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Va, Ve

  1. 1. SL 1 in Value Engineering ExcEllEnt VA, VE ApplicAtion 1
  2. 2. SL 1 in Value Engineering Welcome to the court of Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar 2
  3. 3. SL 1 in Value Engineering The raw material Noble men! There price is shooting up. is a very I want to handle The material cost of important matter this situation a sword has gone up before the court without by Rs.10 . And …. today. increasing the We are adding 50,000 soldiers to taxes. Please our army this year. give your valuable suggestions as to how we should face this situation. 3
  4. 4. SL 1 in Value Engineering Why everyone’s quiet? ?? Birbal! I am !! surprised that you !? too have become silent!! Brilliant!. Tell us those ideas. Your Majesty, I have six ideas which can reduce the cost of a sword by at least Rs.20 without compromising the functional requirements. 4
  5. 5. SL 1 in Value Engineering Part Count Reduction Presently, the hilt has 7 parts. The proposed design will have 4 . Existing Design New Idea 7 parts 4 parts 5
  6. 6. SL 1 in Value Engineering Part Commonisatio n For the new hilt, instead of designing exclusive rivets, we can use the rivets of daggers. x 6
  7. 7. SL 1 in Value Engineering Benchmarking When the Shah of Persia was our Guest last month , I observed that the hilt in his sword does not have a curved portion. We can design similar hilts for our experienced soldiers. Existing Design New Idea Curved portion 7
  8. 8. SL 1 in Value Engineering Alternate The sheath Material which houses the blade is made of copper now. We can switch over to Alloy steel which is cheaper. Copper Steel Sheath Blade 8
  9. 9. SL 1 in Value Engineering Weight Since alloy steel is Reduction stronger than copper, we can reduce the thickness by 0.5 mm which will save material 2 mm 1.5 mm Sheath Blade 9
  10. 10. SL 1 in Value Engineering Yield The curved Improvement blade design is yielding only 2 pieces per die. If a straight blade is designed, we can extract 3 pieces per die. 2 Blades 3 Blades 10
  11. 11. SL 1 in Value Engineering There is an advantage also. Saheb, there is no I do not have to doubt that the increase the tax. present sword designed by you for my Grandfather’s army is superior. Your majesty. The However, let us test present design is this new design in being used since the our barracks. If they time of Babur pass the tests, we without any failure. will deploy them in We should not risk any the battle field. If the ideas pass design change. the test, we can save at least Rs. Ten Lakhs this year, thus serving the purpose of cost reduction. 11
  12. 12. SL 1 in Value Engineering Yes, your Majesty. Birbal! I wonder how you With the help of Functional developed these ideas! Is Analysis System Technique (FAST) there a systematic way any body can generate such by which others can also ideas. FAST is a powerful tool be trained to generate used in Value Engineering (VE) such ideas. which is an extremely effective system to improve products and services for cost and productivity If six ideas for the improvement. sword itself can save Rs. Ten lakhs , imagine how much money we can save on other weapons like spears, arrows and cannons etc. 12
  13. 13. SL 1 in Value Engineering Birbal! There are four divisions in my army – Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Elephant brigade. I want you to teach the engineers in each of these divisions the application of Value Engineering (VE), especially the Functional Analysis System Technique Yes, your (FAST). Each division should release Majesty. Armory Change Requests (AC Rs) for the worth of Rs.25 lakh. 13