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Why Socially Sales?


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Prospects and Customers are loosing patience with marketing messages. Customers don't want to be sold to, they want to buy.
Inbound marketing is a fresh approach to marketing that is focused on earning people's interest rather than buying it.

Socially Sales is the inbound marketing service by Pragmatic Learning

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Why Socially Sales?

  1. 1. presents
  2. 2. Outbound Marketing is FASTbecoming “Irrelevant”
  3. 3. Making a Marketer’s JOBReally “Challenging”
  4. 4. TRAI ‘s Do Not Call Registry continues to SWELL
  5. 5. PRESSDisconnectButton
  6. 6. More than 500 TV ChannelsHave you used the REMOTE
  7. 7. Newspapers are increasingly getting replaced by personalized Feed Readers and TwitterGoogle Reader . iGoogle
  8. 8. SPAM FiltersOf e-mails areGetting Smarter
  9. 9. STOP PushingSTART Attracting “Customers”
  10. 10. Podcasts Customers are looking for you and your products, herefacebook YouTube
  11. 11. Are You takingAdvantage ?
  12. 12. Introducing TM Socially Sales TM By
  13. 13. Socially Sales TMInbound Marketing Consultingand Training Service that helpsB2B and B2C Companies Generate Increase Salesleverage Social Media, the right Quality Leadsway, to Generate Leads, EngageCustomers and Grow Sales. Engage Optimize Customers & MarketingThe focus on Business ROI Prospects Costsdifferentiates Socially Sales fromthe competition.
  14. 14. (+91) – 971 724 0021 TM © 2012 Pragmatic Learning Pvt. Ltd.