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Voice automator - Automator


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With the aim of making human lives easier, we created Automator
Unique technology that enables operating systems through voice commands

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Voice automator - Automator

  1. 1. M: +91 9619309234 E: URL: Unique software that enables operating PC or Laptop through voice commands
  2. 2.  With the aim of making human lives easier, we created Automator  Targeting replacement/ effective alternative for each and every use of manual inputs using voice commands  We are trying to help people in making their lives easier by automating daily mundane tasks. Right from opening that browser or a web page, or quitting an application etc. all of these can now be done effortlessly without even touching the keyboard. That's ‘Automator’  Our software comes with some cool features such as it’s fully customizable so that users don’t need to mug up all the commands users themselves can create the commands and functioning also it has the unique feature of identifying accents through its inbuilt training module Introduction
  3. 3.  In our research, the most tedious task users found was to type on keyboard hence the need of an application like ours arises  In today’s world automation is the part of every tech product but most of them need human interaction by touch (be it smart phones or ticket vending machines) by integrating voice in the systems will make it easier to operate those machines  E.g.: While seating on a table doing some important work you can operate your computer just with your voice, ain’t that cool?
  4. 4.  When user installs or integrate Voice Automator in their PC it will store library files and get ready to accept commands via user voice to operate PC functions accordingly.  As the user speaks any command the mic gives this voice signal to program for conversion into a Unicode; after which the command is compared with a list of pre defined words for match & execute the matched part of program & give response to user by speech. HENCE NO NEED TO TOUCH THE KEYBOARD
  5. 5. Solution - Watch Live::
  6. 6.  Scenario 1 : Businessman- Mr. Khanna is a businessman busy in his meetings and wants to draft an email quickly while working on another task so In current time, he has no option but to either tell it to someone to do it for him or wait for completion his ongoing work and then draft it later. But by using Automator he can do this by simply saying the words to type while doing other stuff  Scenario 2 : Housewife- Mrinalini a housewife is working in the kitchen and she wishes to listen some songs on her PC. In normal case she would have to go to the laptop or pc and search for song and play it. But by using our application she could directly play the song by saying the following command : PLAY MUSIC  Scenario 3: Factory owner- Mr. Ram, a factory owner is seating in his cabin and wants to switch on or off any of his machinery, so for that he needs to call his assistance and ask him to do it and that person will go and do the assigned; But by using our application this task can be completed with a few commands
  7. 7.  Railway counters – As of now we need to go to the counter and ask for ticket to our destination and then the counter operator completes the transaction but we can integrate our technology with the vending machines to make it fully automatic and operational through the voice.  Neutral accent- We provide the voice training along with our product so that it maps your voice and operates smoothly according to the commands so the accent will no more be an issue.
  8. 8.  We are in an era where mobile phones are revolutionizing the way we communicate. IoT is picking up. Wearable gadgets have changed the way we exercise.  All of the gadgets are to be touched to use them. But what's next;  Major tech companies have now started to experiment with VOICE. Automate all stuff you could do using a mobile just by Voice command Google launched Google voice, Apple followed the path with Siri. One thing is for sure, people are moving away from touching to giving voice commands. Everyone loves a Jinn, no?? :)
  9. 9. Note: We have not considered the revenue or market opportunity from B2B clients which would include integrating our technology with their systems Total PC Users in India 57 mn Assuming 50% of those are windows users 28.5 mn Assuming 10% of those are active / literate users 2.8 mn Even if we reach to 10% of those users 0.28 mn Assuming 10% buy our product 28000 Revenue generated at 10 USD per user 280000 USD B2CB2B OEM Industrial Automation Source:
  10. 10.  Google now - We all are aware about the process of searching on Google using Google Voice which accepts the accent and the said words efficiently but the problem with it is the web based software and requires internet; what we are implementing is the system based software and does not require internet for its working Strengths: Accepts accents and words efficiently Weakness: Web based software requires internet for operation Differentiation: Our technology is focused mainly on system based model  Dragon – Nuance dragon is basically the speech to text conversion technology and it targets to this market only and that too have lower efficiency and not popularly used. Strengths: Fast Response Weakness: Only converts Speech to Text. No provision to input commands. However we are focusing mainly on the command operated systems which accepts commands through human voice
