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Yes Magazine Issue 3 ENG March 2012

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Issue3 eng march18_2012

  1. 1. Issue 3 Mar - Apr 2012 A Magazine by the Sai Youth of Maharashtra and Goa Issue not for sale Youth in Eternal ServiceEnjoy reaDing YES!?Don’t put away the magazine after you’re done.Pass YES! on to your family, friends & librarian!lovingly yours01 As pavement dwellers shiver in the cold, Sai volunteers wrap them in warmth!CHANGING SOCIETY02 As a village transforms, even the Government takes notice.citY zen03 Small amounts of money can bring joy to those who have none.THOUGHT LEADERS04 The time we have is limited. Are you spending yours productively? HOLI is celebrated as the victory of Lord Vishnu over the evil demon king, Hiranyakashyapu. Prahlad, theDIARY of a seeker king’s son, was a steadfast devotee of Lord Vishnu. His04 A late night movie teaches Neil an unforgettable lesson. father could not bear this and tried several times to kill him. He even instigated his sister Holika to burn Prahlad alive. But Lord Vishnu came to His devotee’smultiplex musings rescue, and instead of Prahlad, Holika was consumed05 Make God your fan by being a Rockstar in the spiritual world. by the flames. Thus triumphed the love of Lord and bhakta. March 8, 2012feeling gooD! We wish all our readers a Very Happy Gudi Padwa, Cheti Chand, Sajibu Cheiraoba and Ugadi! Ugadi06 Ouremotional health. oureat right! and food determines So mental means ‘Beginning of a new era’. Sri Sathya Sai Baba says, “The real new era commences when we have new and noble thoughts. Therefore, lookA seconD life within and experience God who is present in your06 A man’s faith and devotion prove medicos wrong! heart. That is the real celebration of Ugadi. ” March 23, 2012 NEW!Soul sTORies07 Lord Krishna appears before a thief but not a priest. Find out why!have a goD-DAY07 Coming the inner-net! browse up! Several opportunities to
  2. 2. Lovingly Yours 1 ** ***** Service Activities that Spread Love and Warmth! 2 **** ******* *** *** ************* *** *** ******* Blood ************* Project ******* Donation Winter Sun Camp *** *** *** ******** ** *** ********** ** 3 **** ******* *** ************* *** Patient ************* Equipment Cell *** ** *** ** ********** 1 While most of us enjoyed the winter snuggled up under our warm 4 blankets, the pavement dwellers of Mumbai shivered in the cold. The **** ******* Sathya Sai youth from Mumbai took it upon themselves to offer *** blankets to the men and women, thus protecting them from the chilly ************* *** Hospital winds. Sure gave new meaning to the phrase, ‘Love is in the air!’ ************* Treatment for Ladies *** ** *** ********** ** 2 Republic Day was well-spent by the Sai youth of Maharashtra and Goa. Several blood donation camps were organised across the states and hundreds of people willingly came forward to share what Sathya Sai Baba has called ‘Liquid Love’, a timely dose of which saves not just an individual but indeed an entire family! 3 A Patient Equipment Cell was recently inaugurated in Bandra, Mumbai. This unique centre provides medical equipment like hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, crutches, I.V. stands etc. for free usage for a refundable deposit. The centre is open from Monday to Friday between 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm. It is located at A/11 Nirmala4 Over 200 women at Shrigiri village, Washim were given Niketan, S V Road, Opp. Standard Chartered Bank, Santacruz gynaecological check-ups, perhaps for the first time in their lives. (West) Mumbai - 400 054. Kindly call 98191 90739 for details. Women diagnosed with dangerously low haemoglobin levels were given blood transfusions. They are now well on the road to recovery! 01
  3. 3. changing society CHANGING SOCIETYAn extraordinary true-life account From Hut to Home A Village Gets a Make-over The families of Palasdhari, a hamlet at the foot of the self-help groups for the well-being of the village. Today,Sahyadris near Karjat, have witnessed one of the most many villagers are skilled masons and have baggedamazing transformations in rural India. government contracts for constructing roads and schools. Barely four years ago, Palasdhari lacked water, Medicare: Nearly six villagers used to succumb to TB everyelectricity, sanitation facilities, and schools for children; year. Several villagers suffered acute pain in their joints.alcoholism was rampant. The wood-gathering tribal folk To arrest the spread of disease and ill-health, the Saiwere staring at a dark, uncertain future. volunteers conducted medical camps regularly. These were But today, ample water is available, the thatched mud followed up with tertiary care as required by the patients.huts have been replaced by pucca houses and the liquor Toilet blocks were built by the government and the good habit of hygienic sanitation was instilled in the villagers.dens are gone. The families earn much more than they used Needless to say, they are now much healthier!to, through varied sources of income. Most importantly, Educare: Even though there were primary governmentthe villagers are optimistic about