Prepaid cards and stored value account in china 2010


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Aarkstore announce a new report "Prepaid Cards and Stored-Value Account in China 2010" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Prepaid cards and stored value account in china 2010

  1. 1. “Prepaid Cards andStored-Value Account in China 2010
  2. 2. SummaryPrepaid Cards and Stored-Value Accounts in China 2010: Opportunities in Retail,e-Commerce, Transportation, and Other Key Sectors is the most up-to-date andcomprehensive study available on Chinas growing stored-value account andprepaid card markets. Released in November 2010, this is our first major reporton this fast-growing and increasingly complex market, and it is essential readingfor prepaid technology providers, payment processors, banks, merchants, andothers interested in Chinas prepaid payment markets.Key Topics CoveredLeading business models for major prepaid and stored-value account (SVA)products in China, including retail payment networks, online payment systems,transportation cards, and othersGovernment regulations on the market and how they differ for closed-loop, semi-closed loop, and open-loop payment networksRemaining obstacles to prepaid cash card market growth in ChinaOpportunities for international companies looking to do business in ChinaThird-party payment providers: AliPay, 99Bill, Tenpay, Yeepay, and othersTransportation networks: Yikatong, Octopus, Jiaotongka, Yangchengtong,Shenzhentong, and othersPrepaid card networks: Zihexin, Edenred (Accor), Lianhua OK, SmartPass, andothersMobile operators: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom
  3. 3. Table of Contents :1 Executive Summary2 Stored-Value Accounts and Prepaid Cards 2.1 Definition and Scope of Stored-Value Accounts (SVAs) 2.2 Background of Stored-Value and Prepaid Products in China 2.3 Regulatory Overview of Stored-Value and Prepaid Products in China3 Business Models 3.1 Semi-closed Loop Business Models 3.1.1 Third-party Online Payment 3.1.2 Transportation Card Networks 3.1.3 Prepaid Retail Card Networks 3.2 Closed Loop Business Model
  4. 4. Table of Contents : 5.1 Competitive Landscape 5.2 Key Online Payment Providers in China 5.2.1 Alipay 5.2.2 99Bill 5.2.3 Tenpay 5.2.4 YeePay 5.2.5 Other Online Payment Providers6 Telecom Operators 6.1 Competitive Landscape 6.2 Key Telecom Operators in China 6.2.1 China Unicom 6.2.2 China Unicom 6.2.3 China Telecom
  5. 5. List of Figures:Figure 1: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 2: Chinas Third Party Payment Providers by Market ShareFigure 3: Chinas Late Start: Banking and e-Commerce Milestones 1950-2011Figure 4: Chinas Bankcard Circulation, 2002-2011 (M)Figure 5: Chinas Credit Card Circulation, 2006-2011 (M)Figure 6: Cash Payments in China (%)Figure 7: Internet Users in China, 2001-2011 (M)Figure 8: China Online User Income Distribution, 2011 (RMB per Month)Figure 9: Alibaba Group StructureFigure 10: Online Merchants Interviewed by SectorFigure 11: Sales Channels Used by Online Merchants in China (%)Figure 12: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 13: Online Sales Revenue Share by Sector (%)Figure 14: Payment Options Offered by Online Merchants in China (%)Figure 15: Average Transaction Volume by Payment Channel (%)Figure 16: Transaction Volume Breakdown by Payment Channel (%)Figure 1: Average Online Sales Revenue by Sector (%)Figure 2: Chinas Third Party Payment Providers by Market Share
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