  11. 11.  Uniphore – These guys are targeting the IVR systems for quality testing and analysis also trying to replace the IVR agent with the voice recognizing system which can works like IVR agent and using voice as biometric signatures for person identification with their product Strengths: efficient in Biometric signatures module and IVR quality and analysis Weakness: Only converts Speech to Text and focuses solely on IVR integrations Differentiation: We focused our technology mainly on system based model using which you can command as per your requirements  Siri - As well known name in voice technology siri is ios mobile based app that works as same we do; commanding mobile using voice Strengths: Covers lots of commands with fast response time Weakness: Not able to catch the commands properly and malfunction Differentiation: We are focusing on efficiency of command acceptance and proper functioning.
  12. 12. Product Advantages Disadvantages Google Now Accepts accents and words efficiently Web based app requires internet for operation Dragon Fast Response Not efficient while conversion Siri Covers lots of commands with fast response time Not able to catch the commands properly and malfunction Uniphore Efficient in Biometric signatures module and IVR quality and analysis Focuses only on IVR
  13. 13. Product Timeline 2014 2015 Development Milestone 2 December Beta Test Milestone Product 2 Application for Copyright Break-even Milestone December 3nd Product Development Milestone Sept. Product 2 Published 2016 Product 1 Application for Copyright
  14. 14. Feature Benefits It is fully customizable User don’t have to remember the commands Accepts Indian Accent efficiently Indian users can use the software without any trouble unlike Siri No Hardware Involved Less processing time and faster operation Document Reader It will help the Physically handicapped people to get document dictated Voice training It will add the flawless acceptance of any English accent to train your own Pc for your voice ups and downs / modulations
  15. 15.  Got the product copyrighted with Government Of India for our V1& application for V2 is under process.
  16. 16.  Our core development expert Prafull Agrawal is working on it to make it as versatile as possible  Prototype of the product is ready and is live on our website (  We got copyrights for on of our series of product and for this version its in process  We will soon be going into beta testing with college students across Mumbai  Expanding our tech team to help us with the product development
  17. 17.  Our primary strategy is to get our application installed on users device  We will integrate our product through OEMs, sell through internet and other B2B sales  OEM – we will provide our product as a part of OEM which will be on trial license basis for 1 year after that user need to subscribe it at rate of $5 per year  B2B - We are offering end to end solution for our B2B clients which will be a complete system fulfilling their requirements and the cost for the technology will vary from complexity and level of customization for each company  Internet – This will be our B2C audience for them we will give them our application at $10 for 1st year and after that for uninterrupted membership user needs to pay $3 per year which will include all updates from our side  Sales cycle will vary for B2B clients from company to company and for B2C consumers user need to pay $3 per year.
  18. 18.  We got a small and hardworking team to work on product technology which includes;  Prafull Agrawal , B.E. Graduate from Mumbai University in Electronics and Telecomm. Having 2 years of experience in development of voice technology is Founder of Automator and the only developer for our technology till date:-  Shubham Agrawal, B.E. graduate from Mumbai University in Electronics and Telecomm. Co - Founder of Automator and the responsibilities of audience buildup and technology innovation:- Advisor:  Chirag Rathod, PG from MICA, 6 years of work experience in Digital marketing, Ex Founder –
  19. 19.  For further development and improvising the product we need INR 50 Lakhs of funding.  The entire chunk of the funding goes towards product development & improvisation since we are looking at adding various features & integrating our technology with other products & services.  We haven’t got any funding till date and have been bootstrapped till date  Funding will bring in a strong advisory team on board and money which would help us achieve our goals faster  Anticipated future funding needs: Once our product is ready we would need second round of funding  Exit strategies: a. Selling off to another entity b. Merger & acquisitions c. Selling off to Founders  Expected ROI for investors ~ 13% after 4 years (YoY)
  20. 20. First year Budget Cost Salaries 32,40,000 Repairs & maintenance 50,000 Local Advertising And Marketing - Fixed Assets 4,36,000 Accounting and legal 60,000 Rent 3,00,000 Internet & Telephone 96,000 Equipment 3,40,000 Recruitment 1,05,000 Startup - Funds 40,000 Other Expenses 6,72,000 Total 53,39,000 In Rs.
  21. 21.  Our ultimate goal is to make this application ready for non tech savvy users Eg: My Grandparents, My Mom  We offer complete solution to all your automation needs using voice technology  Our product offers infinite customization options and can capture any type of accent (English)  It’s the unique product which accepts your commands and completes the task for you  As our product is system based so no internet connection is required to operate  YOUNG & ENERGETIC TEAM
  22. 22. THANK YOU Please provide your feedback at::--