K4 - Stefano Tresca (Co-Founder of iSeed)


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Silicon Valley Comes to Imperial 2012

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K4 - Stefano Tresca (Co-Founder of iSeed)

  1. 1. THE STORY BEHIND A STARTUP 5 CHAPTERSStefano L Trescawww.iSeed.co 5 MYTHS@startupagora 1 (BIG) TRUTH
  2. 2. WHY ME 15 years in startups of any size (up to 6.7 billions)*. Love to help youngthis is NOT me startups. this is me *Made all the mistakes you can make already (and a bit more).
  4. 4. Myth #1 Doing astartup is cool.**I think it’s really cool but ...
  5. 5. Working forWHO IS a largeRIGHT? company is like waterboardin g. PAUL GRAHAM Co-Founder Y Combinator
  6. 6. Working for a largeWHO IS company hasRIGHT? been the best decision in my life. MY DAD Co-Founder of ... Me
  7. 7. They’re both right.
  8. 8. YESTERDAY workingfor a big company wascool. TODAY workingfor a startup is cool.TOMORROW ???
  9. 9. Do a startupbecause YOU want, notbecause they say is cool.
  10. 10. #2THE IDEA
  11. 11. Myth #2A good idea wins every time.
  12. 12. You “just” need to work 150% of yourtime. Sorry … I mean 250%.ARMANDO BIONDI Serial Entrepreneur Pick1.com
  13. 13. You need a good IDEA,excellent EXECUTION,good TIMING, highPERSEVERANCE andsome LUCK ... tostart.**don’t forget to look for a goodTEAM asap.
  14. 14. #3EXECUTION
  15. 15. WARNING this is where I getreally unpopular with the professors.
  16. 16. Myth #3Work hard and you will be rewarded.
  17. 17. As a startup CEO I sleptlike a baby: I woke up every two hours and cried. BEN HOROWITZ Entrepreneur &Venture Capital
  18. 18. You WILL workhard but you canSTILL die broke.
  19. 19. N. TESLA a T. EDISON a Who is thisgenius died genius died man? broke rich.
  20. 20. ST JU NG KI EC OU CH Y ONN. TESLA a T. EDISON a PROF. DENNISgenius died genius died GABOR, broke rich. Imperial College London. Noble Prize.
  21. 21. #4 FUNDING**My area. I willbe less emotionalhere ...
  22. 22. I have been rejected by 300 venture capitals.TIM WESTERGREN Co-Founder Pandora
  23. 23. Other speakers are on the professional fund rising today.* *So let me provide afew practical ideas for the beginners (all tested).
  24. 24. • Friends & Family, your network is stronger than you think.• Lower the lifestyle, start early or it’ll be to late.• Sell your stuff on eBay, you can buy everything again later.• Work in your free time, simple mindless task (deliver pizza, TaskRabbit, etc.).• Public or students competition, even if you lose you’ll promote your startup.
  25. 25. During theYOU night I wasDON’T working as aTRUST dubber onME? Elance. CHRIS SACCA Lowercase Capital 2 billion manager
  26. 26. ... but don’t forget to think big•Hire a grant application specialist, theyoften work on a success fee.•Hire a fundraiser, not simple butsometimes they work on a success fee (Ido it if I like the project).
  27. 27. #5SO WHY ASTARTUP?
  28. 28. It’s aIT DOESN’T struggle toLOOK SO save yourCOOL company’sANYMORE ! life - and your own skin - every day. SPENCER FRY Co-Founder Carbonmade
  29. 29. No MythThe truth is ...
  30. 30. I don’t know !
  31. 31. But here I am and I can’t imagine doing anything different.
  32. 32. THANK YOU ! Not all those who wander are lost. BILBO BAGGINGS If you liked it tweet @startupagora
  33. 33. QUESTIONS?Stefano L Tresca(SMALL) ANGEL, MENTOR, LAWYERwww.iSeed.copr@iseed.co@startupagora