Issue 48,2012


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About us inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown.

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Issue 48,2012

  1. 1. ISSUE : 48 VOLUME : 31 30-06-2012 PAGES - 4 REACH WITHIN........ COMES TO AN ENDRAAGHU AND VENKY TO SIGN OFF TODAY My Dear Rotarians, Warm greetings to you & yourfamily. This is my last message asPresident. Last year in July when I took upthe Presidentship I was bit worried thatwhether I can justify my Post as President atthe age of 36 years & also due to lack ofexperience? But Friends I will tell you,including Past Presidents all the membersof Midtown gave me tremendous &consistent support which made me to enjoymy job. Few of my Rotarian friends used totell me that you are the luckiest President.Yes of course, I was very lucky to have anexcellent support from all the 75 members &their family. The entire Board stood with meat all times. On this occasion I would like to Whole Year I never had any problem with club financemention a few names of Rotarians who were there with me that is because it was with none other than Treasurer PPthe whole year. I start with Past Presidents Rtn.Alagappan, Rtn.Sunder Raja Rao.Rtn. Azeezulla, Rtn. M.S.Nanda Kumar, Rtn. Raghu.M.S., Important portfolio was Editor of About us Rtn.Rtn.P.K.Ramakrishna, Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh, Rtn. Sunder Dr.Prahlad, a gentleman with a smile of responsibility,Raja Rao & Rtn. Salil Kumar Das. Only because of these without giving any trouble to me the bulletin used to getpast Presidents the Rotary year 2011-12 was successful. ready every week.Whole year they were with me guiding as and when it was Last but not the least our Clubs Hon. Secretaryrequired. I sincerely thank all of them. Other than Board a great philanthropist Rtn. Venkatesh. There are noMembers there were a few Rotarians who stood with me for words available in my dictionary to explain his dedication,all the Projects & Programs. They are Rtn.Aiyanna, commitment, discipline etc. Throughout my life I have notRtn.Umesh, Rtn. Deepak Solanki, Rtn.Gopinath.K.S. seen such a kind person. Once again I immensely thankRtn.Harish.K.B. Rtn.Nagaraj, Rtn. Naveen Chandra.M.S., all my Board Members, Past Presidents, fellowRtn. Rakesh Babu, Rtn. Sunanda Patra, Rtn. Raju Baliga, Rotarians, Inner Wheel President Shama Milton,Rtn. Ravindra Babu & Rtn.K.J.Ramesh. I immensely thank Secretary Vimala Nagaraj, Inner Wheel Members, Annsall of them for their endless support. & Annets. Due to oversight & space constraint I might My Board members extended their support whole have missed few names which is not intentional. I wish toheartedly throughout the year. President Elect. Rtn. carry sweet memories of my year as President of thisVishwanath.R.S. & Vice President Rtn.Bhanu Chandran vibrant club throughout my life. Once again I thank youwere like my lieutenants. They never made me to feel that I one & alone. All the five Directors Rtn.Srivatsa, Rtn. Thanking You,Kumarswamy, Rtn. Manoj, Rtn. D.Srinivasan & Rtn. Dr.Raghu have done a commendable job. Our Joint Secretary Yours in RotaryRtn. Narendra Babu & Seargent at Arms Rtn. Gopal S.RAGHAVENDRAchipped in with their support whenever it was required. PRESIDENT
  2. 2. 30-06-2012Dear friends,“There is no limit to what a man can achieve as long as hedoes not care who gets the credit” Bob Woodruff, American television journalist Its been really an exciting year- not because I was theeditor of About Us, but because I was the Editor under thePresident Raaghu. I need not elaborate on this issue becauseyou will read in this issue people raining praises on Raaghu.Simply put, Raaghu took the whole club along with him and 20th June: Club Assembly by AG Rtn. Joseph Mathewshe really reached within to embrace his fellow Rotarians. Hekept principles simple, uncomplicated and stunnedstalwarts in Rotary. Ably supported by Venky, the darling ofMidtowners, the pair will definitely go down in the historybooks of Midtown as “Ram-Laxman” of Midtown. ThanksRaaghu-Venky, may your simplicity, straightforwardness,sincerity be the benchmark for future leaders to follow, youhave been truly inspirational to all of us. Isnt it amazing as we pull down the curtains to oneglorious year another invigorating year unfolds? Rtn. Vishwawho with his unmatched charisma has a big fan following inwhole Mysore Rotary circle including our AG JosephMathew. And we all wait with lot of curiosity andexcitement. Expectations are too many but Vishwa is onewho is not going to be