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World Trade Center - Gift City - Gandhinagar


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One address that gives you 330 offices across the world

As the world looks to do business with India, here is an opportunity for you and your clients to join a global brand.. 

Spire World announces the launch of: World Trade Centre@Gift City - Gandhinagar
·  330 cities, 100 countries, one Branded Complex
·  An address that is shared by the Fortune 500® companies
· The most powerful business enabler in the world.

A WTC® building represents a global network of landmark buildings in active and planned locations across the world that work to create competitive advantage for businesses conducting international trade.
·  As real estate projects, WTCs are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy, thus giving owners a good return on investment.
·  As economic development platforms, WTCs raise the international profile of a city or region.
·  As branded complexes, WTCs are landmarks in the regions that they serve. 
A  WTC branded complex combined with the quality and delivery track record of Spire World ensures that your investor are in safe hands.

Presenting the WTC GIFT City Investment Offer:

Now you and your clients can benefit from the power of WTC. Join this global network and watch your business grow and wealth multiply. 

Empower your clientele with the only investment opportunity that ensures high returns, high appreciation and safety of capital.
We look forward to seeing you as a part of the WTC family, to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how it can benefit you, please find below the WTC GIFT City Investment Plan

Ground floor - NA
1st Floor - 6500
2nd Floor - 6350
3rd Floor - 6200
Top Floor - 6600
Rest floors - 6100

Inaugural Discount          : INR 200/- psf
Sizes available                  : Multiples of 500 sq ft (For unfurnished minimum 1000 sq. ft is  lockable & in case of furnished minimum 500 sq. ft is lockable ); 
Type                                   : Unfurnished (Lockable & Non-Lockable)
Payment Plans                 : Standard Plans (10% AR, 11% AR, 12% AR, DP with 24% discount & CLP Plus) 
AR Duration                    : Assured Return is till possession or 4 years, whichever is later.

The Cheques will be in the favor of "WTC GIFT"

Any schemes at the time of launch will also be applicable on the booking during the pre-launch period.
Should the client disagree to the T&C's of the application form, full money shall be refunded to them without any cancellations charges

·         Transportation Facility- BRTS , Metro.

·         Infrastructure in GIFT City –Unmatched.

·         In the same vicinity residential/commercial/social utility etc.

·         It is 1st of 100 SMART Cities which Mr.Modi has envisioned.

·         Multi Curre

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World Trade Center - Gift City - Gandhinagar