their future! schools in the area, the drop out rates were Undoubtedly, Palasdhari is an ************************* very high. The SSSVIP team implementedexemplary example of ‘Nation Building’ in The Government an Adult Literacy programme and alsoits true sense. rewarded the Palasdhari started an informal school for drop-outs. Palasdhari was adopted under the Sri Step into Palasdhari today, and you justSathya Sai Village Integration Programme villagers with legal might find some villagers deep in(SSSVIP) in 2008. Our volunteers surveyed possession of their land! discussion about how they are nowthe needs of the villagers and classified their planning to get their children educated!solutions under three groups: Sociocare, Educare and When we visited the village recently, the localMedicare. The aim was to instil confidence in the villagers anganwadi teacher delighted us with a personal experience.and make them self-reliant as soon as possible. She said, “When I was a child, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai The SSSVIP volunteers visited the village every month Baba passed through Palasdhari and even stopped for tea atover a span of three years. Slowly but surely, the tide turned, a house nearby!”and the village and its inhabitants, underwent a sea-change! It’s heartening how decades later, His Divine Grace and Take a look at the many projects that made this the love and determination of the Sai volunteers have putcomplete transformation possible: this village on the glorious path to economic and spiritualSociocare: As a first step, a water project was started. progress. Having witnessed the great transformation inPipelines from eight points in the village were connected to Palasdhari, the Government rewarded the villagers with aa nearby pond, from which water was pumped out. Women title deed, which gave the villagers legal possession of theirfolk were thus saved the hassle of walking for hours to land. Palasdhari is the first village in Maharashtra to receiveacquire water. such an honour. Government grants and schemes are now Vocational training skills like hotel management, easily available to the village folk. In fact, last year in 2011,driving and sewing were imparted to the villagers. They also the entire village received electricity!received basic computer training from our tech-savvy Since the village is now self-reliant, the SSSVIPvolunteers. A new world of opportunity and employment volunteers have formally closed this project.instantly opened up to them! For details about the SSSVIP, kindly email us at A Community Centre was constructed in the year 2009. or call Shri ChandrashekharYoung villagers enthusiastically came together to form on 098214 82711. Ample water for daily use Building pucca homes Community Centre in the village 02
  4. 4. Your Sa CITY ZEN ring vi a ng Sh s Could Be the Key to Your Happiness! The word ‘austerity’ is all over the news these days. commutes by taxi from home to her workplace agreedEntire nations are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and to travel only half the regular distance by taxi and cover thegovernments are cutting back on spending while ironically rest of her journey by bus.they want people to spend more so that the economy gets Thus, she SAVED Rs 1,500 every month!the oxygen it needs. But we do not need to be told to spend But it doesn’t stop here. She ‘invests’ these savings bymore; it’s all around us: buying medicines for the cancer patients who are ‘Feed your Greed. Blow up money as though there is no compelled to live on the footpath opposite Tata Memorialtomorrow.’ Hospital. Having exhausted all their savings on their ‘My space. My career. My wealth. A world for myself treatment, the patients have nothing left for dailyand me alone.’ sustenance. This lady’s selfless giving is a golden ray of hope ‘Welcome to this new township. Spot a mall and watch in their lives!how a new civilization springs up nearby.’ When we asked her about how she felt travelling in Sample this: Mr and Mrs Menon, a young working crowded buses, she exclaimed happily, “It’s worth thecouple, have a beautiful flat in the city (bought on Equated trouble! You should see how the patients smile when I giveMonthly Installments). To keep up with peer pressure, they them their much-needed medicines!”bought a luxurious car (on EMIs). More recently, they There are several opportunities to save money and abought a state-of-the-art home theatre (you million more people to serve! No amountgot it – on EMIs!). To honor these EMIs, the *********************** saved is too little. Even Rs 11, the minimumMenons work 12 hours a day, under Experience the joy of fare of an autorickshaw, can buy wholesometremendous stress. Quite naturally, they don’t placing a milk for a child who is unwell.have the time to enjoy their luxuries. What’s ‘Ceiling on Desires’ Shirdi Sai Baba rewarded Shri Cholkar forworse, despite wanting to have a baby, Mr and placing a ceiling on his desires. Shri CholkarMrs Menon are afraid that they will not be able to afford stopped sweetening his tea with spoonfuls of sugar. He usedthe rising costs of bringing up a child. This adds to their the money he saved to go to