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Invitation to Vasundhara, a special giving circle for Prajnya


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We're raising funds that will allow us to professionalize, to hire full-time staff, so that we can live up to the expectations of our community. We can meet the needs we help identify. We can deepen and broaden the scope of our work. Will you join Vasundhara, our special circle of donors, today? Read why it matters to us, and how you can help.

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Invitation to Vasundhara, a special giving circle for Prajnya

  1. 1. The Deccan Plateau with its lava-covered surfaces forms some of the most stable land in India. YOU can give us just such a stable base from which to work.
  2. 2. Prajnya invites you to become a Founding Member of Vasundhara, a special circle of supporters who hold firm the ground beneath our feet.
  3. 3. For eight years, Prajnya has been a team of committed volunteers holding other jobs, working with small individual donations, doing what we could manage at the pace we could manage. Even so, we’ve managed…
  4. 4. …a successful 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence every year for six years;
  5. 5. …scores of training sessions for gender violence awareness;
  6. 6. …done almost a dozen oral history interviews;
  7. 7. …curated three special photo-calls for the Prajnya Archives;
  8. 8. …piloted a peace education programme;
  9. 9. …created dozens of resources on gender equality and peace; WOMEN AND PEACE: AN INCOMPLETE SOUTH ASIAN DIRECTORY
  10. 10. …engaged actively online and on social networks as public education work;
  11. 11. …reached out to and interacted with thousands across Chennai on these critical issues.
  12. 12. We know our work is appreciated as sincere and credible. We see that in the continued support of resource persons, partners, volunteers and donors. We see that when our information initiatives are used as credible resources. We see that in our steadily growing mailing list. We see it when other NGOs reach out to us for help or resources or to partner. We see it in the stream of research scholars who come to meet us and who seek affiliation with us. And we see it when a FICCI Ladies’ Organisation recognises us as an outstanding NGO in 2015.
  13. 13. But this is it. We’re at our inflection point.
  14. 14. HELP WRITE THE TRAJECTORY OF OUR FUTURE. • Will we be able to keep our promise to the community? • Will we be able to undertake gender violence sensitisation, training for policy compliance and public outreach across sectors commensurate with need and demand? • Will we be able to fulfil our research and communication mandate, making information available to citizens who seek it? • Will we be able to create the synergistic partnerships that social change requires? • Or will we turn away those who seek to work with us for want of human resources?
  15. 15. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? A commitment by a dozen Vasundhara members to support us with a gift of Rs. 100,000/- per year for three years will allow us to hire a professional team— will consolidate the ground beneath our feet. So will YOU enable this journey and walk with us? If you would like to join Vasundhara, do email ( or call Dr. Swarna Rajagopalan, Managing Trustee, at 98400-79133. Donations to Prajnya qualify for tax deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  16. 16. Read more about our work online: Our Annual Reports are available here: Connect with us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
  17. 17. Be the ground beneath our feet. Vasundhara. Thank you!