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Chevrolet Volt 2014


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Advertising and Communication Strategy for Indian Women to generate desire to buy Chevrolet Volt. Presentation discusses the target audience, mood board and communication strategy.

Published in: Marketing
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Chevrolet Volt 2014

  1. 1. Hybrid CarCHEVROLET VOLT 2014 By Team 1: Prajakta, Abhinav, Arjun and Manish
  2. 2. TARGET Young mothers, single mothers, executive women and working women in India TAM: Women’s population in India * % Women in metros * % who can afford * % Willingness to buy 0.628 bn * 10% * 25% * 10% = 1.5 mn TAGLINE
  3. 3. Love, Happiness, Ambition, Success, Independence MOOD BOARD FIELD OF EXPERIENCE
  4. 4. Celebrity Endorsement Most successful women and working mother celebrity in India HOW TO COMMUNICATE