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Comperative Study about optimum and malthusian theory of population


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deals with optimum theory and malthusian theory and their similarities and differences

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Comperative Study about optimum and malthusian theory of population

  1. 1. Comparative Study about Malthusian and Optimum Theory of Population
  2. 2. GrOuP MeMberSPrajjwal raj SubediabiShek SubediSujita ShreStha
  3. 3. CONteNtSMalthusian Theory of PopulationConcept of Malthusian TheoryFeatures of Malthusian TheoryCriticism of Malthusian TheorySummary of Malthusian Theory
  4. 4. Contd...Optimum Theory of PopulationConcept of Optimum TheoryComparison between Optimum theory and MalthusianTheoryConclusionPhoto GalleryBibliography
  5. 5. MalthuSiaN theOry Of POPulatiONPropounded by T.R. Malthus in his famous book“An Essay on Principle of Population”,1798Population growth rate rises at a faster rate than theproduction of food or food supplyAccording to Malthus," By nature, human foodincreases in a slow arithmetic ratio; men himselfincreases in a quick geometrical ratio unless want andvice stop him.”
  6. 6. featureS Of MalthuSiaN theOry Population Growth Rate Food Supply Imbalance between Population and Food Supply Checks on Population Preventive Checks Positive Checks
  7. 7. CritiCiSMS Of MalthuSiaN theOry Wrong Numerical Ratios Positive Checks not a symptom of Over population Pessimistic Theory Ignores modern means of birth control
  8. 8. SuMMary Of MalthuSiaN theOry MALTHUSIAN THEORY OF POPULATION Population increases Population increasesin geometrical progression in arithmetical progression Results in imbalance between Population and food supply Correction of ImbalancePreventive Checks- late Positive Checks- famines, marriage, celibacy, epidemics, war, etc. etc. Preventive Checks is the best
  9. 9. OPtiMuM theOry Of POPulatiONPropounded by economist live Sedgwick, Cannon,Dalton, etc.Not a complete contrast of Malthusian Theory but animproved versionConsider that the certain rise in population isbeneficial for the utilization of productive resources
  10. 10. CONCePt Of OPtiMuM theOry Under OptimumOptimum Population population populationUnder Population Over population National IncomeOver PopulationOptimum Populationis not fixed Population i.e. Optimum Concept
  11. 11. COMPariSON betweeN MalthuSiaN aNd OPtiMuM theOry Under Optimum Point of population Scarcity population Population Over curve population National IncomeFood supply Food supply curve Population Population i.e. Malthusian Concept i.e. Optimum Concept 3. Overpopulated Differences 2. Non-scientific 1. Pessimistic 3.Food Supply 2.3.3.Optimistic 1.Control Population Improved Version 1.National Resources All 2. Scientific Similarities:
  12. 12. iS NePal OverPOPulated?Not overpopulated in the sense of optimum theoryMore resources than the populationOnly lack of utilization of resources
  13. 13. PhOtO Gallery
  14. 14. bibliOGraPhy
  15. 15. SPeCial thaNkSFaculty of Economics Program Coordinator ECA CoordinatorPraMOd Pyara rajaN khatiwada daMaru POudel ShreStha
  16. 16. THANK YOUfor listening our presentation.