Topics for final year project


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Topics for final year project

  1. 1. TopicsInternet MarketingMarket Assessment/PlanningMarket Research/Surveys/Focus GroupsNew Product Development/DesignPricing StrategyRevenue ManagementSales force ManagementAdvertising and Promotion/PRBrandingCustomer Relationship MgmtData Mining/Data Driven MktgDirect Marketing Customer Satisfaction SurveyConsumer Perception SurveyService Quality StudyService BlueprintingService Process Mapping – Back stage, on-stageImproving service quality using service blueprintingCompetition AnalysisService standardsStudy on effectiveness of employee’s role in service delivery
  2. 2. Effectiveness of channels (distributors) in service deliveryEffectiveness of channels (on-line/ Internet) in service deliveryCustomer Data AnalysisStudy of Institutional marketsEffectiveness of promotion schemesMeasurement of Brand awareness and brand perceptionCustomer Loyalty studyStudy of purchase influencing factorsCustomer ProfilingAdvertising effectiveness studyThese are some of the topics in Marketing & Services area I could think of...* Customer Satisfaction Survey* Consumer Perception Survey* Service Quality Study* Service Blueprinting* Service Process Mapping – Back stage, on-stage* Improving service quality using service blueprinting* Competition Analysis* Service standards* Study on effectiveness of employee’s role in service delivery* Effectiveness of channels (distributors/ DSAs) in service delivery* Effectiveness of channels (on-line/ Internet) in service delivery* Customer Data Analysis* Study of Institutional markets* Effectiveness of promotion schemes* Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception* Customer Loyalty study* Study of purchase influencing factors* Customer Profiling* Advertising effectiveness study
  3. 3. MARKETING Specialization :1. Consumer Awareness / Perception2. New Product Development3. Channel of Distribution4. Marketing Opportunities5. Market Potential6. Consumer attitude7. Product attribute preferences of customers8. Advertising campaign9. Buyer behaviour10. Product positioning11. Marketing strategy12. New product launch13. Formulation of Advertisement Plan14. Marketing management practices15. Customer relationship Management
  4. 4. 16. Advertisement impact17. Dealers / Retailers importance in Marketing18. Impact or effect of Advertisement19. Service Industry – marketing strategy20. Brand awareness21. Brand loyalty22. Consumer satisfaction23. Marketing of health care products / Dairy products24. Rural marketing25. Tele marketing / Internet marketing – Marketing strategies26. Network marketing27. Market potentiality28. Marketing of health tourism29. Branded products versus Assembled products30. Growth of Business wrt marketing strategy Topics on Finance For Final Project
  5. 5. FinanceSr. No Topic001 A study on capital market in india002 Capital market investigation003 Alternate channel for distribution of Reliance mutual fund for creatingawareness of fund004 An insight into micro-finance005 A study on Micro finance and its trends006 An insight into Venture capital007 Venture capital financing in India008 A strategic overview of E-payment in Indian business009 Venture capital010 Application of IT in stock market011 Assessment of Working capital requirement012 Awareness and implementation of CRISIL SME rating amongst emergingSME013 Behavioural finance – an introduction
  6. 6. 014 Big ticket mergers015 Capital market in India & portfolio management016 Capital structure – way of corporate finance structuring017 Understanding role of capital structuring in corporates018 Carbon credit futures019 Carbon credit – understanding the concept020 Cashless society021 Comparative evaluation of strategies in mergers and acquisition022 Study on consumer preference towards Mutual fund023 Corporate financial policies and shareholders return024 Corporate restructuring025 Corporate governance in banks026 Credit Risk management in SBI027 CIBL028 Critical evaluation of cash & working capital management029 Current trend and growth pattern of Indian banking sector030 Customer satisfaction criteria for credit cards031 Demat system in India032 Derivatives – Indian scenario033 Derivatives trading and its impact on volatility of NSE034 Derivatives – uplugged035 Development of capital market in India036 Distribution of Mutual funds in India037 Study and evaluation of economic deflation in Japan038 Electronic banking039 Equities & portfolio management040 Evaluation and implementation of euro currency041 Export finance042 Export and import – procedures and documentation043 External debt management044 Finance in Micro-insurance045 Financial analysis of HCL infotech LTD046 Foreign exchange determination047 From efficient market theory to behavioural finance
