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Red bull's winning strategy on facebook


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Red bull's winning strategy on facebook

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Red bull's winning strategy on facebook

  1. 1. Red Bull’s Winning Strategy On Facebook Pradeep Oli, 11th January 2013
  2. 2. Red Bull A Winning Dish On facebook…• Huge Social Media following• facebook page ranked 41st ahead of Starbucks, Harry Potter and McDonalds• 34 Million Fans• One of Red Bull’s sponsored event…post-jump photo of Baumgartner gained almost 216,000 likes, 10,000 comments and over 29,000 shares within 40 minutes Highest free-fall jump, 1st man to break the sound barrier without any mechanical propulsion
  3. 3. Red Bull’s Winning Recipe in one line…Always focuses on its Core Message,making its Posts Shareable and bringingfans back for more
  4. 4. Red Bull’s Winning Recipe…• Facebook Timeline is a great marketing platform for companies• Brands uses facebook as a direct sales tool and cover their facebook pages with information about sales, promotions and products… a merchant-customer relationship• Red Bull has taken a different approach. Rather than focusing on products, company’s facebook page emphasizes less direct corporate content. It highlights events that company sponsors mostly competitions for extreme sports and specific athletes.• Even though Red Bull has been credited with inventing the energy drink industry, they do not sell an ounce of it on facebook, They sell Adrenaline, they sell Action, they sell Passion• Red Bull is more interested in Promoting and Celebrating a lifestyle than simply selling energy drinks.
  5. 5. Red Bull’s Winning ingredients…Red Bull’s winning ingredients for Facebook Timeline:• Breaking typical fan page mold formula – Integrating other media on facebbok page• Engage by being creative – Strong Visual Content – Use of Games and Apps• Red Bull the main performer of the show not the interrupter – Event Sponsorship which fits the core values of the company’s brand
  6. 6. Breaking typical fan page mold formula• One of the best fan page on facebook, it has been able to break out of the typical fan page mold by providing content that encourages fans to interact with and ultimately connect with the brand• Their uniqueness is captured in their innovative incorporation of Twitter and YouTube into their facebook fan page• Red Bull doesn’t just pull in tweets from their official corporate account which you expect other brands do instead they have aggregated tweets from sponsored renowned athletes and included them directly on their facebook timelines
  7. 7. Engage by being creative• Strong Visual Content: Redbull has strong visual content presence on Facebook Timeline. It has a consistent look and attitude to its photos. Every image portrays a lifestyle of extreme excitement — the same lifestyle that the brand is marketing along with its energy drinks. Very few of the photos actually show its flagship product. Instead, there are snapshots of high-octane athleticism or adrenaline-fuelled fun As part of its visual content strategy, Red Bull has several recurring photos with accompanying hashtags. The most common is #FlyingFriday, which highlights astonishing photographs of athletes in the air. Another hashtag is #MusicMonday. This one either asks a music-related question or shows an artist affiliated with the brand. Both of these image series are great for engaging fans and highlighting the brand ethos.
  8. 8. Engage by being creative (continue…)• Use of Games and Apps Red Bull also has several mobile apps available to smartphone users. The mobile apps for both iPhone and Android are available directly from the company’s facebook Page, as well as from its website. This approach to integrating mobile content with facebook is smart, since there are signs that more and more people are accessing facebook through mobile devices. Keeping the brand active on both web and mobile platforms means Red Bull is likely to maintain its strong reputation with customers, no matter what direction facebook takes to continue its grow
  9. 9. Red Bull the main performer of the show not the interrupter• Event Sponsorship which fits the core values of the company’s brandRed Bull leverages more on events. It is still onTV however, it does not invest heavily incommercials anymore. Those interrupt a showand anyone can skip them.Instead Red Bull marketing has garnered animpressive sponsorship program of athletes andprofessional sports teams which allows it toedify its brand on every piece of machinery anduniform. Red Bull is now the main performer ofthe show not the interrupter. Be it Formula 1 orthe Stratos Skydive from the edge of spacewhich led to the first human to break the soundbarrier. Red Bull has engineered a massivepresence on all “extreme” sports
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