Shirdi. Undoubtedly, we dostress. well by ourselves when we save a small amount and use it Like the Menons, all of us have desires. These desires for the benefit of others.could be anything: money, food and other objects of In our country while some cry for extra jam, many craveself-gratification. It’s a no-brainer that happiness does not depend on one’s for bread itself. By cutting back on ‘extras’, we can createearnings. We can create unlimited ‘Happy Hours’ for MORE, and share it with those who don’t have ANY.ourselves when we realise that happiness springs from Placing a ceiling on desires is extremely easy! Here’s howwithin and is not obtained from objects of desire. All we you can do it everyday:need is a regulated and disciplined life and expenditure 1. Curb excessive talk and unnecessary gossip - cut yourpattern. phone bill drastically. Introducing ‘Ceiling on Desires’ – a powerful mantra to 2. Refrain from accompanying friends on shoppingensure that you stay in control of your life. sprees. You can thus avoid impulsive and expensive Let’s try a small experiment: Save money by fixing a purchases.ceiling on any desire. Spend part (or all) of the money thus 3. Reduce the number of times you eat out. You can usesaved on any social service activity of your choice. Voila! your savings to feed the impoverished children in yourYou have a double dhamaka – Save and Save (save your and another’s soul). Remember, it’s not about ‘sealing’ our desires. It’s about Here’s a true-life example: A lady executive who putting a ‘ceiling’ on our never-ending wishes! 03
  5. 5. THOUGHT leaDers The Clock is Ticking! 12 “The span of life allotted to man is very short; the world in which he lives is very wide. What little man has to do here, has to be done quickly, at the place that is assigned to him and within the time that is allotted to him. Man has such a formidable 9 3 task before him. It is to fulfil this task that he has come as man, exchanging for this human habitat all that he has acquired during many past lives. The task is no less than the manifestation of the Divinity latent in man.” 6 ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba Diary of a seeker I sat up watching a movie yesterday and slept managed to reach on time. PHEW!way past midnight. I woke up terribly late for As I wrote my assignment, I felt a wave ofcollege, skipped my bath, and gulped down a happiness overcome me. I felt in control. I washurried on-my-toes breakfast. When Mom ran reflecting about the day gone by when suddenly, after me with my juice, I lost my temper and like a bolt of lightning, my friend barged into the stormed out of the house. classroom. He was panting; even had a torn While rushing to the bus stop, I tripped and shoelace! The teacher yelled at him. Disoriented,tore my favourite shoe. I missed the bus and he wrote his assignment. But goodness! Hewas forced to take an over-crowded one. I was made such a mess! He had more spelling errorspushed… nay, literally hauled out at my bus stop. in his essay than the hair on his head!I fell and soiled my shirt! Aggravated, he snapped at his desk partner. I reached class ten minutes LATE! The angry Was I having a deja vu?? I could now see itteacher informed me that I was already marked all. Plainly enough.‘Absent’. I scowled and sat glowering at her. I I had stayed hungry, shouted at Mom,soon realised that the girls in my class were ripped my favourite shoe, spoilt my shirt, beengiggling at me and whispering things to each other. jostled around in a crowded bus, been shoutedWHY do people have to giggle at another’s and laughed at, been denied attendance, and haddifficulties?! I was SO MAD at them, and even annoyed my best friend.myself, and with the world-at-large that I ended Everything had gone WRONG! And WHY?up fighting with my best friend! Just because I stayed up late watching a film! While I was sulking alone during the break, It totally RUINED my next day’s schedule! I’vesleep caught up with me and I dozed off. Before decided: I’m going to listen to Pa and reserve myI knew it, drrrrrinnnngggg went the school bell. It entertainment for weekends only. Going to getwas time to get to class! I hurriedly gathered my my priorities right.things and rushed off. This time, somehow, I For my own good. Time waste is life waste! * Sri Sathya Sai Baba 04
  6. 6. multiplex Musings Rockstar – This intense, gripping film moved many a As the movie progresses, one realises that Jordan andheart and feet! Let us view the 70mm blockbuster once Heer are soul-mates. They are not merely acquaintancesmore, but this time, with a ‘Sai Lens’. who met casually and moved on. There is a deep Janardhan, the protagonist, is a typical youngster. He connection between them. Each knows what the other isgoes to college, but his textbooks hold no interest. He is thinking and feeling, even though they are geographicallytaken up with the idea of becoming apart!the next Jim Morrison, but is told Bhagawan repeatedly extolled,that he lacks rockstar mettle. “You and I are One!” Mystically How many of us identify with speaking, there is no differenceJanardhan’s predicament! We want between you and any other achieve BIG things, but have no All of us originate from and share theclue how to! What’s worse, people same source of inexhaustible Cosmictry hard to turn us away from our Energy. The concept of ‘Vasudaivadreams. Kutumbakam’ originated in After making some terrible Hitopadesa, a well-known Sanskritmusic, Janardhan finally learns that classic. It explains that the entiresuccess is preceded by a fire in the belly and pain in the world is one great big family. There is a relative in everyheart. Convinced that a love affair is the solution to his stranger we meet!