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Work better seen than said!


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Work better seen than said!

  1. 1. A Pictorial representation of what I am currently doing:MTT assays.Fig 1: Orange color due to addition of MTT reagent to detect cell viability in eachwellFig 2: Initial plating and treatment of mammalian cells in 10% FBS media
  2. 2. FACS analysis performed with 6 well plates.Cells per well : 175KMedia: 3 mL in each well2-Day to 3- Day treatments depending on the purposeROS determining agent added on Day 2 of the treatment, prepared fresh.Also done to determine Annexin-PI binding of cells showing usual apoptosis(e.g Annexin binds to the phospholipids, facing outside, of a programmed to diecell and thus this activity can determine apoptosis/necrosis of the treated cells)
  3. 3. DRUG PREPARATIONS (High school Chemistry ) DRUGS kept on ice before use DRUG samples (including stocks) in Storage FRESH drug dilutions prepared for treatment