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Allahabad junction railway station is served by the northern railways


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Allahabad junction railway station is served by the northern railways

  1. 1. RAILWAYS IN ALLAHABADBy:-Abhinav Kumar (2008 MB 21)Yogita Saklani (2008 MB 22)Ashish Kumar Mishra (2008 MB 23)Nishant kr. Virmani (2008 MB 24)
  2. 2. Literature ReviewNorth Central Railways, in its present form, came into existence on 1st Of April 2003.North Central Railways present network extends over a large area of North Central India,covering the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana .Geographically NCR is the heart of Railway network and extends from (exclusive) in theNorth to MGS (exclusive) in the east and Bina (exclusive in the South. This networkspans over parts of UP., Haryana, Rajasthan & MP. This has a total of 3062 route Kms,predominantly double line electrified section. This route from GZB to MGS is a part ofgolden quadrilateral. NCR consists of 202 main line stations & 221 branch line stations.This Zone forms a corridor for trains almost directions viz. East to North and North toEast a total of 29 pairs of M/Exp. Trains daily West/South to North and North to South/West total 37 pairs of M/Exp. Trains daily East to SW & SW to East a total of 25 pairs ofM/Exp. Trains daily East to West & West to East a total of 12 pairs of M/Exp. TrainsDailyServing the heartland of India, the NCR extends from Mughalsurai(excluding) on theeast and Ghaziabad (excluding) Headquartered at Allahabad, the North Central Railwayscomprises of the following three divisions.1.Allahabad2.Jhansi3.AgraNCR also has workshops at Jhansi and Sithouli (Gwalior).The NCR has a total staff strength of 69,644.
  3. 3. Transportation in AllahabadAllahabad Railway Map:-Allahabad, a popular place for many pilgrims from across the globe, has great religioussignificance because of Kumbh Mela that is held once every twelve years. Airways,railways, roadways and waterways are the four means of transportation in Allahabad thatare available for the convenience of hundreds of tourists who flock this colourful land.Allahabad does not have any big airports, but it has a small domestic airport known asBamrauli airport that is about 12 km from Allahabad city. Varanasi, Lucknow andKanpur are the nearest operational airports found around Allahabad.
  4. 4. Allahabad is located on the junction of National Highway 2 and 27. National Highway 2runs through the city connecting Delhi and Kolkata, while National Highway 27 startsfrom Allahabad and end at Mangawan in M.P, connecting national Highway 7. Roadservice is the best way of transportation in Allahabad. Allahabad has other highwaysconnecting to the rest of the India. Allahabad has three bus stands serving the threeroutes- Zero Road, Leaded Road and Civil Lines. Direct bus service is available fromAllahabad to Chitrakoot, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur.Other than air, rail and road, a special way of transportation in Allahabad is throughmaking use of the waterways. This is a special project started by UP tourism departmentconnecting Varanasi to Allahabad. You can also arrange for a night stay at Chunar.Local transportation in Allahabad is very good, making all parts of the city accessible.There are five different modes of local transportation. It is up to you which mode tochoose. Some hotels are providing taxi service for their customers.There is a city bus service run by the Municipal Corporation of Allahabad, connecting allparts of the city. Tourist taxi is the best option for transportation in Allahabad as itvery comfortable and the fastest mode of local transport. Auto rickshaws are also a goodoption to move around the city and they are also quite affordable. Cycle-rickshaws arebest if one really wants to see nooks and corners of Allahabad. But you should bargainbefore fixing the rent. Tempos are the cheapest mode of travelling in Allahabad. They areavailable at main points of the city like Kutchery, Railway Station, Mansarovar, Kareli,Rambagh, Teliyarganj, Naini, Jhunsi, and Civil Lines.Allahabad has four railway stations :- 1. Prayag Station 2. City Station 3. Daraganj Station 4. Allahabad Junction.Allahabad JunctionAllahabad Junction Railway Station is served by the Northern Railways. It is located inthe city center. Out of the four stations in Allahabad, the major railhead is the junctionrailway station. The main trains that pass through the broad gauge line Delhi-Kanpur-Kolkata arrive at Allahabad Junction. The trains that run through the junction include theUdyan Abha Toofan Express, North East Express and Sangam Express. Electrified broadgauge main line connects Allahabad with Mumbai. Just 1 km from the station is thetourist office, managed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  5. 