The first philippine republic and the filipino american war


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The first philippine republic and the filipino american war

  2. 2. The Malolos Congress and Malolos Constitution Eighty five Filipinos met in a revolutionary congress at Barsoain church, Malolos, Bulacan starting September 15, 1893. The Malolos congress approved the independence of the Philippine. Dr. Pedro A. Paterno, he was the president of the Malolos Congress. Started the making of new constitution for the Philippines. Malolos constitution - the first Philippine republic. Real author - Felipe G. Calderon, he was a famous filipino lawyer. Approved by the Malolos Congress on Nov. 29 1898 and proclaim by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo on January 21, 1899.
  3. 3. The First Philippine Republic January 23, 1899 – the 1st Philippine Republic was inaugurated at Barsoain church, Malolos Bulacan. Aguinaldo sworn in as president the of the 1st Philippine republic at the church altar. “Great is this day, glorious this date , and forever memorable this moment in which our beloved people are raised to the joy of independence” The official news paper of the government was called “El Heraldo de la Revolution” Gen. Antonio Luna and other Filipinos ran an independence news paper called “La Independencia” The 1st Filipino diplomat was Felipe Agoncillo – work for the recognition of Philippine independence in Paris and Washington. There were other Filipino diplomats in Japan,England,France, and Australia.
  4. 4. Failure of the First Philippine Republic The 1st Philippine republic lived only in two years from January 23, 1899 to March 23, 1901. It was ended on the day when Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo captured by the Americans.
  5. 5. The American start the war The Americans pretend that the Filipinos had brutality attacked them, at 8 P.M. of February 4, 1899, Private Robert W. Grayson of the first Nebraska volunteers, shot and killed a Filipino soldier crossing the San Juan bridge. The new wrongly said that the Filipinos had started the shooting. The treaty of Paris had been very controversial and was not sure of passing. February 6, 1899, the American senate passed the treaty of Paris, making the Philippines as the colony of United States.
  6. 6. The Filipino American War . At day break of February 5, 1899, the American navy bombarded the Filipino positions in manila. In the next few days, fierce hand-to-hand fighting broke out all manila and nearby town. One by one the Filipino s lost ground to the superior forces of Uncle Sam March 31, 1899, the American captured Malolos. Aguinaldo fled to Pampangga,Nueva ecija, and finally to the mountains of Northern Luzon. The Filipinos won victories , in Negros, Gen. Aniceto Lacson and Gen. Araneta organized the “republic of Negros” on November 27, 1898. In the Battle of San Mateo, Rizal on December 19, 1899, the Famous hero of the American civil war Gen. Henry C. Lawson , was killed by Filipinos troops. Lawson was conquered by the Filipino “Geronimo” Gen. Licerio Geronimo and his men.
  7. 7. Guerilla Warfare The Filipinos fought with old rifles and guns, bamboo spears, and bolos. The Americans fought with cannons , machine gun s, automatic rifles and plenty of ammunition and supplies. The Filipino forces were divided into small groups who harassed the enemy by surprise ambush. Aguinaldo’s guerilla warfare in 1899 to 1901 was earlier than Mao Zedong’s Chinese guerillas in the 1940’s and Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnamese guerillas in the 1970’s.
  8. 8. Filipinos lose the war The Filipino generals and officials of the first Philippine Republic lost or were captured by the enemy. Leading officials of the Philippine government were arrested and deported to Guam. One of them is Apollinario Mabini, he was Aguinaldo’s Prime Minister. Antonio Luna, Aguinaldo ‘s Director War- he was killed by them on June 5, 1899. Gregorio del Pillar and his men defended the Tirad Pass . They died to the last man on December 2, 1899.
  9. 9. The capture of Aguinaldo Aguinaldo and his staff fled to cordillera mountains in Northern Luzon. At Palanan ,Isabela he made his headquarter. Gen. Frederick Funston in Nueva Ecija captured one of Aguinaldo’s messenger. The American expedition considered of five American officers, and 85 Filipinos. General Arthur McArthur, the American military governor. April 19, 1901, Aguinaldo took the oath of allegiance to U.S. Miguel Malvar in Batangas fought until April 16, 1902. The last Filipino general who surrendered to the American was Semion Ola of Albay Province, he gave up on Sept. 25, 1903.
  10. 10. Historical Values 1. The Filipinos should be proud that the first independent republic in Asia by Asians was established by Aguinaldo in the Philippines from 1989 to 1901. at the time, the other Asians were either western colonies or kingdoms ruled by kings and emperors. 2. The Filipino are brave and sturdy people who will fight for their rights and independence, even if they lose. 3. Like all wars, the filipino-american war was very bloody and expensive. The American sent 126,248 troops, of whom 4,234 died. They spent a vast sum of $16,000. veterans died in action 200,000 civilians died on starvation and diseases; and property billions of pesos was damage. 4. The Filipino lost the Filipino-amarican war because they were not united and they have inferior weapons. 5. We should remember the and honor President Aguinaldo and other heroes of this era. Although they lost the war, they fought with courage and honor. These veterans of the revolution were the real founding fathers of our independence.
  11. 11. By: Sherizzah Batara John Arnel Padilla