Stress & Work Life Balance


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Stress & Work Life Balance

  1. 1. Stress & Work Life BalanceManage it before it manages you
  2. 2. Bio Lakisha Bealer is the founder of Agility Paralegal Service, LLC. Agility offers paralegal services to attorneys, CLE courses to attorneys and paralegals, and a virtual tradeshow for Legal professionals. Lakisha earned an Associates, Bachelor’s, an MBA as a single parent and working full-time.
  3. 3. Overview 1) Determining your stress triggers 2) Effective tools and resources for dealing with stress 3) Using technology to reduce stress 4) Creating boundaries between personal and professional relationships
  4. 4. What is stress? Although, this seems to be an elementary question understanding the true definition of stress allows for understanding how stress affects you individually. According to The Institute of Heartmath “Stress is the term used to describe the wear and tear the body experiences in reaction to everyday tensions and pressures”.
  5. 5. Common Stressors Juggling work/personal life Lack of job security People issues Workload
  6. 6. What are you’re stress triggers? Stress triggers are those things that cause an emotional imbalance and are different for everyone
  7. 7. Stress Triggers
  8. 8. Stress Triggers
  9. 9. Stress Triggers
  10. 10. Stress Triggers
  11. 11. Picking up on stress cues • As members of teams or partners in relationships it is important to pick up on others stress cues. This can help to create cooperative working environments and drama free personal and professional relationships.
  12. 12. Picking up on stress cues • Improves relationships with co-workers • Avoids conflicts
  13. 13. The obvious signs • Absenteeism • Frequent tardiness • Emotional outbursts • Poor work performance • Lack of focus • Sleeplessness
  14. 14. The not so obvious signs &Negative Coping Mechanisms • Procrastination • Social drinking • Recreational drug use
  15. 15. Using technology to reduce stress • emWave2 portable stress reliever • What it is? • What does it do? • emWave PC desktop version • What it is? • What does it do?
  16. 16. Creating professional boundaries • Believing that your doing your employer a favor by not taking a vacation • Taking business calls during time off • Being the office superman or superwoman
  17. 17. Creating personal boundaries • Never taking Me time • Buying in to the Superparent myth • Over scheduling personal events
  18. 18. Resource Links • American Institute of Stress provides referrals to various organizations • The Institute of Heartmath provides various resources for stress management and overall well-being services/solutions-for-stress/index-of-all- solutions.html
  19. 19. Conclusion Outside of all the tools and resources the best way to eliminate stress is by understanding what your stress triggers are and coming up with your own method to manage it
  20. 20. Questions ?