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issue 28 of About us -inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysor Midtown

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Issue 28 final

  1. 1. ISSUE : 28 VOLUME : 31 8-2-2012 PAGES - 6Midtowners’ Day With DG Rtn. H.L. Ravi Born on 20 th May, 1958, at Shivamogga, Karnataka State, Rtn Hunasagatta Lingamariyappa Ravi obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the National College, Basavanagudi, Bangalore and obtained his Post Graduate Masters Degree in Nuclear Physics from Mysore University, during the year 1981. During his College days at Bangalore, he was influenced by the Gandhian Principles and Programmes propagated by Dr H Narasimhaiah, the then Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University and as a student, he also participated in the agitation against superstitious beliefs which were then rampant in the community. A founder partner of Ravi Automobiles and Sunil Scooters, which sold two wheeler Kinetic mopeds and Scooters at Shimoga since the year 1982. Rtn Ravi is now a working partner of M/s Lingamariyappa Agencies, trading in whole sale of Onions at Bangalore. Rtn Ravi grows arecanut, coconut, paddy and various others agricultural crops under natural farming methods at farms at Lakshmipura and Javalli villages near Shimoga. Joined Rotary Shimoga East during the year 1984, he has served the Club as President during 1996-97, Assistant Governor during 2003-04, and has served as Chairman and member of various District Committees. As Club President, during 1996-97, under Rotary Friendship Exchange programme, Rtn Ravi along with Ann Suma and four other Rotary families from R I District 3180, visited Rotary International District 3220, Sri Lanka and studied various Rotary Service Projects undertaken by Rotary. Happily married to Ann Suma who is a Graduate of Arts and a Past President of Inner Wheel Club of Shimoga East, the couple is blessed with two children, Miss Shruthi, a Soft Ware Engineer, working with M/s C o g n i z a n t Te c h n o l o g y Solutions, at Bangalore and Master Sunil, a student of Computer Science
  2. 2. 8-2-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, Last week we had a Club Assembly conducted by our AG Aa.Cha. Ashok Kumar, Club Assembly wasshort & smooth. I immensely thank DG Visit day Chairman Rtn.Bhanu Chandran for making all thedocuments available for the Club Assembly. Friends one more feather in the Cap of Midtown BANDHAVYA-2012 Athletic meet for SpecialChildren was a great success. PP. Rtn. Balakrishnan, Chairman Azeez & Co-Chairman Vishwa have madethe Programme an excellent show. Infact it was talk of the town, all the News Papers, Radio Stations andLocal TV Channels covered the event. It was heart touching when mother of a Special child spoke at thevaledictory function that they need more & more such programmes to come out of inferiority complex. Iimmensely thank all the Rotarians for their whole hearted support for the project. For any Rotary Clubs District Governors Official visit will be like celebration. So let us welcome whole heartedly ourbeloved DG H.L.Ravi to our club today for official visit. Bye till next week….. Thank You Rtn. Raghavendra Ongoing Matching Grants Projects Of Midtown 1. M G 74139 – Six Heart Surgeries For Children / R C Chandler Horizon R I District 5510 Total Project Cost Inr 690000. Payment of Inr 690000 Received On 7th Feb 2011. Report – Interim Report Of 31st March 2011 Accepted. ¯®… ÓÜíÓÝÃÜ ÓÜí¨ÝXÄÉ PÜ|ÊÝ Status: Active / One Surgery Undertaken.Engineering at Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College of Interim Report Due On 31st March 2012Engineering , Bangalore. Associated with the Chamber of Commerce and 2. M G 75571 – mobile Ventilator To M/sIndustry,-Shimoga, the Bharathiya Kisan Sangha- a Farmers SGDM Trust. R C Chandler Horizon / R IOrganisation, and various other Social ServiceOrganisations, Rtn Ravi and Ann Suma practice Pranayama Districts 5510 / 5490 / 5500. Total Project Costfor Comprehensive Health, teach basic Science and Maths Inr 1800000 Received On 2oth Dec needy students during free time, play table tennis and Payment of Inr 786980 towards Ambulancecricket whenever there is an opportunity and like to sing Made. Status :active Proposed Project Closuregroup songs. 31st March 2012 wi ÊÜáÓܤÚÛ hÝñæÅ¿áÈÉ PÜá~¨Üá PÜá±Ü³ÚÔ¨Ü᪠Baby Konser - underwent heart Surgery under gift of life project
