Odoo OpenERP 7 Property Leasing Management


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Odoo OpenERP – Property Leasing Management offers end to end business process in Property Rental Business. This is an ideal solution for Hospitality Industry that can be used in Rental business in Hotels, Booking of Resorts , Studio Apartments, Service Apartments etc.

It has an integration with accounts module in order to maintain a check on financial transation.

Key Features :

1) Allows user to create user defined Building Types, Room Categories & Rooms
2) Offers flexibility to define Pricing policies for various customer groups
3) Provision to define Deposit Schemes at the time of booking
4) Graphical represenation for Availability of Rooms, Booking Chart
5) Flexible booking entrty with higher authority approval.
Powered by event based email functionality

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Odoo OpenERP 7 Property Leasing Management

  1. 1. Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. OpenERP 7 Property Leasing Power Point Presentation
  2. 2. Brief about – Prperty Leasing Core modules incorporated in Property Leasing vertical is as follows : 1) Configurations : • Provision to define different properties like buildings etc. with address • Provision to define Floors, Amenities etc that can be linked with each property • User defined addon services to be linked with each reservation • User defined Check in-out, Deposit policies • Defining rooms categories and rooms available for rent 2) Property Reservation • Room reservation for specific date range • Provision to link addon services that will be used by the customer on regular basis • Defining Rental invoice generation frequency • Capturing photo identity details of each of customer
  3. 3. Brief about – Propoerty Leasing 5) Contd... Invoicing • Integration with accounting • Genearion of Invoices against set frequency in reservation record • Computation of agent commission invoice
  4. 4. Property Definition Different building names with address can be defined. These buildings shall be used to link individual properties for leasing
  5. 5. Listing of amenities User can list out all amenities offered in different properties available for leasing
  6. 6. Addon Services Definition User defined addon services to be rendered to the customer. Charges shall be computed in reservation record
  7. 7. Deposit Policy Definition
  8. 8. Prperty Reservation Form This is a property reservation form with details of lease duration, Room details, Deposit policy, payment frequency.
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