5. In front of the station is the magnificent gothic style cathedral, All Saints Cathedral. Just2 km from the station is Hotel Allahabad Regency (a 2 star hotel) offering comfortableaccommodations. At a stone’s throw from the station is the central bus station (CivilLines Bus Stand.) Towards north of the station, the major railhead is at Pratapgarh (61km.) The airfields close to the station are at Varanasi Airport (120 km from Allahabad)and Lucknow Amausi Airport (200 km from Allahabad.)Major Trains 1. Mahanagari Express (Varanasi - Allahabad - Mumbai) 2. Magadh Express (Patna - Allahabad - New Delhi) 3. Saryu Express (Allahabad – Faizabad) 4. Kalka Mail (Howrah - Allahabad – Kalka) 5. Prayag Raj Express (Allahabad - New Delhi) 6. Bramaputra Mail (Guwahati - Allahabad - New Delhi) 7. Bombay Mail (Howrah - Allahabad - Mumbai) 8. Rajdhani Express (New Delhi - Allahabad - Howrah) 9. Toofan Express (Ganganagar - Allahabad - Howrah) 10. Ganga Gomti Express (Allahabad - Lucknow) 11. Ganga Kaveri Express (Varanasi - AllaM Khalid Aftab)A Special TrainPrayag Raj Express is an Indian Railways express train which runs between the citiesof Allahabad and New Delhi, India. It is the longest train in Asia, with more than 24coaches including 7 air-conditioned coaches consisting of three 3rd AC, three 2nd ACcoaches & one full 1st AC coach. It runs on the North Central Railways (Allahabad toNew Delhi) section which is part of the busy (Howrah to New Delhi) Grand Trunksection. It is, along with the Bhopal express, one of the first ISO-9002 certified trains ofIndia because of its security features and high priority on the Indian Railways. But ittakes 2 hours more than Rajdhani Express to cover the same distance. It is also slowerthan Lichchavi Express which covers the same distance in 9 hours compared to 9 hoursand 5 minutes taken by Prayag Raj express.Remarkable FeaturesMax. Speed: 110 km/h Avg. Speed: 70 km/hDuration of Journey: approx. 9hr 10 min
  6. 6. DEVELOPMENT OF ALLAHABAD JUNCTIONBased on the conversation with DRM Mr. Deepak DevAllahabad junction is all set to get a new look and have more provisions soon. The NorthCentral Railway (NCR) has sanctioned new works besides some improvement works forthe junction and all the works are in progress and will complete with in few months.The work of foot over bridges (FOB) are in progress for connecting platform numbers5/6, platform number 7/8 and a FOB will also constructed to connect Smith Road andAllahabad junction for convenience of the commuters.Almost two months back the members of Railway Passengers Amenities Committee(RPAC) including its chairman Parmeshwari Prasad Nirala had visited the AllahabadJunction. They had expressed dissatisfaction over the dilapidated condition at theJunction. After the inspection, the RPAC chairman Parmeshwari Nirala suggested thatAllahabad station needs improvement in terms of modernisation.Nirala also suggested for writing the rates of coolies for carrying luggage so thatpassengers could not be duped. He urged for activating the resources for combating theincreasing menace of zeharkhurani in trains.After giving all the suggestions by amenities committee, the NCR administration startedfocusing towards increasing facilities and arrangements for the passengers.The construction work of waiting room for separate upper and sleeper class is also inprogress and improving the ladies waiting room on platform number 1.On being contacted, he said that the works are in progress. He also said that the work ofchanging the damaged railway tracks was also under way for the past two months at thestation. All works would be completed by June end, he added.Itarsi-Allahabad railway route electrification is to be done very soonThe creation of the West Central Railway Zone has revived the electrification of theItarsi-Jabalpur-Allahabad railway line. Paper work for the work is underway and theproject will be sent to the Railway Ministry for approval. The Central RailwayElectrification Organisation has carried out the survey of the Itarsi-Jabalpur-Allahabadrail division. The project is estimated to cost Rs 360 crore and it will be implementedafter funds are sanctioned. The survey for electrification work on this track was carriedout a few years ago and an amount of Rs 267 crore was sanctioned. But, the project wasderailed as certain politicians opposed it, ostensibly, because of lack of traffic on theroute. Consequently, the funds were diverted to other projects.This time the West CentralRailway Zone is more cautious. It is preparing detailed information about the diesel andelectric engines running on the section and is also preparing a note indicating which
  7. 7. energy would prove more economical based on concrete statistics. The authorities haveeven gone to the extent of suggesting the best means of financing the project. Head office of North Central Railway A great Achievement