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The philippine revolution


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The philippine revolution

  1. 1. The PHILLIPINE Revolution  began in 1896 and really ended only in 1901.  At first it was a war of independence against the SPAIN.
  2. 2. The Revolution Begins   After the discovery of the katipunan, Bonifacio gathered his men in the hills of balintawak. August 26, 1896, the fiery Bonifacio stopped all the talking. “there is no other way,” he told them, “enough is enough!”
  3. 3. Causes of the Revolution  the abuses of Spanish officials and priests  Persecution of Filipino leaders who defended the rights of their fellow countrymen  Filipinos desire to regain their independence  Discovery of the Katipunan and Bonifacio’s call for revolution
  4. 4. Aguinaldo and Filipinos victory   The greatest victory in battle of the Filipino was won by Emilio Aguinaldo in the battle of Binakayan, Cavite on November 9 to 11, 1896 The Filipinos freedom fighters fought with crude weapons; bolos, clubs, stones, bamboo spears, old muskets, and homemade guns (paltik).
  5. 5. Emilio Aguinaldo    At 17 years old, he was elected a barangay head (cabeza de barangay) At 26 years old he became the captain (municipal mayor) of Kawit, like his late father He was also elected as a President of the first Revolutionary Government by the Tejeros Assembly
  6. 6.     On November 1, 1897, Aguinaldo was again elected President of the Biak-nabato Republic. On June 23,1898 to January 23, 1899 he became president of the second revolutionary Government. January 23, 1899 he became president of the first Philippine Republic President Aguinaldo was captured by the Americans at Palawan, Isabela on March 23, 1901.He surrendered and the Philippine became a colony of the United states
  7. 7.     Hilaria del Rosario-The first wife of Aguinaldo. They had seven children. After his first wife died, he married Maria Agoncillo. President Aguinaldo died at the Veterans Hospital in Quezon City on February 6, 1964, at the age of 95. His mansion at Kawit Cavite is now a national shrine.
  8. 8. Magdiwangs and Magdalo  Madiwangs supported Bonifacio as leader because he started the revolution  Magdalo supported Aguinaldo as leader because he won his battles while Bonifacio lost all his battles
  9. 9. •Tejeros Assembly Both rival groups decided to meet at Tejeros, Cavite on March 22, 1897. They wanted to settle the controversy on leadership because a revolution must have only one leader. They decided to elect the officers of the Revolutionary Government.
  10. 10. The Biaknabato Republic After the death of Bonifacio, the revolutionary went from bad to worse for thefilipinos.  Lasted only a short time, from November 1 to December 30, 1897.  Aguinaldo was again elected as President of the biaknabato Republic 
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