bogged down by such hypes. He ishere to deliver “Peace through fellowship” true to itsobjective. All the best Vishwa. I am again lucky to be part ofhis board also. Finally its time to bid adieu. Its time to pen my last few 22nd June: Rtn. PP. P. S. Balakrishna’s 50thlines as the Editor- About Us. My second stint as the editor Wedding Anniversarywas as interesting and exciting as my maiden year duringBheemannas tenure. Raaghus continuous activitythroughout the year kept me busy and inturn I kept busymany of the fellow Rotarians by requesting them tocontribute to the Bulletin. All of them gave an unstintedsupport and I express my heartfelt thanks to each one ofthem. Now I pass on the baton to the next Editor Rtn.Srinivasan who is closely following my footsteps and whenhe steps into my shoes he outshines me. Truly said aboutSeenanna “Once you accept someone for what they Reallyare… They Really surprise you by being better than you everexpected.” So dear friends, behold for one more year ofmore colourful, more entertaining, more informative AboutUs, which reaches more readers through virtual world. All 21st June : ‘Gift of Life’ project. Baby Roopa 2 yearsthe best Seenanna- I promise my unconditional support for underwent surgery for hole in heart at Apollo Hospital.your efforts. Rtn. Dr. K. A. Prahlad She is the 5th patient under this Project.
  3. 3. 3 30-06-2012 The year that was..... I went to bed last night SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE reminiscing the year gone by. I MANAGEMENT LESSONS FROM dreamt that I was Harry Potter with RAAGHU AND VENKY a magic wand ! I waved my wand and Rotary, though a Service said once more! Lo and Behold ! I Organization, is considered by saw the Vishwaroopa Darshana ! outsiders as a Social Organization Rtn.M.S.Raghu for the Elite. This was my impression of Rotary as well when I joined Raghavendra has done an Midtown six years ago. Though my first couple of yearsexcellent work to reach with in to were very interesting, the last few years I startedembrace humanity. feeling a little uncomfortable and also contemplated Aa. Cha. Ashoka Kumara quitting the club. But, once Raghavendra took over, one started feeling the positive vibrations and the excitement coming back into the club. And the so called Elite Club became a place for commoners like me and you. All this was done in the most unassuming and EMBRACING MIDTOWNERS – simple way. All credit to the smiling genius of the RAAGHU STYLE President Rtn. Raghavendra ably supported by the Secretary Rtn. Venkatesh. If ever there was a lesson “The reach within to embrace in Simple but Effective Management it was this year humanity” year 2011-12 has ended and the Gurus were Raaghu and Venky. Kudos to both with a bang! Congratulations to the and to all the board members for making this such a Youngest rotary club president (in memorable and successful year. the district?) Rtn Raghavendra and Vishwa, you have a task on hand to keep the potteam. boiling and we are sure you will do well. Heres wishing True to the theme, president Raghavendra looked Raaghu and his team accolades for the great job donewithin, within midtown and with his smile pushed and the very best of luck to Vishwa and his team for everybody in performing service in all the avenues the year ahead.of service. Farooq-e-Azam Its very special for me as the club donated almost$20000 to the rotary foundation, as committed The year with Rtn. Raghvendra at By President Raghavendra . helm of office has been very very Three cheers to Raaghu & Venky and team 2012 fruitful and successful. I have been Ramki reading all events and it makes me feel so-- good and proud .His Hi, Prez.Raaghu, personal touch , friendship and Midtown is proud of you for your fellowship along with hard work,brilliant performance. perseverance and determination has Congrats to you and your Team. brought laurels to the club. I bow to Though I missed many him and his team for the wonderful work done to theprogrammes/projects, I used to getall the information through the weekly society. There were many innovative programmes duringbulletins edited by Rtn.Dr.Prahald by the year which makes him and his team very outstanding.his fascinating articles. Thanks to the The bulletins were so--- meticulously done covering eachClub Bulletin Editor Rtn.Dr.Prahlad. At event precisely with panache. I wish the club many morethe Outset, I wish you should become a proud Governor success. To continue their inputs and advise in the comingone day of Dist.3180. years making the club more of a family . Good luck and Good times ahead. Dr. Renu Agrawal, Innerwheel Midtown PP. Rtn. K.N.SRINIVASAN
