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Social environment by novs

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Social environment by novs

  1. 1. By: Novelyn Ferrer
  2. 2. The people their character and their culture. Features of a country. People People. is the Land. most Government. important… Independence. …is control over nature and society… According to Mencius a Chinese philosopher… “the people is the most important element in a nation; the spirit of the land are next; the leaders are the least important.” This is because God made man to have “DOMINION”.
  3. 3. Filipino as leader in Asia. “shows how unique and important our nation has been” Unique Nation with a cultural heritage. Nation with gift of Faith and a gift of music. The First Republic in Asia. Received training for selfgovernance and democracy. Lead the Asian world in building school, universities and other facilities. The largest English speaking nation and the most open for foreign influence.
  4. 4. 80,000,000 65,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 1990 1925 1950 1970 1980 1990 2000
  5. 5. 82,841,515 is the population in 2002. Develop and Protect National Resources. Control Population growth. Economic Problems. Population Problems. The number of young people make up 40% of our population. Migration of other nation to have a better life.
  6. 6. Social Classes Religion Language Education Rich class • “oligarch” 10% of the population • 90% wealth of the country. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Middle class • 20% of the population • The professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountant, et. al. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Poor class or the Lower class • 70% of the population • They share only 10% of the wealth • Earn only enough for basic needs ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Social Classes Religion Language Education Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Christians 93% of the people. 83% catholic 7.6% Aglipayans 2.3% Protestants Iglesia Ni Kristo founded by Felix Y. Manalo. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Islam 1.6 million followers. Second largest religion in the country. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pagans Religion Followed by tribal minorities 0.03% followers
  8. 8. Social Classes Religion Language Education 55 native languages and 142 dialects, apart from English and Japanese surveyed by Richard Pitman, an American linguistic. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8 Principal native languages. Cebuano - 24.39% of the people. Tagalog - 23.83% Ilocano – 11.14% Hiligaynon or Ilonggo – 9.99% Bicolano – 6.96% Waray-waray – 4.62% Kapangpangan – 3.43% Pangasinan – 2.26% _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. Social Classes Religion Language Education _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Filipino are fond of education. The parents are willing to work hard in order to send their children to school. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are 50 universities both state and private. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ University of Santo Tomas in Manila, the oldest University in the country. Founded in 1511, 26 years older than Harvard University, the oldest University in America. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. : Jhon Foreman said “The Filipino has many good qualities which go far to make up for his shortcomings.” Good traits Bad traits Intelligent Quick perception Talents Gentle Friendly Cheerful Close family ties Hospitality Gambling and betting Fatalism – bahala na! Self-pride Cheating Lack of perseverance – ningas cogon Maňana habit
  11. 11. Cultural Minorities • Northern Tribes: The Ifugaos, The Bontocs, The Kankanays, The Ibaloys, The Tinguins, The Kalingas, The Gaddangs, and the Negritos. • -some practice head hunting, but it has now been stopped. • Mindoro Tribes: Mangyans, peace loving musical people. They farm and hunt. • Southern tribes of Mindanao and Sulu: Maranao, Ilanumusugand, Samal, All Muslims, and Subanon, Bukidnon, and many more…
  12. 12. Science and Technology Filipino Women  The twin keys which unlock the Occupy a high place in the of door of Industrial progress society, politics and the profession. modern time. Enjoy the political rights with men.  Filipinos are among the best Leonard Wood said: inventors and scientist among the men in the Philippines are the women.” “the • The yoyo Noted for its beautiful women • the Florescent light Mrs. Corazon Cojuanco Aquino, first Lady • The of the buggy – used by the President Moon Philippines. American Astronauts.
  13. 13. • We are important and unique nation in the world because God made us to have a gift of faith, the arts, sciences, communication and culture. • The only Christian in Asia. • Filipinos have both good and bad characteristics, like any other nation on earth. • We must befriend and help the tribal peoples to improve their lives and to know God’s son Jesus. • We must love an understand one another even if we speak different languages and have different customs. • The Philippines is a good training ground for missionaries because here we can already practice the ways to share the gospel with many different people.

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