  3. 3. 3 8-2-2012 Special day with special children independent. He said it is an opportunity for the parents to worship god through serving these children. After the inauguration the events went on one after another amidst scorching sun, chaos of parents, teachers, distribution of prizes, running the event, but the spirits never appeared dampened. One of the Rotarians noted the Olympics for the special children can never be in an orderly way and that is why it is The annual mega event under community servicesSpecial Olympics for special children was aptly coinedthis time “Bandhavya-2012”. The aim was to strengthenthe bonds between the special children, their parents,their teachers and the much fortunate Rotarians and special. There was a situation where the retarted childtheir families. All the Rotarians, Innerwheel members wouldnot run unless practically pulled by the parentparticipate in this event with special affection, special and an another situation where an autistic child ran offinterest and this time was no different. 5th February in a different direction as soon as the parent turned herwas the day, more than 650 children from 18 schools of attention off. And by the time she got hold of her sonthe city, more than 100 parents and teachers, more again the event was over! It was a time to testthan 100 volunteers, umpires, physical education everybodys patience.students and nearly 100 Rotarians, Innerwheel sisters, The children were served breakfast, mid-dayAnnets– all in all 1000 gathered at oval grounds. snacks and badam milk, working lunch for theChildren participated in 30 different events in the afternoon, and evening tea. Part of it was sponsored bydaylong programme. Sai Seva Trust and their volunteers. The valedictory function was held in the evening and Mr. Vijay, Deputy director, Women and child welfare department, was the chief guest and DG Elect Rtn. Gururaj was the guest of honour. All the children who participated and the teachers were given mementoes to carry home the memories and it was definitely a gratifying sight to see these children dispersing after an eventful day. Sri Sri Jagadguru Deshikendra Swamiji of SutturMutt inaugurated the event by setting free pigeons andreleasing the balloons. The pigeons released werecoming back to their caretaker . Swamiji was quick tonote that and said that these special children are verymuch akin to these pigeons, will never leave the safe Our special Rotarains Rtn. Balu and Rtn. Azeezhands of their parents and will keep coming back to deserve three cheers for their undaunting spirits tothem and hence difficult for them to become conduct this event year after year. Rtn. Dr. K. A. Prahlad
  4. 4. 48-2-2012 thDG s Dayout at Midtown - 8 Feb. 2012DG dedicating Hi-Tech Ambulance at SGDM Trust to Community DG at SUFI Trust Special School Four way Test Hoarding at Murugan Medicals, Kuvempunagar DG Inaugurating the Four Way Test Hoarding DG inaugurating Science Lab at RMA DG Conducting Club Assembly DG interacting with the Children of RMA
  5. 5. 5 8-2-2012 Rotart Midtown Academy Another way to win Annual Day 3rd Feb 2012 Rotary midtown Celebrated its sixth Annual day on 3rd February. Kay Poe and Esther Kim have been best friends since The evening was all set for a grand school day function at RMA they were seven years old. Among other things they premises. The chief guest of the evening Mr. Sudharshan ,Director, have in common, the two young ladies from Houston Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development Mysore arrived at both compete at the highest levels in taekwondo. How 5.15 P.M. He was welcomed by the Rotarians and the school children good are they? Esther and Kay advanced to the finals in gave him a very warm welcome and he was introduced to the teachers the Womens Olympic Flyweight division at the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team Trials on May 20 in Colorado Springs. "I dont think of her as just a friend. I think of her more as a sister," Kay says. "Weve grown up together, and we always push each other and help each other out the best we can training wise." What a story was unfolding! Reporters and photographers were poised to record the outcome of so intense a competition between two girls who have been close for so long. But a sports story would soon be overshadowed by a far more important friendship story. of the Academy. Later, all the dignitaries occupied the dais. The Kay had dislocated her left kneecap in her semi-final dignitaries on the dais were Rtn Algappan, chief guest Sudharshan, match of the round robin tournament. Though ranked Rtn P.K.Ramakrishna, President Raghavendra, Secretary number one in the world at her sport, it was R.Venkatesh, and the principal Vanitha Bhat. The school children questionable that she could compete against her best invoked the god by their melodious voice. School children Krithaka friend. She could barely stand, so it was a foregone and Abishek compered the event and Rtn. Ramkarishana welcomed the gathering . Later the school principal Mrs Vanitha Bhat read the conclusion that Esther would win, travel to the 2000 annual report covering all the activities of the school for the year. Two Olympic Games in Sydney, and represent the United students who done well in the National examination were given prizes States in the international competition these two had by the chief guest. Later Rtn. Alagappan announced a scholarship trained and worked toward for so long. amount of Rs. 15000 to a deserving student. On the day of the match, Esther Kim shocked the It was time for the chief guest Sudharshan to address the crowd by forfeiting rather than defeat her friend in an unfair competition. In