  2. 2. One global name present in 100 countries across 6 continents One brand that houses 1 Million businesses across the globe *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  3. 3. Disclaimer: All the marks, logos, symbols and brand names are trade marks of their respective companies. When expanding to any new country companies like Adobe, PWC, Merrill Lynch prefer to open their first office in a WTC One address that is shared by Fortune 500® companies *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  4. 4. Zhengzhou, Colombo, Bahrain, Panama, Kuala Lumpur, Athens Denver, Dublin, Geneva, Paris, Los Angeles, New York One branded complex that is a Landmark in the region it serves *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  5. 5. Railway and Highway in Zurich; Subway Station in Boston; Monorail in Seoul; etc One Catalyst that builds communities and drives infrastructure growth *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  6. 6. One network that connects 330 Cities across 100 Countries The most powerful business enabler in the world is now in the GUJARAT *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  7. 7. In Partnership with The most Dynamic Real Estate brand in the region *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  8. 8. *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  9. 9. A brand known for building and delivering “values” • Innovative concepts and break though designs with Flexi Homes, Code Green and energy efficient buildings • Embodies quality and on time delivery • Pioneering the philosophy of Mainstream Green • Leading the construction industry with concepts of modularity and standardization • Bringing core values of equity, ecology and identity though to ever walk of life. *ref disclaimer 68 G U R G A O N CONDOMINIUMS & RETAIL GIFT City
  10. 10. WINNER: THE WORLD’S BEST OFFICE DEVELOPMENT CNBC World’ s best Office Development SPIRE EDGE, MANESAR A brand recognized for its “sustainable products” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  11. 11. & Bring to you... *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  13. 13. SECURITY OF INVESTMENT • David Rockefeller in 1959 creates The Lower Manhattan Association and begins to promote the idea of "World Trade And Finance Center in New York City along the East River of Manhattan. “Trust of a Global Powerbrand” • New York and New Jersey authorize the development of World Trade Center in 1962 • The first tenants move into North Tower of the WTC on December 15, 1970 *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  14. 14. P-13 SECURITY OF INVESTMENT “I suspect that many corporations have begun to understand that they have an important role to play in the lives of their communities.” David Rockefeller, “A Legacy of Trust” River Side Church Rockefeller Tower 30 Rockefeller Tower American Philanthropist and a Real Estate Mogul David Rockefeller, the current patriarch of The Rockefeller Family, is an acknowledged name in the field of construction and real estate projects in the U.S. during the 20th century. *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  15. 15. P-14 SECURITY OF INVESTMENT “The WTCGP has been instrumental in helping DUNMORE find international opportunities to support our global goals.” JOHN JORDON Vice President Sales DUNMORE Corporation “ With WTC San Diego trade research team added new member firms and today we have over 40+ offices throughout Asia.” STEVE AUSTIN Resident, Integra International “The WTC of Greater Philadelphia, provides resources and international reach far beyond what any small business could develop alone.” LORRAINE H. KELLER, Ph.D., CEO.,Technical Vision Inc. “Transforming Trade” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  16. 16. P-16 An investment that brings a percentage difference WTC delivers 18% Higher Rental & 33% Higher Occupancy than the market on an average. “Higher Occupancy. Longer Leases. HIGH RETURNS Higher Rents.” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  17. 17. P-17 WTCs are high profile developments that convey a premier international business address and are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy “Catalysts to CAPITAL APPRECIATION Regional Growth” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  18. 18. P-18 CAPITAL APPRECIATION WTC Gift is a Mainstream Green office Complex designed to consume up to 30% lesser energy, resulting in higher financial & environmental benefits to the owners, and health benefits to its occupants “Mainstream Green For Long Term Asset Value” A MINIMUM NATURAL DAYLIGHT FACTOR IS ACHIEVED IN AS MUCH AS 98% OF OCCUPIED BUILDING. MORE THAN 30% ENERGY SAVINGS COMPARED TO NON-ASHRAE COMPLIANT BUILDINGS. 50% WATER EFFICIENCY IN AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. • 23.5 lac liters rain water tank to provide for 100% water top-up requirements for the entire HVAC system. SPIRE EDGE PROVIDES 28-DAY WATER BACKUP FOR UNINTERRUPTED BUSINESS OPERATIONS. *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  19. 19. P-19 PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP WTCs serve as • Landmarks in the region that they serve. • Exclusive symbols of International Connectedness and Competitiveness “Creating Landmarks of Prosper i ty” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  20. 20. P-20 PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP ! ! ! ! "!#$%&'(&! ! ! ! "!)*+! ! ! ! ! "!,&-$.'(&! ! ! ! "!/012'0!3&'45! ! ! ! ! "!614$&.7! ! ! ! "!89:&-;<&! =! WTC Club • Offers investors a unique opportunity to own much more than just a real estate property • Join the league of world leaders who are helping define the future of the world through business !"# $ $ $ %$&'()*+,$-,.&'/ $ $ %$ 0&+1$!(+'2$$$$$$$$ “Exclusive Membership to Global Investors’ Club” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  21. 21. P-21 experience *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  22. 22. Dubai in 1979 Dubai Present Day The city’s first landmark in 1979. The DWTC has acted as a platform for business growth. “Transformational Impact” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  23. 23. The DWTC Recognized on 100 Dirham notes “Driving a nation’s economy!” *Sample image for illustration purpose only. SAMPLE* *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  24. 24. Introducing... BUSINESS CLUB *ref disclaimer GIFT City GIFT City
