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Paralegal Rainmakers Digest Jan 2013


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In this issue: The Rise of the Super Paralegal, Cyberstalking, Swimming in Shark Infested Waters and more.

Published in: News & Politics
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Paralegal Rainmakers Digest Jan 2013

  1. 1. Paralegal Rainmakers Digest Monthly Newsletter of Paralegal Rainmakers January 2013 Volume 2 Issue 1 Stalking Issue Super Paralegal P.1 Cyberstalking: P.2 Swimming in Shark Waters P.3 Upcoming Events P.4 5 Must Have Legal Apps 1. Dropbox 2. TrialPad 3. Fastcase 4. Black’s Law Dictionary 5. iAnnotateThe Rise of the Super Paralegal Paralegal Rainmakers NewsThe legal landscape has changed tremendously over the last decade and non-attorney legalprofessionals are being trusted with more and more responsibilities. In June 2012 the Wash- Registration is now open for Rainmakers Virtual College Winter Semester. Guestington Supreme Court passed a rule that allows Legal Technicians to provide legal assistance Speakers for the Winter Session include:directly to the public. This rule was passed in an effort to fill the gap between low income indi-  Larry Port, Founder of Rocket Matterviduals seeking assistance and those that provide the needed assistance. Although, someattorneys challenged this rule on the grounds that it would harm them the court stated that it  Ellen Lockwood, State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division past President andwas not a legitimate concern in lieu of the benefits that passing the rule would provide for Professional Ethics Committee Chairthose that are currently going without legal assistance. This rule is a huge step towards ensur-  Brenda Cothary, Washington Stateing that all Americans regardless of income level have equal access to justice. It also allows Paralegal Association President andparalegals to demonstrate their expertise and value in the legal field. Hopefully with the suc- Washington Supreme Court Limitedcess of this new rule other states will follow suit and see the benefit of allowing paralegals to License Legal Technician Board Memberprovide similar services. All of the other major professions have various professionals that aregiven the authority to provide services to individuals. The medical field has nurse practitioners  Viola Ange, Founder Intellectual Property Paralegalsand doctors. The mental health field has counselors, psychologists. and psychiatrists. All have Click here or visitdistinct functions but have the authority to operate to some extent without the others over- The legal profession is the only profession that has one group of individuals that are for more information.licensed to provide services to their clients without the oversight (cont’d on page 3)
  2. 2. On-line Privacy Tips 1. Use Security Software that updates automatically 2. Don’t give out personal information on-line 3. Protect your passwords and update them regularly 4. Block profiles of individuals youStalking On-line. Say What? suspect of stalking or harassing you on social media sitesAccording to the National Center for the 5. Be careful of downloadingVictims of Crimes stalking is a course of con- software of unknownduct directed at a specific person that would companies and individualscause a reasonable person to feel fear. Alt-hough, the definition is different in jurisdic- Where to go for helptions across the United States the intent ofthe stalker and the harm that it causes tovictims are the same. The stalker uses 1. If you’re in immediate danger call 911.threatening behavior in order to intimidateand frighten the individual that the acts are 2. Seek the support of family,directed at. On-line stalking or what is more friends, and co-workerscommonly referred to as cyberstalking may 3. Access the Connect Directoryseem to be harmless because there is no for assistance in your areaphysical contact but it can lead to more dan- actions like physical stalking, assault, for-crime-victims/find-local- assistance---connect-directoryand even femicide. Ex-spouses and partnersmay resort to cyberstalking when they nolonger have physical access to their ex part-ner. With the advancements in technologystalkers now have the ability to use socialmedia to stalk individuals and downloadprograms on the individual’s computer tospy on them and obtain information to stalk Qualifying for a Stalking Orderthem in other areas of their lives. They canalso use technology to send threatening Stalking Orders are orders that protect an individual from following or harassing frommessages to the individual. another. Different states have different definitions and criteria for what constitutes stalking and the qualifications for obtaining an order. Following are some basic ele-As technology continues to advance and ments of what is needed to quality for a stalking order across the United States. Visitpervade every aspect of our lives cyberstalk- to locate a chart with state specific will continue to be a concern. For moreinformation about cyberstalking visit The 1. Reasonable apprehension of bodily injuryStalking Resource Center at 2. Facts that constitute for a list of state 3. In most states standard of proof is preponderance of evidencecyberstalking laws visit
