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Openstack Pramod


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Published in: Education
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Openstack Pramod

  1. 1. A Federated Multi-tenant System for OpenStack Guide: Dr. Dinkar Sitaram Anush V - 1PI09CS014 Meghana Prashanth - 1PI09CS044 Pramod Ramesh - 1PI09CS060
  2. 2. Overview● Objective● What is Openstack?● Openstack Keystone● What is federation and multi-tenancy?
  3. 3. ObjectiveTo build a federated multi-tenant system as aservice to OpenStack Keystone.
  4. 4. OpenStack● OpenStack - open source cloud operating system.● Mission - create and offer cloud computing services.● Services - Nova(Compute), Swift(Storage), Glance(Image Service), Cinder(Block Storage), Quantum (Networking), Dashboard(Horizon) and finally Keystone(Identity).
  5. 5. Keystone● Keystone is an OpenStack project that provides Identity, Token, Catalog and Policy services for use specifically by projects in the OpenStack family.● The Identity service provides auth credential validation and data about Users, Tenants and Roles, as well as any associated metadata.● The Token service validates and manages Tokens used for authenticating requests once a user/tenant’s credentials have already been verified.● The Catalog service provides an endpoint registry used for endpoint discovery.● The Policy service provides a rule-based authorization engine and the associated rule management interface.
  6. 6. OpenStack A OpenStack BKeystone a Keystone b Services x Services y OpenStack C Keystone c Services z
  7. 7. Federation● A federation is defined as"an association comprising any number of serviceproviders and identity providers".
  8. 8. To achieve this we must go through the following stages,● Understanding the needs and requirements to be satisfied by a multi- tenant federated system● A complete in depth understanding of the current implementation of Keystone ○ Installing Openstack ○ Reading Keystone wiki ○ Dissecting the complete Keystone code● Modeling the federated multi-tenant system for Keystone● Identifying where Keystone must be changed to incorporate the new system● Evolving a complete Blueprint of our system● Submit the Blueprint for the OpenStack summit to be held in April 2013 at Oregon, Portland