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Doing good in the world


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A brief of what Rotary Club of Vasco da gama has been doing in International Service & TRF !

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Doing good in the world

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Vasco da gama
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Vasco da gama Chartered on 2nd December 1966 45 active members Average age of Rotarians: 45 years TRF Contributions till date: > $100,000 Major Donors: 6 Paul Harris Fellows: 101
  3. 3. TRF Programmes Our Club actively participates in most TRF programs. GSE Team – Our Club has given 2 leaders and 3 team members Our Club has hosted 8 out of last 10 teams which have come to our District
  4. 4. International ServiceOur Club has been outstanding in gettingInterntioanl Service projects. The first one waswith Rotary Club of Lindum-Lincoln UK as a WCSfor ‘Ashadeep Special School’ way back in thelate 1990’s
  5. 5. Saving LivesOur Club is the founder of ‘All Goa Rotary ClubsTrust’ to support the Saving Lives project inpartnership with RC Birmingham, UK.A total amount of $100,000 has been spent fortraining the Goa Police, Fire Services &Paramedics
  6. 6. Special childrenOur Club in partnership with Rotary Club ofCottleville/Weldon Spring, District 6060, District6840 and RI District 7260 handed over a SchoolBus worth $ 20720 to ‘Ashadeep Special School’and also supported the School withPhysiotherapy and other equipment.
  7. 7. Polio NIDOur Club actively participates in thePolio NIDs and also gets someInternational Rotarians each year tojoin us !
  8. 8. Basic education Our club in association with RC Westhampton , RC Easthampton, RC Southold D-7260 donated 65 benches and 130 chairs to Bhuvan’s Vikas Vidyalaya
  9. 9. Video ColposcopeOur club in association with RC Wigan,donated a video colposcope to help inthe detection Cervical cancer.
  10. 10. Local CommunityWe also provide small things as bus-shelters needed by the local community
  11. 11. ToiletsOur Club constructed over 20 toilets inschools and villages in partnership withRC Westhampton , RC Easthampton,RC Southold D-7260
  12. 12. Safe Drinking waterOur club has set up 3 safe drinking water treatment units with help Rotary Club of Waynesboro, District 7350. The project cost is $13500
  13. 13. Hearing AidsOur Club has distributed around2000 hearing aids to the needy allover Goa and in our District 3170
  14. 14. Sewing Machines Our Club has done 2 Matching Grants projects to get 660 Sewing machines for poor and needy women all over the District.
  15. 15. Upgrading School Libraries Our Club jointly with RC Dabolim is provided books worth $23000 to 24 schools all over Goa (and some outside Goa too)
  16. 16. LCD Projectors Our Club is providing 10 LCD projectors to the Schools in Mormugao to give the children a new tool to understand how things work.
  17. 17. Benches & Chairs Our Club is providing benches and chairs to Regina Mundi School and Yalingeshwar High School to give better and comfortable seating arrangement for the students.
  18. 18. Women in India 40 million women in India are considered to be poor. Our Club aims at doing its best to make as many as possible self- reliant We have started a vocational training Centre at Sada apart from donating Sewing machines to the needy women
  19. 19. International projects (Italy) Our club was the International partner for a project for training 15 blind people in Napes, Italy and distribution of 3 laptops to the best students.
  20. 20. International projects (USA) Our club is the International partner for a project for educating residents of West Monroe, Louisiana, USA on Water Conservation. Project cost: $10,000
  21. 21. International projects (China) Our club is the International partner for a project in China to provide safe drinking water to 8 villages. Project cost $42000
  22. 22. We care for the Environment Our club is one of the 11 founding members of ‘The Sustainability Trust’ The Trust encourages all Rotarians to do four things:  EDUCATE – themselves, their Rotary colleagues and their community about the reasons why we all have to reduce carbon emissions  DEMONSTRATE - how everyone can save money in the process,  INNOVATE - with ideas promoted by their Rotary Club to reduce carbon emissions through the development of appropriate projects.  DONATE - via The Sustainability Trust to a Rotary project
  23. 23. The future We are always on the lookout for doing more in the community. 1.Basic Education 2.Water & Sanitation 3.Women Empowerment 4.Maternal & Child Health 5.Community Development
  24. 24. How it works The International partner raises $3000 The International district allocates DDF of $3000 RC Vasco da gama raises $1000 District 3170 allocates DDF of $1000 TRF matches the contributions with $6000 The project of $14000 can be done Your own contribution is multiplied 4 to 5 times before it reaches the beneficiary
  25. 25. How we raise our share All our members contribute on an average $300 annually We organise fundraisers to raise some more money Despite being a developing nation, India currently ranks No. 2 in TRF collection world-wide Rotarians realise the strength they have of being part of an International organisation for doing good in the world…
  26. 26. Contact Us You may visit our website To know more on how YOUR CLUB can partner with us to DO GOOD IN THE WORLD… drop in a mail to Rtn. Prakash Saraswat – TRF Chair TOGETHER WE CAN !!!!