‘failure’, he finds himself a girlfriend. But love eludes him. The modern concept of ‘Global Village’ is anAnd frustration begins to gnaw at him. extension of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. This philosophy Ironically, the longer he roasts in his hell, the brighter explains that one cannot hurt another person withouthe glows! And Janardhan is transformed into Jordan, a hurting oneself. Similarly, one cannot help anothersuccessful singer who moves audiences across the globe person without helpingwith soul-stirring music and lyrics that speak of passion oneself!and pain. His metamorphosis can be compared to Rockstar’s melodiousworthless molten metal being converted into invaluable song ‘Kun Faya Kun’gold when subjected to searing heat (of trials and beautifully conveys thetribulations). idea of the Universal Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba always referred to His Spirit. The lyrics convey the Ultimate Truth: When theredevotees as ‘Bangaru’, meaning ‘Gold’. When we were was nothing, nowhere, He was, the only One. He fills mybogged down by difficulties, Baba gently reminded us being, just as He fills your being.that the purpose of problems is to chasten us, remove the From the first to the last soulful note, Kun Faya Kungross and the dross in us and make us pure – in thought reveals deep spiritual insights. One verse is particularlyword and deed. All that we have to do is to patiently poignant: ‘O Mujhpe Karam Sarkar Tera / Araz Tujhe,endure the tests with full faith in God. Karde Mujhe Mujhse Hi Riha / Ab Mujhko Bhi Ho Deedaar As the months blaze on, Jordan continues Mera.’ These rousing lyrics convey a profound message:to yearn for his lady love, Heer Kaul. It would be Your generosity upon me, my Master, I pray to How many of us yearn for God in the you, please free me from the bonds of the self, grant mesame way? Does our atma experience an visitation to my True Face. Truly, this should be our sincereunbearable pain of separation from its Eternal prayer to God.Source? Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba emphatically said, Yet another beautiful song ‘Naadan Parindey, Ghar Aa“Of all the madness in the world, madness for God is Jaa’ makes us wonder if it is God who is singing this songmost desirable!” We may have fleeting desires that may to all of us, His naive children, who are wandering aroundor may not fructify depending on how much steam we without a spiritual goal emblazoned in our hearts.add to the engine, but the desire to reach God, if So the pertinent question to ask ourselves is: Can wefollowed with one-pointed attention, will surely zip us draw inspiration from the film and become spiritualcloser to the Lord. rockstars, who rock in our inner world? 05
  7. 7. feeling gooD! “The food consumed by man should be proper, pure and wholesome. But nowadays people eat whatever they get and wherever they get it, and thereby spoil their health. Food plays a major role in the preservation of health. Care should be taken to see that the food consumed does not have much fat content, for the fats consumed in large quantity are detrimental not only to ones physical health but also to ones mental health.” ~Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. (Sathya Sai Speaks - Vol. 27, Chapter 3) a seconD life Medical Verdicts Proved Wrong; Miraculous Recovery Stuns Doctors! “This life-altering experience dates back to July 2001. I laboriously hobbled in on crutches. Sensing my painI was working several hours, preparing for the Ashadi and inability to sit down, Bhagawan Baba made me sitEkadashi festival at Puttaparthi, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai next to Him on the sofa. After the initial talk withBaba’s Spiritual Abode. Soon after returning to Mumbai everyone, He took my wife and me to the inner room.after the hectic but immensely joyous festival, I started The very first question He asked my wife was, “What wasgetting severe cramps in my legs and feet. Within a the argument about last night, in your room?” My wifemonth, the cramps became so acute that I could not feel was taken aback! She said, “Swami, since You gaveanything below my waist. Walking, sitting, sleeping - the Vibhuti, I thought You have blessed us and we should goeasiest tasks had become a challenge. Medical reports back soon as he needs to get operated as soon as possible.”showed that I had developed a cyst in my spinal cord. Baba looked at us very sternly and repeated at least aEvery doctor we consulted said the same words: Operate dozen times in the tone of a strict teacher, “No operation!immediately! Don’t do operation!” My family and I were overwhelmed with grief. We Baba