The coming of spain


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The coming of spain

  1. 1.  GOD- the first aim of Spain was to spread Roman Catholic religion  GOLD-the second aim is to get rich.  GLORY-and to get political glory.
  2. 2.  Ferdinand Magellan -he is a Portuguese explorer. -he studied map making and navigation.
  3. 3. • Magellan’s voyage is not an accident, he really planned and wanted to find the Philippines because he heard that it was a very rich land.So he asked Portuguese King,King Manuel, to finance a project to sail to the philippines but the King rejected him. • He travelled to the next country Spain, and talked the king and queen into supporting his expedtion,and they agreed. • September 20 1517- the expedition begun .His fleet consisted of 5 ships and 265 men.
  4. 4.  They sail westward across atlantic ocean down the tip of South America.Here crossed the secret passge that was known only to Magellan ”Strait Of Magellan’’.Then they crossed the Pacific Ocean and hopped from island to island until they reach Philippines.
  5. 5.  In order to keep away the other rival European power from grabbing its new colony. THE BIG POWERS: 1) Spain 2) Portugal 3) England 4) France 5) Netherland
  6. 6.  In the 16th century they were the most bitter rivals for colonies in the world. They quarreled over the ownership of the land.  In 1493 Pope Alexander VI issued 4 papal bulls that divided the world between Portugal and Spain.  TREATY OF TORDESILLAS(1494) -shifting the demarcation line made by the Pope. • TREATY OF ZARAGOZA(1529) -they quarelled again over the ownership of Moluccas (spice island) so they made a new agreement to fix a new demarcation line.
  7. 7.  The Spanish King sold his right to Moluccas to the Portugal King ,but this was a big mistake for Portugal. WHY? because they only bought what it really owned.
  8. 8.  March 16 1521-Magellan and his men saw the height of     Samar. After seeing Samar, the Spaniard landed at the island of Homonhon in Leyte Gulf on March 17 1521. March 28-they were driven at Masao , Butuan in Agusan del Norte. At Raja Kolambu and Raja Siagu met Magellan.In the finest tradition of filipino hospitality they welcomed the Spaniard. Kolambu and Magellan made the traditional blood compact (sandugo) . This was the first blood compact by a Filipino and a white man.
  9. 9.  The first mass was held on the shore of Masao Butuan on Easter morning,March 31 1521.It was said by father Pedro de Valderama .  Then in sunset Magellan planted a huge wooden cross on top of a hill over looking the sea.
  10. 10.  For Spain planting a cross was like planting a different flag on our land.  Magellan claim it and called it “Archipelago of San Lazaro’’
  11. 11.  April 7 1521-spaniard arrived at Cebu,they were guided     by King Kolambu. Raha Humabon refused to meet Magellan or let him land but King Kolambu(his friend) persuaded him. The Spaniard was impressed in wealth and culture of Cebuanos. April 14 1521-they made a blood compact and another cross was planted. More than 800 cebuanos including Humabon his wife and son agreed to be babtized,They are the 1st Filipino Catholic.
  12. 12.  Lapu-Lapu defeats Magellan –Magellan wanted all Filipino King in Cebu and Nearby islands to surrender to Spain. But king Lapu-lapu defied him.  King Zula asked Magellan for help in destroying Lapulapu.The two king in Mactan were bitter enemies .Magellan agreed to Zula for he also wanted to kill him.  April 27 1521- Magellan invaded Mactan.He boasted to Cebuanos that he did not need their help in fighting Lapu-lapu.Only 6o men attacked Mactan.
  13. 13. The battle was short but very bloody but in the end lapu lapu won.That makes him the 1st Filipino hero
  14. 14.  The survivor returned to Cebu but they lost face.The Cebuanos did not respect them anymore .  The Spaniard also became abusive. Duarte Barbosa, one of the new commander , maltreated Enrique, a Malay slave of Magellan. So Enrique plotted King Humabon to kill the Spaniard.  May 1 1521-The Spaniard were attacked by Cebuanos.The Survivors quickly left for South; Trinidad sailed to Mexico but they were caught by the Portuguese.
  15. 15.  Victoria sailed for Spain via Indian Ocean and Africa Cape. It reached Spain on September 6 1521 w/ only 18 survivor. RESULT OF MAGELLAN’S VOYAGE; 1. It was the first voyage around the world. 2. It added knowledge about geography. 3. It made Spain interested in colonizing the Philippines.
  16. 16. Loaisa expedition(1525) 2. Cabot expedition(1526) 3. Saavedra expedition(1542) 4. Legazpi expedition(1564) • Only Legazpi was successful the other ended in failure. 1.
  17. 17.  This voyage is shorter and easier.  The commander is noble and wise, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. His expedition had 4 ships and 380 men ,they sailed from Navidad Mexico on Nov.21 1564 and reached the philippines on feb.3 1565.  They were well received at Limasawa,Leyte,Bohol.In Bohol Legazpi and Katuna made a blood contact.
  18. 18.  Cebu is the 1st Spanish city . The other island:Panay,Masbate,Ticao,Burias,and Mindoro. BATTLE FOR MANILA  At that time Manila was a rich Muslim Kingdom.  Raha Sulayman,resisted the Spanish invaders.The 1st Spanish expedition to invade Manila was led by Marshal Matin de Goiti. He led 120 Spaniard and 600 Visayan Warrior.  1571-another Spanish invasion led by Legazpi.But because Raja Sulayman did not want to sacrifice more life he accepted Spanish Rule.
  19. 19.  June 31 1571-the 1st Manila bay Battle. It was fierce and • • • • • bloody. The Spanish led by Goiti won the battle. The Manila became the capital(june 24 1527). Spain conquered Luzon. THE FILIPINO LOST BECAUSE OF 3 REASON: Lakan Dula and Sulayman did not help the other filipino The Spaniard have superior weapon. About 600 cebuano archers helped the Spaniard in the battle.
  20. 20. The Filipinos at that time of the arrival of Legazpi were not united. 2. The Spanish invader had a great commander in person of Legazpi. 3. Spaniard have superior weapon. 4. The filpinos were won over by the Spanish mossionaries who taught them a better religion than the barbaric paganism of their ancestors. 1.
  21. 21. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!! !!!!!!!