  7. 7. 048 Global financial meltdown and how to avoid economic crisis049 Global meltdown 2008050 Global recession and micro finance in developing countries051 Gold & jewellery market in Dubai052 Gold investment rationale053 Market risk – How do mutual fund help to minimize market risk054 Marketing strategies by HSBC bank055 Impact of derivatives trading on emerging capital market056 Importance of customers in mergers & acquisition057 Importance of micro finance in developing economy058 Indian banking system: current state & Road ahead059 Industrial policy 1991060 Infrastructure Finance – Road Ahead061 A study on infrastructure finance in India062 Understanding infrastructure finance063 Internet banking of SBI064 Investment and wealth management business of SBI065 Investment alternatives066 Investment banking067 Investment analysis for returns from various instruments068 Investment perception regarding various investment avenues in stockmarket069 A study on investment preference of given target group at Religare LTD070 Investment analysis & Risk management071 Listing of securities072 Market potential of unit link insurance plans073 Merger & acquisition – conceptual framework074 Introduction to M & A075 Merger and acquisition – avoiding path of decay076 Management and design of Micro finance models – grameen bank077 Micro-finance in India-a critique078 Modern Finance VS Behavioural finance079 MRP on venture capital industry in India080 Analysis of investor preference during normal time VS recession period081 Mutual fund082 Non Life insurance
  8. 8. 083 Non performing assets management and its comparative analysis inglobaland Indian context084 Personal money management085 Priority sector lending086 Ratio analysis of Drish shoes Ltd087 Retail banking in India088 Learning and understanding Ratio analysis089 Reverse mortgage in India090 Role of FII in capital market in India091 FII-Capital market linkage092 Rural finance in Indian economy093 Scope of Micro Finance and its impact094 Securitization095 Study of investment instrument – its need and scope096 Study on Bombay stock exchange097 VAT098 Venture capital099 Venture capital – management of financial services100 An overview into venture capital and undermining concept101 Working capital management102 Working capital management assessment103 A study on BSE & NSE104 Credit rating services in India – overview of CRISIL105 Demat accounts106 Evolution and implementation of Euro currency107 Evolution and future of venture capital108 Gold as an investment option109 Small finance – micro finance110 Personal finance111 Risk management112 Treasury bill market113 Acquisition by banks114 Mobile banking
  9. 9. 115 Risk management in banking sector116 An insight into off shore banking117 Analysis of innovative banking services – ATM118 Awareness regarding ULIP and changes made by IRDA for ICICIprudentiallife insurance119 Bancassurance – an overview120 Bancassurance – a feasible study for banks in India121 A through analysis of Bancassurance122 Bank marketing123 Banking and insurance124 Banking sector – a comparative study125 Service sector marketing – banking sector126 Banking services in India127 Cash management at standard chartered bank128 E-banking HDFC VS ICICI129 Comparative analysis of public, private and cooperative bank130 Comparative study between public and private sector banks131 Awareness of E-banking between ICICI and HDFC bank customers132 Corporate governance in banking – A conceptual framework133 Customer satisfaction at bank & Home service of ICICI bank134 Customer satisfaction towards ICICI bank135 Cyber crime in banking sector136 E-banking137 Services provided by bank – E banking138 Entry of new banks in private sector – a discussion139 Financial risk management140 Growth in banking sector141 HDFC- recruit financial consultants and sell policies142 HR practices by nationalized bank143 ICICI bank -@home and other services144 Impact of mobile technologies on banking world145 Innovation and trends in banking & insurance sector146 Internet banking
  10. 10. 147 Introduction to bancassurance148 M-Banking149 Mobile and online banking150 New age private sector bank151 Privatization in banking sector152 Punjab national bank – Ratio analysis153 Risk management of UBI154 Rural banking in India155 SBI VS ICICI156 Strategic evolution in banking sector157 Indian banking industry158 World bank159 Export process and documentation160 Merger & Acquisition161 Ratio analysis – Vardhman textiles ltd162 customer perception towards internet banking wrt private and foreignbank163 E-banking164 Advances in micro insurance in India165 Agency business model of insurance company ‘competitive strategies’166 Analysis of Indian insurance industry with reference to HDFC standard lifeinsurance167 Awareness of financial planning in emerging Indian market168 Channel development at Max new York life insurance169 Customer satisfaction survey on insurance products of ICICI prudential170 Effectiveness of IRDA as regulatory171 Finance in micro insurance at sharekhan172 Innovation in Indian insurance industry173 A study on insurance sector in India174 A study on insurance sector in India & Role of IRDA175 LIC – a perspective176 Marine insurance – smooth sailing177 Microinsurance – demand and market prospects178 Micro insurance in India – trends and prospects
