Case study on mc donald’s (2)(1)


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Case study on mc donald’s (2)(1)

  2. 2. Contents: • Mc Donald’s history • Vision • Mission • Success story
  3. 3. Ray Kroc opened first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955 in u.s.a
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION McDonald’s QSC&V was hit. In 1967 first McDonald’s restaurant open outside U.S.A in Canada. By 1983 it had 6000 restaurants in U.S.A. By 1995 it had more than 18000 restaurants in 89 countries in six continents. In the same year the built 2400 restaurants . In 2007 it had more than 31000 restaurants in 119
  5. 5. V I S I O N ‘To be the best and leading fast food provider around the globe’
  6. 6. MISSION world's best quick service restaurant providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile."
  7. 7.  In 1995 the Big six countries that provided about 80% of the international operating were Canada,Japan,Australia,Germany,France.  In Europe M Donald’s maintains a small percentage of restaurant sales but commands a large share of fast food market.  McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow attracts more visitors.  Beijing McDonald’s restaurants opened in 1995 attracted more than some 40000 people.  IN 1995 McDonald’s opened first Kosher restaurant in jerusalem, where it does not serve a diary products.
  8. 8.  American style is growing more rapidly abroad than at home.  McDonald’s international sales have been increasing every year.  Now McDonald’s also serves chicken,sausage & salads.  Another item, very different product is pizza.  To attain quality the quality assurance centers are located in United states,Europe,Asia.  In McDonald’s training plays a crucial role in customer service.  The Hamburger universities in different countries teach necessary skills in 22 languages with the aim of providing 100% customer satisfaction.
  9. 9.  McDonald’s was the first restaurant in Europe to welcome families with children.  McDonald’s golden arches promise the same basic menu and QSC&V in every restaurant.  In McDonald’s products,handling and cooking procedures were and kitchen layouts are standardized and strictly controlled.  McDonald’s restaurants are run by local managers and crews.  Owners and managers attend the Hamburger university near Chicago or in other places around the world to learn how to operate a McDonald’s restaurants and maintain QSC&V.
  10. 10.  McDonald‘s ensures consistent products by controlling every stage of the distribution .  Regional distributors centers purchase products and distribute them to individual restaurants  McDonald’s uses essentially the same competitive strategy in every country, first in a market and establish its brand as rapidly as possible by advertising very heavily .  McDonald’s advertising campaigns are based on local themes and reflect the different environment.  McDonald’s business structures take a variety of forms, with a majority of the restaurants being franchises.
  11. 11.  McDonald’s restaurants are joint ventures with local entrepreneurs, who own 50% or more of the restaurant.  European and south American restaurants are generally company operated.  McDonald’s tough competitors are KFC,Burger King,Pizza.  In 2006 McDonald’s introduced its “FOREVER YOUNG” brand by redesigning all of their restaurants,the major redesign in 1970s.  The new design included the traditional McDonald’s yellow and red colors,but red will be muted to terra cotta,the yellow will turn golden for a more “sunny” look,and olive and sage green will be added.
  12. 12.  To warm up their look, the restaurants will have less plastic and more brick and wood,with modern hanging lights to produce a softer glow.  The new restaurants will feature three new different areas: The “linger”zone will offer armchairs, sofas, &Wi-Fi connections,a concept introduced by Starbucks. The “grab and go” zone will feature at all counters with bar stools for customers who eat alone ,plasma Tv will offer them news and weather reports. The “flexible”zone will be targeted towards families and will have booths featuring fabric cushions with colorful pattern and flexible seating.
  13. 13.  McDonald’s is now offering a range of high quality of food that can fit into a balanced diet.  One such alternative is introduction of premier coffee,a market that dominated the starbucks.  McDonald’s risky stragety of introducing the premier coffee and creating a new restaurant environment with art display and wide screen television.
  14. 14. Success stories: It is first restaurant in Europe to welcome families with children. They have entertained with crayons and papers,Playland, and the clown Ronald McDonald Every day more than 33 million people eat at McDonald’s around the world, with 18 million of them from united states
  15. 15. THANK YOU