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Paralegal power break: How to Become a Virtual Paralegal


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If you have ever thought about working on your own as a paralegal or want to go into a new career this session is for you. How many times have you thought about becoming a freelance paralegal but either allowed the fear of failure to stop you before you got started or started and stopped after having a few setbacks? In this live session you will discover how to successfully launch out on your own as a virtual paralegal and obtain a variety of useful resources to help you get started right away. Visit to access more paralegal career resources.

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Paralegal power break: How to Become a Virtual Paralegal

  1. 1. How to Become a Virtual Paralegal
  2. 2. “It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family ” - Philip Green
  3. 3. Do’s & Don’ts ● Don’t obligate yourself more than what your willing to do ● Don’t underbid ● Don’t purchase pricey marketing services ● Don’t lie to get contracts ● Don’t give legal advice ● Do offer extras to get paying clients ● Do educate yourself in specific practice areas ● Do market yourself ● Do get a Paralegal Rainmakers membership plan
  4. 4. Time Management
  5. 5. How & When Will You Bill for Your Time
  6. 6. Final point Tomorrow is Today
  7. 7. Thanks! Contact us: Rainmakers Legal Education Paralegal Rainmakers 7227 Broadway Suite 404 Lemon Grove, CA 91945