Mobile payment in china


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Mobile payment in china

  1. 1. Mobile Payment inChina: 2011-2012 Edition
  2. 2. SummaryMobile Payment in China: 2011-2012 Edition is the fifth and latest edition of our mostpopular report. Simply put, it is the most up-to-date and comprehensive study availableon Chinas mobile payment sector today. The report focuses on the top issue for m-payment in China in 2011: government licensing for "non-financial institutions". In thisreport we profile all of the companies to have received mobile payment licenses; theyinclude many of Chinas leading third-party payment providers, as well as new m-payment specialists, provincial payment processors, telecom operators, and payment-related software and equipment providers.Mobile Payment in China: 2011-2012 Edition includes updated coverage on leadingmobile payment business models, technologies, and services. In addition, we examinethe key issues affecting the market heading into 2012 and forecast growth and majorchanges through 2015.Key Topics•Mobile payment licenses: coverage of all companies that received them, how they arebeing enforced, and how they will change the industry•Chinas post-licensing market landscape: how Chinas operators, banks, and otherpayment powerhouses are adjusting•NFC and contactless mobile payments•Mobile apps and app stores•M-payment global leaders strategies for breaking into Chinas payment marketCompanies Covered•Third-party mobile payment providers: Alipay, China UnionPay (ChinaPay), Tenpay,Union Mobile Pay (UMPay), 47Pay, 99Bill, Chinabank Payments, IPS, Lianlian Pay,MoBo, Qiandai, SandPay, Shanghai FFT, Smartpay, Yeepay, Yinsheng E-Pay•Mobile operators: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom•Banks: Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrialand Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Minsheng Bank, China MerchantsBank, Bank of Communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China CITIC•Foreign m-payment leaders in China: Apple, Google, Isis, Mastercard, PayPal,Square, Visa
  3. 3. Table of Contents :Executive Summary1 Introduction to Mobile Payment in China1.1 Mobile payment definitions1.2 Background on Chinas payment industry1.3 Debit and credit cards1.4 Mobile telephone and internet usage statistics1.5 Government regulations and third-party payment licenses in China2 M-payment Technologies and Business Models in China2.1 SMS-based payment2.2 Mobile internet payment2.3 NFC and contactless mobile payment2.4 Direct mobile billing (app stores)2.5 Comparison of m-payment methods
  4. 4. Table of Contents :3 Third-Party M-Payment Provider Company Profiles3.1 47Pay3.2 99Bill3.3 Alipay3.4 Chinabank Payments3.5 China UnionPay (ChinaPay)3.6 IPS3.7 Lianlian Pay3.8 MoBo3.9 Qiandai3.10 SandPay3.11 Shanghai FFT4 Other Key M-payment Industry Players4.1 Banks4.2 Mobile operators4.3 Foreign companies and m-payment in China
  5. 5. List of Figures:Figure 1: Chinas late start: Banking and e-commerce milestones, 1950-2011Figure 2: Bank cards in circulation in China, 2006-3Q 2011 (B)Image 3: Sample co-branded debit cardsFigure 4: Debit cards in circulation in China, 2006-3Q 2011 (B)Image 5: Sample Chinese credit cardsFigure 6: Credit cards in circulation in China, 2006-3Q 2011 (M)Figure 7: Mobile subscribers in China, 2006 - November 2011 (M)Figure 8: Internet users in China, 2006-1H 2011 (M)Figure 9: Mobile internet users in China, 2006-1H 2011 (M)Figure 10: Third-party payment provider license requirementsImage 11: Beijings "Yikatong" contactless smartcard for public transitFigure 12: Operator-run mobile app stores in ChinaFigure 13: Comparison of merchant and user fees for various m-payment methods in ChinaFigure 14: Typical product price comparison for various m-paymentmethods in ChinaFigure 15: Mobile operator overall and 3G user market share, November2011Figure 16: China mobile user forecast, 2011-2015 (M)Figure 17: China 3G user forecast, 2011-2015 (M)Figure 18: China mobile payment market penetration forecast, 2011-2015
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