allowing the better taekwondo fighter to represent the United States in Sydney, she won a personal battle over ego and selfishness. Amidst frequent stories of cheating and taking unfair advantage in order to win at any price, Esther showed how to win by losing. "Even though I didnt have the gold medal around me," said Esther, "for the first time in my life, I felt like a real champion." Her generosity of spirit was honored with the Citizenship through Sports Award and with an all–expenses–paid trip to the 2000 Olympic Games from gathering. He briefly explained about the formation of Vivekananda the International Olympic Committee. movement in Mysore. He explained how the dynamic leader In the Bible, Paul wrote about giving up certain Vivekananda had inspired many young minds to take up to do service to the needy. He lauded the Rotary Midtown for putting up a such a "rights" for the sake of people he loved (see 1 wonderful educational institution which was very much needed in that Corinthians 9:1–15). Parents do it all the time for their area. His speech was laced with quotes of Swami Vivekananda and children. And occasionally friends make magnanimous he gave very valuable suggestions to teachers. After his speech Rtn gestures like Esthers. Vishwanath gave vote of thanks and the celebrations of the evening The next time you are inclined to bemoan the started. To start with the little ones from LKg and UKg danced to a good English tune. Lot of dances and dramas were performed by the selfishness of the masses, recall this story of a entire school children of all classes. The program came to a close at 20–year–old athletes largesse. The next time you have 10 P.M. In the end the Rtn. Ramakrishna thanked the principal and the chance to show magnanimity, let it inspire you to the teachers for their hard work to bring out a such nice program. rise to the level of her example. Rtn. Sundar
  6. 6. Historic Moments: Firsts and other fun facts Rtn. Raghu M.S. 10-02-2012 9945122499Wedding Anniversary The first four Rotarians: Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram Shorey, and Paul P. Harris, sometime between 1905 and 1912 first general secretary. Did you know that Rotary founder Paul Harris wasnt the firstRtn. PHF. Mahesh V. Murthy & Vyjayanthi president of a Rotary club? That distinction is actually held by Harriss friend Silvester 8-2-2012 Cell : 9448056043 Schiele, who served as the first president of the Rotary Club of Chicago. Harris deferred his club leadership duties until February 1907, when he was elected the third president of the Chicago club. In honor of Rotary Awareness Month in January, heres a collection of facts and firsts to expand your knowledge of Rotary. Get the new year off to a good start by sharing a few of these at your next club meeting: Club firsts : On 23 February 1905, Paul P. Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram E. Shorey gathered in Chicago for what would become known as the first Rotary club meeting. A second club was formed in San Francisco in 1908, and soon after, clubs began to pop up across North America. Rtn. S. Gopal & Lakshmi G On 1 August 1912, the Rotary Club of London became the first 11-2-2012 Cell :9448222083 club chartered outside of North America. The Rotary Club of Dublin, Ireland, had been organized earlier, but didnt receive its charter until 1 May 1913.Photo of the Week Presidential firsts : Paul Harris was elected as first president of the National Association of Rotary Clubs (which later became Rotary International) in 1910, and is the only president to have served two terms. Other firsts: Canadian E. Leslie Pidgeon (1917-18) was the first Rotary president from outside the United States, Sydney W. Pascall (1931-32) was the first from Great Britain, and Maurice Duperrey (1937-38) was the first from continental Europe. Learn more about past Rotary presidents. Foundation firsts : In 1929, The Rotary Foundation gave its first gift, US$500, to the International Society for Crippled Children (later Easter Seals), which was founded in 1921 by Rotarian Edgar F. Allen, of the Rotary Club of Elyria, Ohio, USA. Read more about Allen and Easter Seals. Paul Harris Fellow recognition was established in 1957 to showLook Dear - Your AIM There ! appreciation for contributions, and to encourage substantial ones, to I Am With You what was then the Foundations only program: Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships. Today, the recognition acknowledges individuals who Next Week in Midtown contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. Learn more about donor recognition. SPEAKER MEET Convention Firsts : Edinburgh, Scotland, hosted the first convention outside North America in June 1921. at RCL Hall, Rotarys first convention in Asia was held in Tokyo in 1961. Among the record-setting 23,366 paid and unpaid registrants was the J.L.B. Road, emperor of Japan. Mysore @ 6.30pm The largest convention to date, based on the number of paid registrants, was the Rotary centennial convention, held in Chicago in Date : 15-02-2012 2005.