  4. 4. 30-06-2012 4 While Raghavendra, his team and the entire club is basking in the ¸ÀzÀ¸ÀågÉÆqÀ£É GvÀÛªÀÄ `¨ÁAzsÀªÀå’ glory of becoming the best club in ¸ÀAWÀzÀ AiÀıÀ¹ì£À `¢PÀÆìa’ the district, I am awed at the CzÀÄãvÀ `±ÀæªÀÄfë’ phenomenal achievement. Looking £ÀÄrzÀgÉ `CªÀÄgÀªÁtÂ’ back at little less than a decade, two ¸ÀzÁ ºÀ¸À£ÀÄäRzÀ `§æºÁäAqÀ’’ youngsters pipped as budding entrepreneurs were introduced to MmÁÖgÉ `ªÀĸïÛ ªÀĸïÛ’’ the club, one was a cricketer and the other was not. £ÀªÀÄä ªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ ªÀÄzsÀå£ÀUÀj gÉÆÃlj Midtown marched to Moodbidre for district¸ÀAWÀzÀ CzsÀåPÀë gÁWÀªÉÃAzÀæ ¤ªÀÄUÉ gÉÆÃlj `£ÀªÀÄ£À’! tournament and along came the silent, -vÁ£À ªÉÆúÀ£À modest,humble,jovial, smiling newbie - the first time I had close interaction with Rtn.Raghavendra, he thenTHE ROTARY YEAR 2011-12 moved up the echelons of Midtown and became a part Our President Raghavendra, of the board several times before becoming thewhat to say, a person who is highly secretary, and then the big one as the "President" ofmotivated, diplomatic and always the club, meet Rtn.Raghavendra Sadashiva Shastry. Itsmiling is no doubt the man of is worth looking at the factors contributing tomidtown of this year. He had from Raghavendras successful term. Primarily, being athe installation to his presidents businessman, he knew how to handle people anddinner period, had kept midtown situations. He took into confidence his entire team andvibrating and rocking. Kudos to him. The jewel in the worked meticulously. He was ably guided by pastcrown was the best club award to midtown after a very presidents and supported well by fellow members .long gap. I hope the rich experience he has gained in Having said that, one should not forget the initiativesthis year will be of immense help to him in his business the team took in rebuilding the club block by block,and family. It was a great opportunity given to me to be each step cautiously taken towards taking the clubthe part of the Board of midtown and I thoroughly back to its glorious self. Of course, support by clubenjoyed this Rotary year. Once again I congratulate secretary Venky was one of the biggest factors inpresident Raghavendra for successfully leading reaching the milestone.midtown in the year 2011-12 and wish him a great It is often heard that Midtown is unparalleled incareer in Rotary in the years to come. the entire district, the club is abundant with talent and Rtn.R.Sundarraja rao resources. Raghavendra successfully tapped into both, talent and resources. It is not just because the team My hearty congratulations to won the first place that everyone is praising, it is the President Rtn.Raghavendra simply because there was considerable planned efforts and the Secretary R.Vengatesh behind the projects and meetings during the year. for receiving the Best club award. Before the reading gets boring, midtown now has the The day I met Raaghu for the first youngest past president who in his inimitable style says time, I was sure he would make a "I am 37 years and have become a past president, I will good President. He and Venkatesh be called onstage for at least 30-40 years during have made my predictions and dream come true. But Raaghu charter nights !!!!" -Raghavendra, you deserve it. needs not this praise, for him, "Veni,Vidi,Vici".... he came, he saw, he conquered.Presidentship or Governorship in Rajanikanths style it is Rtn.Dr.Prahlad completed his second stint as“jujube”, Avaruke best politician award sikuthe. the editor of "About Us" successfully, congrats Doc!!!. My family joins me in wishing him all the best. God Heartiest congratulations to all. Proud to be abless Raagu and his family midtowner. ALAGAPPAN Rock
  5. 5. 5 30-06-2012 I would like to write something The Rotary Year 2011-12 has about our dear RAAGHU. Since 8 been a glorious and an eventful year years of Raaghus friendship I and of course well recognised . All have never noticed any changes in appreciation to president him, the same soft smile, the most Raghavendra and his team for the spontaneous reply for any commendable sincerity and comments or arguments . His major dedication. This year will be strength is his perseverance. He is a remembered for a long time to come man of planned action. and will be quoted on many occasions. It is usually When it comes to ROTARY, as a president he is understood that the President is ought to be under very successful. Major advantage he got was the pressure and his remarks