Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Courses


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Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Courses will guide you, how to prepare a Complete Digital Strategy for Marketing your courses in India.
A guide on understanding the Online Demand for your courses, Reaching out to your target audience (Students & Parents) using the Digital Journey of the user & few tools of the trade.
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Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Courses

  1. 1. Phonethics Digital Marketing Case study - Education
  2. 2. INDEX  Introduction  OurClients (Education)  Case Study  Education Online (How Education is being pitched online)  User Journey  How to Market your courses online?  Connect with Us! Phonethics
  3. 3. Introduction Manage 1 Million online interactions for our clients daily Phonethics
  4. 4. AWARDS & Recognition Only Indian DigitalAgency to be shortlisted Best Mobile Application Best Use of Social Media - Nissan India’s First Movie to Release on Mobile Phones Phonethics
  5. 5. CORE SERVICES  Digital Infrastructure & planning – comprehensive financial goals led planning  SocialArchitecture – selection of social platforms, engagement strategy for each network and goals led community planning.  Mobile Asset creation & Mobility solutions  Creative planning & Execution – designing overarching campaign, special properties and material to accompany the execution. Bringing disruptive, game changing ideas to the client that amplify the impact of bought media.  Media planning, Buying & Management – scientific media planning based on cutting edge traffic estimators and analytical tools & cost optimization of campaigns. Strategy Creative Technology Phonethics
  6. 6. Our keyClients Education Sector Phonethics
  7. 7. Phonethics Mobile Media (P) Ltd Jetking SEM Phonethics
  8. 8.  Objective:  Lead Generation  Branding  Solution  Hyper geo targeting, the cities and areas with Jetking Presence.  Focus on the quality ofTraining provided by Jetking.  Testimonial Route for the creatives showcasing the alumini of Jetking and their achievements.  Local Ad placements having their regional language and the geography. Phonethics
  9. 9. Competition Too Many fields to fill – Discourages a prospect to fill the form Too Much Information Confuses the Prospect & He can’t reason himself filling up the form Phonethics
  10. 10. Key components of the Idea :  Purchase Funnel - User Experience - Alumini - Reinstate 'Kuch ban kar niklo'  Highlight testimonials from Jetking Alumini who have made a mark in the society &Target People who are preferably at the Preference stage or Purchase stage for High ROI.  Use a Fun AnimatedVideo depicting the dilemma of a student life which can be easily identifiable by students. Phonethics
  11. 11.  Quick loading Landing page highlighting successful alumni and course info in a de-cluttered format  Quick course overview  Content laid out to aid User Experience  Viral content added at the bottom Future Assurance Success Stories Crisp Course Information Minimalistic Form Fields Viral Video Branding Phonethics
  12. 12. RahulSays it BestWhen he says Nothingat all Toknowmore click here SilentAnimatedVideo Created by Phonethics for Jetking SEM & Branding Phonethics
  13. 13. OUTCOME  Conversion rate of 7.1% from clicks to Unique leads along the duration of the campaign. i.e over 7.1% people who clicked on the ads also filled up the form expressing a desire to join Jetking. 7.1% CONVERSION Phonethics
  14. 14. Problem identification and solution design Phonethics
  15. 15. JetkingCase study  Insights from 2011 pointed to student behavior as well as opportunity for streamlining the lead processing pipeline.  We discovered that Independent web presence from franchisees creates trust issues. Additionally the Corporate headquarters wished to bring a certain uniformity to the entire web development and brand presence.  We designed and developed a ‘Jetking Partner IntegratedWebsite System’ to provide local web presence to all franchisees while retaining control over the mother brand as well as resolving any trust issues. Easy to use back end system allows partners to update content in minutes Phonethics
  16. 16. JetkingCase study Beyond regular website development into strategic consulting – identifying the business problem and providing a scalable solution. Phonethics
  17. 17. OUTCOME 11% CONVERSION Phonethics
  18. 18. EducationOnline How Education is currently being pitched Online Phonethics
  19. 19. KhanAcademy Phonethics
  20. 20. KhanAcademy on Mobile Phonethics
  21. 21. Phonethics
  22. 22. Udemy on Mobile Phonethics
  23. 23. Coursera Phonethics
  24. 24. Is yourContent & Information Architecture at par? Design & Develop content as per industry benchmarks & not as per your convenience. Students & parents today have access to actionable information. It is imperative that we stay ahead of the digital behaviour curve. Phonethics
  25. 25. Marketing Flow Phonethics Phonethics
  26. 26. TheUserJourney Digital Journey of an education Prospect (Student & Parent) Phonethics
  27. 27. UserJourney EnrolmentEnquiryInteractionDiscovery Social Media Facebook ads SEM SEO Display Networks ContentTie-ups with platforms Social Media Campaign Landing Page Testimonials Course Information Video/Digital Asset A Minimilistic enquiry form Counsellors to take over Phonethics
  28. 28. How to Market your courses online? Phonethics
  29. 29. Identify Key Products to market online Identify Key courses that needs to marketed online. Attention Span of the audience is not more than 30-45 Secs Avoid Information Overload Choose not more than 1 or 2 key courses Phonethics
  30. 30. Search trends &Volume Phonethics
  31. 31. Using trustworthy tools to identifySearch Volume & Trends Phonethics  ISThere Enough Demand?  Do you know what isVolume of searches happening pertaining to your key courses?  What is the Search trend for these keywords.  Identify Peaks in Search trends & allocate budgets accordingly.
  32. 32. SEM  UseAppropriate Search Engine Marketing Strategy to market yourCourses across Search engines.  Key ingredients are:  Devices  Location  Duration  Keywords  Adgroups  Text Ad copies  Optimised Landing page Phonethics
  33. 33. SEO On page& Off Page  SEO gets organic traffic. For your Landing page, have a well defined Long team SEO strategy.  Key components are:  Article Submission  Building Backlinks  Topical & Relevant Blogging  Forum Commenting,  Blog commenting on the sites related to Education- Pagalguy,Coolavenues.  Optimizing the Landing page URLs Phonethics
  34. 34. Mobile Marketing  You Cant Avoid Mobile Marketing.YourTG spends Maximum time with their personal screen.  Key components to device a Mobile Marketing Startegy  Dedicated mobile site for campaigns.  SearchAds on mobile  Wap Display banners  In app display advertsing Phonethics
  35. 35. Social  Social Channels areVery Low on ROI for Education Sector. Identify the Role each platform will play in your over arching strategy.  According plan aYear long presence on key social media Channels  Few social media platforms to consider:  YoutubeVideos  Facebook  Google+  Twitter Phonethics
  36. 36. FewTools of theTrade Phonethics
  37. 37. Tools Phonethics
  38. 38. Connectwith ustoday!to deviceyour own ROIdrivenDigitalpresence& MarketingStrategyfor yourCourses. Callnow! Tel: +91 93 23 93 94 94 Phonethics
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