  3. 3. Swimming in Shark Infested WatersDo you have what it takes?Shark is a personality type attributed to The Rise of Super Paralegalthose with more aggressive and competitive (Cont’d from page 1)personalities. Anyone that has worked in of the other. Not only does this situationthe legal field for any length of time will allow for the monopolistic and power drivencome to realize that it is made up predomi- Paralegal Rainmakers Spotlight operation of legal services it harms the pub-nantly of individuals with this personality Protective Order Advocates lic good. When an individual goes for mentaltype. Although, the traits that make shark health assistance they can choose frompersonality types effective when working Protective Order Advocates work counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. for the Protective Order Advocacywith opposing counsel or trying to convince Program. This program is part ofa jury to decide in favor of their client these Some will argue that there is no licensing the Domestic Violence Resourcesame traits can make working in the profes- amongst other legal professionals to ensure Center and provides assistancesion similar to working in a war zone and the delivery of quality legal services but this with filing stalking protective or- ders, restraining orders, elder/make work miserable. Believing that you situation is easily remedied with the creation disabled abuse protective orders,can work in the legal profession without of separate divisions for paralegals within and civil stalking protective orders.understanding how to work with shark per- state bar associations or the oversight by The Domestic Violence Resourcesonality types is like believing that lady jus- paralegal associations. There are several Center assists individuals who aretice is still blind. states including Texas, Utah, and New Mexi- seeking legal assistance with do- co that have separate divisions for parale- mestic violence, elder abuse andKnowing how to swim in shark infested wa- disabled abuse issues. The Center gals. There are also several national and is located in Washington Countyters will prove to be one of the most effec- state paralegal associations that provide Oregon. Specifically providing as-tive tools in operating successfully in the licensing to paralegals. The National Federa- sistance with filing protective or-legal profession. All the education and skills ders , safety planning, trainings, tion of Paralegal Associations, National Asso-in the world will be useless if a paralegal, and more. ciation of Legal Assistants, American Alliancelegal secretary, or other legal professional Protective Order Advocates ac- of Paralegals, Association of Legal Profes-does not become comfortable with working company individuals to hearings, sionals, Delaware Paralegal Association, and provide safety planning, filing assis-in shark infested waters. It is similar to a Louisiana State Paralegal Association are tance, and other services to indi-soldier going to war with a gun and a uni- just a few. With the oversight of paralegals viduals needing assistance withform without the knowledge of the terrain domestic violence, abuse, and by a state bar or paralegal association thein which he or she is fighting on. Once stalking issues. concern about unlicensed individuals provid-dropped within the combat zone the gun In addition, to the Protective Order ing crucial services to the public can be elim-and armor become useless against the ele- Advocacy Program the Domestic inated. Violence Resource Center providesments and terrain that they must trudge a 24 Hour Crisis Line, an Emergencythrough. When the legal profession is operated as an Shelter, Clinical Counseling Ser- elite club that protects the interest of its vices, and Community Outreach.Swimming in shark infested waters is simply members instead of one that protects the If you are interested in learningknowing how to tailor methods and practic- interests of those that it serves, the needs of more, becoming a volunteer, ores to work effectively within a profession donating visit their website at clients will always be sacrificed at the altarthat is dominated by individuals with a cer- of prestige and power. When companiestain personality type. Simply put if you violence/resources/C38 or call operated with this same mindset it led to 503-640-5352.bleed in the water you’re sure to get bitten the likes of Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco. Theand eaten up. Exude strength, confidence, cure to the ailments that lead to similar dis-and competence and you’ll not only avoid asters in the legal profession is creating andbeing bitten you will demonstrate your value adhering to client centric practices and your firm or organization.
  4. 4. Upcoming EventsRainmakers Virtual CollegeJanuary 29, 2013 1:00PM PST Cloud Computing for Legal ProfessionalsMore information available: Education ServicesFebruary 6, 2013 1:00PM ET A Paralegal’s Guide to Ethical Use of Technology Stalking Resource Center Various Dates & Events across the United States during Stalking Awareness Month More information available: center/resources/national-stalking-awareness-month/NSAM2013 Paralegal Rainmakers a service of Agility Paralegal 9175 Judicial Drive San Diego, CA 92122 866-255-7175-p