  11. 11. 179 Motor insurance180 Potential of Life insurance industry in surat market181 PR in LIC182 Product analysis of HDFC life insurance with its competitors183 Risk assessment and underwriting of insurance proposal184 Role of export import in Indian economy185 Study of product portfolio of HDFC life insurance and awareness infinancialplanning186 American depositary receipts187 Commodity derivatives188 Foreign exchange risk management189 Comparative analysis of the organization offering PMS vis-à-vis Motilaloswal190 Performance analysis and investor perception towards equity basesMutualfund191 Universal banking192 effective management of wealth by utilizing existing market opportunitiesand multiplying stagnant money193 ICICI prudential194 Aviva life insurance in India195 Behavioural finance in stock markets196 Studying role of commodity futures in Indian commodity market197 A report on compliance requirement for stock broker198 BSE audit system199 An overview of Canara bank200 Strategic proposal for commercial vehicle customer201 Stocks & Bonds- and understanding202 An overview of Indian stock market203 Indiabulls securities204 Banking and insurance – money market205 Study of market potential for insurance software for info spectrum ltd206 Karvy stockbroking – SME segment207 Karvy stock broking – an analysis208 Project finance – KVK Nilachal, a 2×300 MW proposed coal fires thermal
  12. 12. power plant209 Mahindra & Mahindra financial services210 PSU & Private sector banks on cross roads211 Project financing – MPA financial services212 Portfolio investment213 Equity valuation214 SBI- study of nonfunctioning of products relating to SME215 Standard chartered – understanding banking practices216 Standard chartered mutual funds – overview217 An overview of pension fund management218 Tata AIG – Market mapping and research for group pension219 TATA bearing – identify procurement and cost reduction220 ABCDE of E-banking221 HSBC banking services222 Buy back of shares223 Derivatives – Indian scenario224 Financial markets225 Financial services226 Foreign exchange determination227 FOREX markets in Indian context228 Home loans229 ICICI bank – customer care230 Indian banking sector reforms231 Insurer perception towards Indian insurance sector232 Leasing theory and Indian practice233 Make your future with options234 Merger & Acquisition235 Mutual fund investment – management point of view236 Plastic money237 HDFC – plastic money238 Ratio analysis – cement sector239 Rural finance in Indian economy240 Capital market in India241 Ratio analysis – ultratech cement
  13. 13. 242 Working capital management243 cards – ABN AMRO VS ICICI244 F & O245 Merger & amalgamation in insurance sector246 Risk management in banking sector247 Development of capital market in India248 Project feasibility – bandra worli sea link249 Treasury management in banking operations250 Unit link251 Asset allocation252 Corporate banking253 E-payment254 NPA management255 Real estate Vs mutual fund – a perspective256 Indian companies access to international market with reference to ADR &GDR257 Analysis of venture capital258 Asset and liability management in banks259 Banking sector – BOM260 Business valuation – leasing VS buying decision261 Capital structure – theory and practice262 Commodity – a fundamental research263 Commodity derivatives market in India264 Credit risk management in banks265 Economic value added – an indepth study266 Equity valuation and analysis267 Evolution and implementation of euro currency268 External commercial borrowing – a new avenue for financing269 Financial analysis of LUPIN pharma270 Financial engineering271 Financing and appraisal of steel projects272 Firm valuation – techniques and trends273 Foreign exchange risk management274 Global steel outlook
  14. 14. 275 Hedge funds – an insight276 Hedge funds – theory and practice277 Analysis of hedge funds278 Impact of implementation of Basel II accord on emerging economies279 Innovation in financial intermediation280 Interest rate swaps in India281 Investment in equity and mutual fund282 Investment in IPO – An analysis283 Investment valuation284 IPO – a balanced view285 Legal aspects of M & A286 Understanding M & A287 M & A in banks288 Overview of insurance sector in India289 Portfolio management & investment decision290 Securitization – an Indian perspective291 An insight into securitization292 T + 1 rolling settlement: realty or myth?293 Emerging pension scenario in India
