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Prague Connect Media Kit 2013


Published on aims to bring together International Expats and Czech Business Professionals in Prague through Networking and Business / Social Events. Meet Expats from all over the world in a Business and a Networking Environment.Networking, Events, Business, Finance, Contacts ... This and lots more you\'ll find on

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Prague Connect Media Kit 2013

  1. 1. Prague Connect is Prague‘s Expats and Czech Business ProfessionalsNetworking web portal. Business / Social Networking events,Business, Finance, Contacts,… In Prague? Be Prague ConnectMEDIA KIT
  2. 2. Connect with thousands of English speaking Business ProfessionalsPrague Connect is your local Business News and Business Networking Portal in Prague.With many different Business portals, Business Chambers and several LinkedIn and XingBusiness groups, we see ourselves as the single connection point between them all.Prague Connect aims to bring together International Expats and Czech BusinessProfessionals through Networking and Business / Social Events. Meet Expats from all overthe world in a Business and Networking Environment.Events, Business, Finance, Contacts ... Youll find all of this and lots more Prague Connect.We bring you the latest news and updates from Prague Expats Business world!• Prague Connect users are English-speaking, well-educated professionals with well above-average income.• They typically reside in the Czech Republic, have strong business interests here and use Prague Connect for business reasons. Page 2
  3. 3. How it worksFirst, set up your professional profile with Prague Connect, as you are used it with LinkedIn– link your local Prague business network with your global LinkedIn public profile!once you have successfully registered with Prague Connect, create your company profile,promote your business and networking events, list business tenders and also join ourbusiness forum – all these services are free!If you would like to promote your company or service through our marketing tools, pleasefeel free to contact us anytime you wish at info@pragueconnect.czWe offer:• English language PR• Banner campaigns• Newsletter marketing• Social Media Marketing Page 3
  4. 4. What you getBy using Prague Connect, you have the unique opportunity to target other Businesspeople in Prague, with around 10,000 unique visitors a month Prague Connect hasbecome an important player in the Prague Expat and Czech Business Community. Withour connections to Prague’s number one English language online newspaper PragueDaily Monitor and Prague.TV, the expatriates leading online portal in Prague, weguarantee you the maximum audience possible in this City.Together we reach more than 250,000 unique visitors a month – a number you can’tignore!Register today and list your company for free on Prague Connect Page 4
  5. 5. Your full Business Marketing SolutionUse Prague Connect as your full Business marketing solution in Prague and CzechRepublic. With excellent partners in the market we are able to offer you everything fromEnglish speaking PR to online marketing and video production, everything that you needto make your company stand out in the market.Real Time Productions Group:Prague.TVwww.prague.tvThe Prague Daily Monitorwww.praguemonitor.comPrague Page 5
  6. 6. Register today and list your company for free on Prague Connect Prague Connect Products and FiguresPrague Connect Service:- Business News - Prague Connect Partner offers- Finance News and Service - Business Real Estate (from Jan 2013)- Business Directory - Jobs- Business Forum - Business and Networking Event Calendar- Tender Section - Business Contacts- FREE registration for Individuals - Company listing- Event listing - FREE Tender listing*bold topics you need to be registered with Prague Connect to receive this serviceGoogle and Socialnetwork stats for Prague Connect: (stats Feb. 2012 – by google analytics)- Unique visitors a month: 9500 - Facebook: 575- Page views: 55.480 - LinkedIn: 667- Avarage time on site: 6.25 - Xing: 550- Visitors from Czech Repulic: 82% - Twitter: 603 Page 6
  7. 7. Advertising with Prague Connect Main Page Size Price Full TOP 555x80 px CZK 9.500,-- Banner V 120x600 px CZK 9.500,-- Box 1-3 198x198 px CZK 5.500,-- Text Box CZK 3.500,-- Category Page Size Price Full TOP 555x80 px CZK 7.500,-- Banner V 120x600 px CZK 7.500,-- Box 1-3 198x198 px CZK 4.500,-- Text Box CZK 3.000,-- Sub Page Size Price Full TOP 555x80 px CZK 4.500,-- Banner V 120x600 px CZK 4.500,-- Box 1-3 198x198 px CZK 2.500,-- Text Box CZK 2.000,--Discounts: 3 month contract - 15%, 6 month contract - 25%, 1 year contract - 35%All prices are per 1 month advertising / excluding DPH Page 7
  8. 8. ContactPrague ConnectReal Time Productions s.r.o.IC: 26500485DIC: CZ26500485Address:Vaclavske namesti 846/1, 110 00 Praha 1 , Česká RepublikaEmail: / Phone: +420 725 512 565Contact link: Prague Connect also on: Page 8