and comments are therefore secretary VENKY......... WAH WHAT A PAIR! well taken. But here was a person who was never heard RAAGHU has taken mid town to greater heights. In of using any rude words or hurting anyone. Instead he all meetings he use to find humour in every moment and carried on his responsibilities so smoothly with a smile. has done all the meetings memorable. Hats off to In Raghavs own words, “ one has to be very careful Raaghu and Secretary Venky (motte) and of course all in what to talk and how to talk”. He showed it to us that the board members who have supported him the whole this is not a saying but can be demonstrated. We have year -mid town hip hip hurray!!! lot things to learn from him. But I still wonder where Rtn. Ravindra Babu he let his pressure out. Rtn. Sunanda Patra Ashwini becomes Inner wheel member. Dr. Anupama Ravindranath President of Best club in the district Rotarian since 2003 Father of Suhas and Sankeerth Partner in Silicon controlsPsychologist Abraham Maslows triangle of self actualization. President Raghavendras Triangle 27th June : Orientation for the new team by the stalwarts of Midtown
  6. 6. Happy Birthday Historic Moments: Rtn. PHF. Harish K. B. Why the Rotary year 01-07-2012 Mobile: 9845113466 begins 1 July Rotarys first fiscal year began the day after the first Wedding Anniversary convention ended. The convention of the Rotary Clubs of America was held in Rotarys birthplace, Chicago, in 1910 Ever wonder why the Rotary year Rtn. Vijaykumar Doulatram & Madhu begins 1 July? The 01-07-2012 ; Cell : 9845267521 international convention initially played a key role in determining the start date of our fiscal and administrative year. Rotarys first fiscal year began the day after the first convention ended, on 18 August 1910. The 1911- 12 fiscal year also related to the convention, beginning with the first day of the 1911 convention on 21 August. At its August 1912 meeting, the Board of Directors Rtn. C. H. Naveen Chand & Rashmitha ordered an audit of the International Association of 02-07-2012 ; Cell : 9448059808 Rotary Clubs finances. The auditors recommended Joke that the organization end its fiscal year on 30 June to After just a few years of marriage, filled with give the secretary and treasurer time to prepare aconstant arguments, a young man and his wife financial statement for the convention and board, anddecided the only way to save their marriage was totry counseling. They had been at each others determine the proper number of club delegates to thethroats for some time and felt that this was their last convention.straw. The executive committee concurred, and at its When they arrived at the counselors office, thecounselor jumped right in and opened the floor for April 1913 meeting, designated 30 June as the end ofdiscussion. the fiscal year. This also allowed for changes to the “What seems to be the problem?" The wife schedule for reporting club membership andbegan talking 90 miles an hour describing all the payments. Even The Rotarian changed its volumewrongs within their marriage. After 15 minutes of listening to the wife, the numbering system to correspond to the fiscal yearcounselor went over to her, picked her up by her (beginning with vol. 5, July 1914).shoulders, kissed her passionately for several Rotary continued to hold its annual conventions inminutes, and sat her back down. Afterwards, thewife sat there speechless. July or August until 1917. Delegates to the 1916 event He looked over at the husband who was staring in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, approved a resolution toin disbelief at what had happened. The counselor hold future conventions in June, mainly because ofspoke to the husband, "Your wife NEEDS that atleast twice a week!" The husband scratched his the heat in cities where most of them occurred. Thehead and replied… "I can have her here on next one was held 17-21 June in Atlanta, Georgia.Tuesdays and Thursdays." The term "Rotary year" has been used to signify Rotarys annual administrative period since at least Next Week in Midtown 1913. An article in The Rotarian that July noted, “The Installation Ceremony Rotary year that is rapidly drawing to a close has been of Team 2012-13 signalized by several highly successful joint meetings Guest of Honour. of Clubs that are so situated as to assemble together Mr. N. Krishnan easily and conveniently.” of Akshaya Trust, Madurai. Since the executive committees decision in 1913, Date: 04-07-2012 at 6.30pm the end of the Rotary year has remained 30 June. Venue : Hotel Pai Vista, Mysore.