then consoled my wife with His sweet, soothingconsulted more doctors only to hear the same verdict.Being a longstanding devotee of *********************** words. He told her that her husband takesBhagawan, I decided to get operated only care of so much of Swami’s work thatif I received permission from Him. “I could feel nothing Swami will definitely take care of him! So my wife and I left for Puttaparthi. from waist-down. The Baba then rubbed both my kneesEven the Airport Manager at Puttaparthi doctors insisted that vigorously. He blessed us many times andhad tears in his eyes when he saw my I get operated!” said that everything will be just fine. Hecondition. No one could believe how then held two of my fingers with His handdrastically my health had deteriorated in just thirty days! and led me gently out of the interview room. It was only In the mandir, I sat for Baba’s Darshan with great when someone came running behind me with mydifficulty. As luck would have it, the entire family of Shri crutches that I realised I had walked out quite normally,Omar Abdullah from Kashmir was sitting right in front of without any support or strain! Everyone was amazed!me! The chances of Baba seeing me during that Darshan We joyously returned to Mumbai. Promptly, I fixed anwere dismal. appointment with the doctor who was to operate on me. But look at Bhagawan’s loving Grace! As soon as He Imagine his astonishment when I strode into his clinic!approached the portico, He came straight to me and “It’s a miracle,” he exclaimed, still unable to fathom thecreated Vibhuti for me! My joy knew no bounds! Despite infinite Grace of the Lord.all the VIPs seated there, He chose to answer my prayers To allay all doubts, I took all the medical tests again.first! ‘Negative’ came the result of each one! My wife believed that Baba had granted permission to It is now almost twelve years since Baba cured me.undergo the surgery. She was ready to head back toMumbai. I, however, was not content. I wanted to stay My legs are strong again and I can even run if need be!on; I expected a private audience with Bhagawan. That On retrospection, I believe that my severe health problemnight, my wife and I argued about our return journey. and miraculous recovery were necessary – for me and theUltimately, my wife relented and agreed to stay back for world at large. It only served to reaffirm our faith inan extra day. Bhagawan! It was Baba’s way of renewing my energy andThe next afternoon, as we sat for Darshan with bated ensuring that I remain ever-dedicated to His Mission!”breath and moist eyes, we got the much-awaited signal of The writer is the State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva‘Go’ from Baba – meaning ‘Go to the Interview Room!’ Organisations, Maharashtra and Goa. 06
  8. 8. soul STORiesBhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba wove small, delicious nuggets of wisdom into stories for His beloved devotees. Hecalled these stories ‘Chinna Kathas’. We share with you one of our favourites! Who is the Bigger Thief? A thief heard a priest describe the beauty of Lord while handing over His jewels replied, “No, she won’t.Krishna and the resplendent jewels He wore. The greedy You see, I am a bigger thief than you are, for I stealthief threatened the priest with violence and demanded people’s hearts.”he reveal Krishna’s whereabouts. In order to After this life-altering experience, the thiefget rid of the thief, the priest concocted a tale went to the priest, who, upon seeing theof Krishna appearing in the early mornings jewels, ranted and raved at the Lord foron the banks of the river Yamuna. appearing before a common thief while Eager to rob Krishna of His jewels, the denying a devout worshipper like himself ofthief lay in wait for Him at the Yamuna. His Divine Darshan.With the rising of the sun, the thief beheld Krishna spoke sweetly, “You told the thiefthe divine forms of Krishna and Balarama what you thought was a story about Me. Butwalking towards him. the thief believed in good faith that I would come. His Unable to bear the beauty of the Lord, the thief stood faith compelled me to appear before him.”dumbstruck until Krishna gently reminded him to take Spiritual Significance: Mere rituals are not enoughHis jewels. “Won’t your mother scold you if you give to earn the Lord’s favour. One must truly yearn for Him.away your jewels?” the thief asked, to which Krishna, He will then surely reward us with His Divine Grace. have a goD-DayHere’s a list of spiritual events you can attend in March, April and May.Mar 25, 2012 Devotees Meet Margao, Goa 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Contact Shri Pramod Divgi on 95611 58338Apr 24, 2012 Commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Maha Samadhi of Bhagawan Baba All centres in Maharashtra and GoaMay 1, 2012 Commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Maha Samadhi of Bhagawan Baba Royal Turf Club, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 7:00 pm onwards Contact Ms. Lata Gurnani on 98203 17754 We value your feedback :-) Email us at All rights reserved by Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust, Maharashtra & Goa. This issue is not for sale. 07