Design by Committee in an Agile environment


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An unconference talk by Pradeep Nayar (@designonmymind) and Kevin Leebroderick on Design by Committee in an Agile environment at UPA 2012, Henderson.

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Design by Committee in an Agile environment

  1. UXPA 2012 Tribune CompanyDesign by Committeein an Agile environmentMyths, tricks & strategies... Pradeep Nayar @DesignOnMyMind UX Principal Tribune Company Kevin Leebroderick UX Architect Tribune Company
  2. Our Goal: Participatory Design Design by Committee in an Agile environmentUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 2
  3. more than 150years old
  4. We’reAGILE...almostUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 5
  5. Agile = CollaborationUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 6
  6. Scenario:A major stakeholder wants to replaceour mobile sites with a responsive site.UXPA 2012 Tribune Company 7
  7. Hey..Scott (Stakeholder) wants us to wrap our heads around this whole responsive design thing... Pam Project ManagerUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 8
  8. ...I know Sunil (Software Architect) just attended a conference where he heard someone talk about it... Pam Project ManagerUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 9
  9. ... Patrick (product manager) spoke to Bob and told him that we’ll brainstorm some idea... Pam Project ManagerUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 10
  10. ... I’m going to schedule a meeting for us to talk...Can you get some your “creative” UX people for the meeting? Pam Project ManagerUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 11
  11. NEVER GET EVERYONE IN A ROOM TO “BRAINSTORM” A SOLUTIONWhy? People get excited about solutions that don’t solve the problem Some solutions are not cohesive with the overall experienceUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 12
  12. PEOPLE INVOLVED Stakeholders Product Mgr Project Mgr UX QA DevelopersUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 13
  13. SPHERES OF INFLUENCE Stakeholders Project Team UX TeamUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 14
  14. Within the UX teamTip #1 Sketch several ideas Review with UX peers Critique & repeatUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 15
  15. Within the UX teamTip #2 Believe in your solutionUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 16
  16. With the project team (Product, QA, Dev)Tip #3 Never go alone... always tag teamUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 17
  17. Step 1: WORK WITH DEVELOPERS Remember • They can be your best friend or worst enemy • Include them early in a solution UX • Show them examples of what you like and don’t like • Explain the thought behind a design • Thank them for a job well done • Always remind them...we are trying to make a better product DevelopersUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 18
  18. Step 2: WORK WITH PRODUCT Remember • They are your closest ally • There is a grey it out UX • You are there to make them look good • They help you push “hard” features forwardProduct MgrUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 19
  19. Step 3: WORKING WITH QA Remember • If UX is the quarterback then QA is the receiver • They assure the quality of the experience UX • They are the final line of defense before the customer QAUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 20
  20. With stakeholdersTip #4 Always present, never emailUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 21
  21. Final Tip It’s not a war We’re all in this togetherUXPA 2012 Tribune Company 22
  22. QUESTIONS?UXPA 2012 Tribune Company
  23. Thank You.UXPA 2012 Tribune Company