What we can learn from Oreo on social media


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Spontaneous, fun, and relevant, Oreo really stands out as lovable brand on social media. They've built a loyal following by giving back to their fans and somehow always keeping things interesting.

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What we can learn from Oreo on social media

  1. 1. What we can learn from Oreo on social media PrairieFoxWeb.com
  2. 2. This image posted on Oreo’s Twitter page during the super bowl power outage earned them a lot of attention. PrairieFoxWeb.com
  3. 3. People loved it due to the real-time nature of the tweet. Oreo’s quick-thinking and spontaneity is just one of the many features of their strong social strategy. Read on to find out what else we can learn from the cream-filled cookie. PrairieFoxWeb.com
  4. 4. They stand for something PrairieFoxWeb.com
  5. 5. Oreo posted this photo of a rainbow-stuffed Oreo cookie to show their support for the LGBT community. Clearly, this caused a bit of outrage from some of their fans, and many even swore off Oreos because of it. But for those that agreed with their views, it only strengthened their love for the cream-filled cookie. The controversy also stirred up some free media attention for Oreo.  PrairieFoxWeb.com
  6. 6. They give back to their fans PrairieFoxWeb.com
  7. 7. Oreo ran a fan of the day campaign in which they changed their Facebook cover photo almost every day to feature a fan who had a birthday that day. Not only is it awesome to recognize your fans, but it builds brand loyalty, and I bet most of those featured fans were sharing the Oreo page with their friends, saying “look that’s me!”.  PrairieFoxWeb.com
  8. 8. For a Father’s Day campaign, Oreo created personalized Oreo tattoos for their Twitter followers. All fans had to do was tell Oreo about their Dad, and Oreo would design a tattoo for the fan with their dad in mind. Connecting with their followers on such a personal level shows they really value their relationship with their customers.  PrairieFoxWeb.com
  9. 9. They keep it relevant PrairieFoxWeb.com
  10. 10. Really, how long can you talk about a cookie before it gets boring? Oreo pulls it off by capitalizing on holidays and current events. Whether it’s the latest big movie in theatres, a royal baby, or just summer holidays, Oreo has a witty cookie-themed photo to share with us.  PrairieFoxWeb.com
  11. 11. They mix up their media PrairieFoxWeb.com
  12. 12. Awesome graphics, instructional Vine videos, a YouTube mini-series, and even an interactive game are just some of the different media Oreo uses to engage their fans and followers. By mixing it up they are keeping their content fresh and interesting and providing something that appeals to everyone.  PrairieFoxWeb.com
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  14. 14. PrairieFoxWeb.com