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Medical Residents Evaluation Delay


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Medical Residents Evaluation Delay

  1. 1. Group 20: PANTS Section 2Pramod Jindal Aiwen Xu Nicolas Mulroney Tim Dong Sean Ray
  2. 2.  Setting 1 minute summary Analysis and results Takeaways
  3. 3. Core Elective Student 1Core  Two types of rotation ◦ Core, Electives  Two semestersStudent 2 ◦ Winter, summer
  4. 4.  Studied evaluations from a snapshot of the 2010 and 2011 academic year ◦ At 2 hospitals FactorsNumber of Hospitals Block RotationEvaluations
  5. 5. Hospital 2 Hospital 1elective core summer winter
  6. 6. ≠ DELAY
  7. 7. Conclusion : The value of our study was to show none ofthe factors we studied have any bearing on delay time.Potential explanations : Psychological behavior difficult to capture Difficulty to map behavior in variablesFuture recommendations : Move on to other factors ◦ Doctor’s experience