  15. 15. Finance Project Topics.Working Capital managementCapital structureRATIO ANALYSISFinancial Modelling of a company for last 10 years, leading to a analysis of its ratios.Liquidity Analysis..Comparative Valuation.corporate lendingIndustry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, competitiveness, growth potentialand credit analysis debtor managementResearch in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc.International Banking, Foreign Exchange, Monetary Economics, Micro Finance, Rural FinanceThe Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demandfor LiquidityCorporate financeCapital budgetingVirtual financeFinancial Planning and forecastingStructured FinanceComputational financeOptimization Methods in FinanceDependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?Project Finance as a Tool for GrowthCreating Value through Financial ManagementCost Reduction and Control New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability inManufacturing IndustryActivity-based costing and management international businessinternational financeinvestment bankinginvestment management
  16. 16. Fundamental Analysis to Assess Earnings Quality EQA Earnings quality Analysis Zero Base Budgeting FINANCE MANAGEMT1. Capital structure2. Financial Modelling of a company for last 10 years, leading to a analysis of its ratios.3. Liquidity Analysis..4. Comparative Valuation.5. Corporate lending6. Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis,7. Competitiveness, growth potential and credit analysis8. Debtor management9. Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc10. International Banking,11. Foreign Exchange,12. Monetary Economics,13. Micro Finance,14. Rural Finance15. The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demand for Liquidity16. Corporate finance17. Capital budgeting18. Virtual finance19. Financial Planning and forecasting20. Structured Finance21. Computational finance22. Optimization Methods in Finance23. Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic24. Project Finance as a Tool for Growth Creating Value through Financial Management25. Cost Reduction and Control26. New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry27. Activity-based costing and management28. Fundamental Analysis to Assess Earnings Quality29. EQA Earnings quality Analysis30. Zero Base Budgeting31. International business32. International finance33. Investment banking34. Investment management35. Venture Capital
  17. 17. Topics on Human ResourcesFor Final Project
  18. 18. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT1. HR Planning and Recruitment2. HRM Practices3. Impact of Training on Performances4. Knowledge Transfer5. HR Accounting6. Role of HRM in an Organisation7. Selection and Recruitment Procedures8. Appraisal Strategies9. Settlement and Grievance handling10. Labour and Employee Turnover11. Employee Retention practices12. Governance capabilities13. Philosophy of HR Management14. Mergers and Acquisitions15. Change Management / Role of Change agent in an organization16. Affect of Leadership on Performance of the Organization17. Role of HRM in TQM18. Incentive schemes19. Work measurement20. Study of Employee morale and attitudes21. Salary Administration and Pay Revision Management22. Motivation / Training needs23. Design of Personal Information System24. E – learning25. Performance and appraisal and counselling26. Quality of Work27. HRD strategies and Industrial Relations.28. Reward System29. Job satisfaction
  19. 19. 30. Organizational climate Project Titles HR Topics Performance appraisal/ performance management system Human resource information system Recruitment / selection methods Attrition/retention Compensation Employee satisfaction/surveys Organizational design, governance Performance measurement/mgmt Succession management Training & development Finance Topics cash management management of financial services working capital inventory control Audit and Accounting Budgeting/Cost Control Business Valuations Cost Benchmarking Electronic Funds Transfer Factoring/Financing Product/Customer Profitability Project Assessment, Feasibility Risk Management Marketing Topics Internet Marketing Market Assessment/Planning Market Research/Surveys/Focus Groups New Product Development/Design Pricing Strategy Revenue Management Sales force Management Advertising and Promotion/PR Branding Customer Relationship Mgmt Data Mining/Data Driven Mktg Direct Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey Consumer Perception Survey Service Quality Study Service Blueprinting Service Process Mapping – Back stage, on-stage Improving service quality using service blueprinting Competition Analysis
  20. 20. Service standardsStudy on effectiveness of employee’s role in service deliveryEffectiveness of channels (distributors) in service deliveryEffectiveness of channels (on-line/ Internet) in service deliveryCustomer Data AnalysisStudy of Institutional marketsEffectiveness of promotion schemesMeasurement of Brand awareness and brand perceptionCustomer Loyalty studyStudy of purchase influencing factorsCustomer ProfilingAdvertising effectiveness study