  25. 25. “India: Urban Hotspots Drive Growth” 30% of India is urbanized 53 Million plus cities in 2011 which eventually would exceed 80 by 2030 “GUJARAT: The Next Capital of Commerce” *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  26. 26. *ref disclaimer GIFT City INDICATORS OF GROWTH IN GUJARAT • The economic growth indicators of Gujarat have been impressive with an achievement of an average annual growth rate of 10.4 % in the last five years • Gujarat contributes to 16% of the industrial production of the country • Gujarat has mobilised the highest share (12.7%) of the investments through lEMs in the country • It leads in chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, ceramics and diamond industries Petrochemicals 85% Plastic Industry Salt Processing Diamond Processing Soda Ash Production Cotton Pharmaceuticals Chemicals 58% 65% 80% 35% 98% 42% 50%
  27. 27. PROTOTYPE GIFT CITY *ref disclaimer GIFT City
  28. 28. *ref disclaim er GIFT City GIFT CITY A GLOBAL CITY FOR GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICES • GIFT is envisaged as an Eco-City that will serve as the Vibrant Hub of Western India and as a habitat showcasing business oriented, environmentally-sensitive growth with equity. • Planned as a financial Central Business District (CBD) between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as, GIFT is a greenfield development where the fundamental principles of life and livability lay the foundation for the city. HOME TO THE FUTURE AT THE LOCATION OF TOMORROW • 12 kms. from the airport • Located on the bank of river Sabarmati • Easy access from S.G. Road, S.P. Singh Road and Airport Road • A convenient distance from the Sabarmati Railway Station GIFT: A TRIGGER FOR DEVELOPMENT • About 3,000 acres earmarked for GIFT Expansion Zone around GIFT • Integrated townships to be developed in surrounding development zone - 100 sq. kms. • To be regulated by a dedicated Area Development Authority ensuring singular control for coherent and sustainable development • 10 acre land having offices (500 sq.ft. to 2,00,000 sq.ft.) • Retail spaces (2000 sq.ft. 9000 sq.ft.) • Residences/studios (400 sq.ft.)
  29. 29. *ref disclaim er GIFT City WTC: INSPIRING GIFT CITY INFRASTRUCTURE • IMPACTING REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Because of the scale of govern ment sponsorship, WTC GIFT will dramatically upgrade local real estate patterns, providing strong investors ROI. • INFRASTRUCTURE GROWTH WTC GIFT, by its very virtue will increase the regional trade and inspire infrastructure growth, creating an ecosystem that will put WTC GIFT at the centre and create a radial growth pattern around the facility. • ECONOMIC GROWTH With conference and exhibition fa cilities, WTC GIFT is sure to attract substantial out-of- town visitation, producing positive fiscal impact for their communities. • CONCENTRATION OF SERVICES WTC GIFT will also consolid ate international trade agencies and private sector firms involved in global trade and commerce, providing single-point to multiple platforms.
  30. 30. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Ltd., Zonal Facility Centre,Block-12, Road 1-D, Zone-I,GIFT SEZ, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Pin-382355 Disclaimer: This brochure is conceptual and not a legal offer and gives only a bird’s eye view of the project. The content in this brochure and the enclosed inserts, including the plans, elevations, images, floor plans, location details, areas, designs, layouts, specifications and payment plan etc. are tentative and merely indicative in nature and are subject to variations and modifications at the sole discretion of the competent, statutory authorities or the company. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to booking application form issued by the company. Source: Disclaimer: The information and statistical data herein have been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable. Such information has not been independently verified and we make no representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or correctness. This is not an offer for membership. All memberships shall be subject to terms and conditions. Services mentioned are only indicative and may differ from center to center. All services are subject to terms and conditions of respective centers. Terms and conditions apply. All images are artistic impression and are indicative only. World Trade Center is the registered trade mark of the World Trade Centers Association Inc, New York (WTCA) and M/s Spire Techpark Pvt. Ltd. - a group company of SPIRE WORLD - has entered into a License Agreement with World Trade Centers Associations to use the name and logo of World Trade Center for its project SpireTec in Greater Noida. It is clarified that there is no legal Partnership Agreement between the two entities, and such reference is only a figure of speech. World Trade Center is the registered trade mark of the World Trade Centers Association Inc, New York (WTCA) and M/s Spire Techpark Pvt. Ltd. - a group company of SPIRE WORLD - has entered into a License Agreement with World Trade Centers Association to use the name and logo of World Trade Center for project “World Trade Center Noida”. Any information contained herein is tentative and for information purpose only and should not be assumed as an offer of any sort by the developer. Please refer to application form and its terms and conditions issued by the developer. GIFT City GIFT City