production planning and management and is the backbone our timely execution.Costing and Material Mangement is handled by Mr. Balaji, who has more than 15 years inknitwear with an extensive experiance on the prodution floor to merchandising. He helps usto keep check on our production cost and prudent use of materials.
  3. 3. Infrastructure Being a buding company in knitwear manufacturing, We have aleased two 30 machine factories with ample space and infrastructurefor Cutting, Quality Control and Ironing and Packing. We have aseperate sampling section in our Merchandising Office for quickturnaround of samples.We outsource our knitting to units which have imported knittingmachinery like Camber, German Terror, and Meyer & Cee.Our dyeing is done at units which are Oeko-Tex Certified housewater recycling plant and installed with soft flow machines. Theycarry complete open width range of finishing and printing includinga Stenter for finishing synthetic and blended fabrics. Our printing isdone on fully atomatic printing matchines like M&R and MHM. Embroidery is done on Tajima and Barudan. As our emblishment processes are outsourced, it helps us to pick and choose the best machines and quality available in the market.
  4. 4. Products and CapabilitiesFabrics: Composition: Cotton, Cotton Poly, Cotton Viscose Cotton Spandex Polyester, Poly Viscose, Spun Poly, Micro Viscose Vortex (Rayon), Modal & Blends Bamboo & Blends Organic & Recycled Fibers Silk & Blends Nylon Spandex Slub Yarns (Cotton , Viscose & Polyester) Structures: Single Jersey Interlock Pique (Single & Double) Honey Combed Waffle Fleece French Terry Velour Yarn Dyed Stripes Jacquard Diagonal Fleece Ribs
  5. 5. mbellishments: Embellishments: Printing: All Over Print (Pig int (Pigment & Reactive) gment No on Non PVC & Plastisol Pigmment Pigment & Discharage Glitter & FlockHeat Transfer - Plastisol, Vinyl, Photo, Plasttisol, Sublimation D Dew Drop & Foil Prints H High Density Prints hoto Pr rint Photo Print & Spray prints Gllow Glow in Dark Prints Burn Out Simuulated Simulated Embroidery Dyee-interactive Dye-interactive Prints Silicone Prints ff s Puff Prints , 3D & HD Prints Sublimmation Sublimation on Sequence H Hand Work: Studs Stones Sequins Mirror Work Em mbroidery: Embroidery: 3D Embroidery DE b d Lurex Patch Works Sequence E b oide Se ue e Embroidery Boring Embroidery Applique Embroidery Chennile Embroidery Lattice work Embroidery (Lace)