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Presentation on Electronic graveyard - Guiyu


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Presentation on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Save the world from turning into an electronic graveyard
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Presentation on Electronic graveyard - Guiyu

  1. 1. Electronic Graveyard Guiyu
  2. 2. Guiyu • A town in the Chaoyang district of Guangdong province in China • Situated on the South China Sea coast • 1.5 million tons of e- waste
  3. 3. Some Facts • Work 16-hour-days dis-assembling • Small, family-run workshops • 5,500 Total businesses • 150,000 workers
  4. 4. Health and Environment Hazards • Recycling operations are toxic and dangerous • 88% of children suffering from lead poisoning • Higher-than-average rates of miscarriage are also reported in the region • Use of bare hands to rip of metals, printer toners etc • The soil has been saturated with lead, chromium, tin, and other heavy metals. • Discarded electronics lie in pools of toxins that leach into the groundwater, making it so polluted that the water is undrinkable • Piles of ash and plastic waste sit on the ground beside rice paddies and dikes holding in the Lianjiang river; Once a rice village, the pollution has made Guiyu unable to produce crops for food • Dust samples analysed and lead and copper were 371 and 115 times higher, respectively
  5. 5. Health and Environment Hazards Using Bare hands for Scavenging Burning of houses to hide open burning of metals
  6. 6. • Not that simple! • Massive revenues to local governments trumps human rights • Over 150,000 e-Waste workers would be unemployed • Revenues Earned: Tariffs + Taxation = 90% of regional government’s revenues • Shortage of raw materials for major industry in China Shut down Guiyu?
  7. 7. Other Factors • In countries like US, workers recover $1.5-2 • Additionally, in 2011 the United States threw away about 130,000 computers every day. One hundred million cellular phones are thrown out annually • Hazardous Incentives 8$ • Other developed countries involved are also doing the same, hence all the junk is sent to China, Ghana, India
  8. 8. Recent Trends and Actions • Central Government Initiatives in vain • Work of activist groups and increasing awareness of the situation • Non-profit organizations like Greenpeace and the Basel Action Network • Safety measures are being followed and proper disposal means are getting adopted
  9. 9. What can be done? • Environment Friendly raw material • Reuse judicially – gift products, reuse casings etc • Electronic items from Asia are not following proper standards • Create beautiful scrap articles similar to gardens and houses which are being made using plastic waste
  10. 10. Other Places of e Waste Junk
  11. 11. Thank You Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Prajakta Talathi GSEP13CMM031