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Understanding Mobile payments


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This presentation talks about the importance of mobile payments and different types of mobile payments. This presentation was presented at North Bay Web Developers Conference. #NBWC12

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Understanding Mobile payments

  1. 1. Understanding Mobile Payments Pragati Ogal Rai Mobile Technology Evangelist @pragatiogal
  2. 2. E-Commerce Payment SystemsConsumers/Buyers Merchants/Sellers Card Based Networks Clearing House Networks
  3. 3. Remote Mobile Payments• SMS• Browser Based• Application Based• Mobile Banking
  4. 4. Proximity Mobile Payments• PoS• Barcode Scanning• NFC• Other Technologies
  5. 5. Mobile Payments Business Models• Carrier billing• SMS• Mobile web payments• Contactless/NFC• Smartphone credit card readers
  6. 6. Pragati Ogal Rai @pragatiogal
  7. 7. References•• Mobile Payments 101:’Just the Basics’•• posterize/