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E97d402 professionalism


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Published in: Education, Business
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E97d402 professionalism

  1. 1. Amity Business School What is Amity Business School Professionalism ? • A professional learns his products and the field they compete in, prepares himself to practice in Amity Business School that field and sells with the goal of succeeding while too many others go about it as a means of getting along. Professionalism Prof. P K Bansal • Some of us sell; Others take orders. An order- taker is a salesperson who does nothing but show the product, recite the options and the price list, and take the order. This type of employee is rapidly being replaced by catalogs Five Keys to Amity Business School Professionalism Amity Business School • The other extreme in sales personalities is the A professional knows his products. pushy foot-in-the-door, high-pressure salesperson. Fortunately, thats a nearly extinct species. – To be a good salesperson, you must be a good source of reliable information. To be a good source of information, you must know your field, the products in it There are five keys to sales and their comparative advantages. You professionalism and sales success. must be able to deliver the information that will help the customer make a buying decision, hopefully in your favor. Amity Business School Amity Business SchoolA professional establishes a relationship A professional fills the customerswith the customer. needs You get to know your customers by talking to There is a right product and price for every them, in a controlled conversation with the shopper, and a professional will know what goal of getting them to tell you the classic the customer wants, or at least should want, answers: who they are, what they want, why after a short conversation. they want it and how they expect it to perform for them. People dont buy products, features, services or price. People buy benefits.
  2. 2. Amity Business School Amity Business SchoolA professional is accountable to his A professional maintains a professionalcustomers. Attitude. The sale isnt over until the customer is A professional maintains an attitude that satisfied. Once hes made the sale, a what he does is important, and seeks professional makes sure the product is constantly to do it better as a result. delivered on schedule, makes sure it gets installed properly, and makes sure that if theres anything wrong, it gets fixed promptly.