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Odoo OpenERP 7 Repair Management


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The wide array of features of this Odoo OpenERP Product makes it apt for the Repair Vertical. It encompasses many important features which makes it suitable for use of the Vendors present in the Repair Vertical.
This Odoo OpenERP Repair Module would help the vendors in Effective & Efficient management of the Vehicle Repairs of any type like Cars, Trucks, Motor Cycles etc.

Following Features of Repair Management

1) User Friendly Reports which would help the Repair Vendors in better Monitoring & Decision Making. It includes the reports like;

a) Tracking of Spare Parts used in the Vehicle Tracking.
b) Work Hours spent by the Technicians in the Vehicle Repairs.
c) Vehicle Repair Analysis Reports.
d) Financial Reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet etc..
e) Cost & Revenue Reports over any of the Vehicle Repairs.

2) Efficient Management of the Repairs of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles etc...

3) Ability to allocate the Spare parts & Man hours consumed in the repair of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, etc..
4) Provision to create different Warehouse Locations.
Allows the Repair Vendors to Properly manage their Spare 5) parts present across different Warehouse locations.
6) Provision to generate & view the location wise inventory reports of different warehouse locations.
7) Allows the Repair Vendors to view the movement of spare parts across different warehouse locations.
8) Efficiently handles the Repair Orders received from the Customers.
9) Efficiently handles the Purchases of Spare parts & materials useful to Repair Vendors for giving the Repair service of Vehicles to their Customers.
10) A unique Multicompany feature of the Product helps the user in effectively manage all the Repair Centres present across different Geographic Locations.

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Odoo OpenERP 7 Repair Management

  1. 1. Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. OpenERP 7 Repair Management Power Point Presentation
  2. 2. Brief about – Repair Management Core modules incorporated in Repair Management vertical is as follows : 1) Sales Order Management : • Provision to create Sales Orders for each of the Vehicle Repair received. Provision to crate Internal Projects from the every Sales Order. • Linking of existing projects with newly created Sales orders • Provision to define list of deliverables for a given project. • Auot Creation of Analytic Account for each of the project created in the system. 2) Project Manamgnet • Defining project wise deadline date, • Defining Multiple task for each project • User wise task allocation with time deadlines • Auto updated Project/ Task completion status
  3. 3. Brief about – Repair Management 3) Contd... Inventory Management : • Provisionot define Planned Material Qty. for each of the task in repair project • Defining actual consumption of material to accomplish each of the task • Linking of servies bills with each of the task. • Provision to generate Material Requisition slips ( in case of deficit) of material 4) Task Invoicing • Provision to genrate saperate Analytic Account for each of the task • Auto maitenance of hierarchy of Analytic Accounts • Provisions to define Different billing policies as follows : – On completion of task – On partial completion of task – Advance payments – Saperate invoicing for each of the task – Linking of multiple task in one Customer Invoice
  4. 4. Brief about – Rtepair Management Contd... 5) budgeting • Provision to define budgets for Raw Material, Equipments, Resourses etc. • Flexibility in defining budgets as follows: – Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly Budgets – Project budget definition – Task wise budget definition. • Real time comparision between Budgeted amount and Actual consumption amount 6) Analytic Accounting • Auto generated Analytic Accounts for each of the Project & the Tasks • Linking of Analytic Accounts with sales, Purchase orders in order to capture Revenue and Expenses at each stage of the projec 7) Reports • Following are some of the standard reports to analyse the over all working of Project Managment Module – Project/ Task wise Product Consumption – Projct/ task wise time consumption – Budget Analysis for each task
  5. 5. Repair Sale Order Linking with Project Repair Sales Order can be prepared for rendering repair services to customers. User can create new project against such sales orders
  6. 6. Project Definition System captures details for repair project with allocation of resources.
  7. 7. Task Listing
  8. 8. Task Definition Multiple repair tasks can be created in one project. Tasks can be assigned to different users with deadlines. Provision to capture product consumption and services rendered for each task
  9. 9. Project wise Profitability Analysis
  10. 10. We have expertise in Open Sourse Softwares Thank You