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Roof ringmarketingplan

  1. 1. RoofRing Marketing Plan Marketing Vision Core Marketing Strategy Core Branding Elements Simplicity Customer relief Consistent logo Transparency Tagline Mission Statement Company Vision & Values Marketing Materials Web Plan Social Media PlanMarketing VisionRoofRing seeks to make the process of buying and selling a home a relief for clients, offeringthem such great service that all of their fears associated with the process will disappear andthey will not be spending lots of money. RoofRing’s hope is to revolutionize the Real EstateIndustry by reducing the amount of commissions paid to Brokerage Services by taking passingon the savings from a greatly simplified buying/selling real estate process.Story behind the name: The name came about as a recognition of the attempt to revolutionizereal estate services. The Roof in RoofRing stands for the concept of shelter and Ring standsfor the group of people who will join our revolution in changing the way real estate brokerageswork.Core Marketing StrategyRoofRing will position itself as experts on shepherding home buyers & sellers comfortablythrough the process of buying/selling a home they like and can afford.These measurable results will show RoofRing that it is achieving its goals over the next threeyears: ● 50% increase in qualified leads for Sellers & Buyers from 2012 to 2013 and at least 20% Increase in qualified leads in the following years ● Decrease of client switching to other real estate agents to under 10% ● Customer testimonials of at least three sentences written by 75% of successful home buyersCore Branding ElementsRoofRing brands itself by paying attention to the following:
  2. 2. SimplicityAll marketing materials and written statements are jargon-free. Images are not busy, butfocused on one clear idea. The effect is intended to show that RoofRing is comfortable in itschoice to serve a particular market niche and serve it well.Customer reliefImages (photos of past clients) on the website, advertisements, and marketing materials focuson the happy couples and families that RoofRing has placed in homes and include captions withshort statements from the clients describing the relief they felt by being shepherded through theprocess by a real estate agent that they could trust and that understood their particular needs.Consistent logoThe name of RoofRing will always appear in brown and green in a simple, consistent type faceand form the shape of a roof.TransparencyParamount to retaining the trust of customers is that answers to key questions can all be foundeasily within materials and are volunteered to customers in all interactions.Tagline "Real Estate Simplified”Mission Statement “Most convenient, highest quality and cost effective provider of Brokerage Services for sellers and buyers of Real Estate”Company Vision & Values
  3. 3. Here are a few things that RoofRing will make sure that customers understand about our Visionand Values: ● Focus on Customer ● Superior Service ● Customers can Trust us ● Courteous & Professional ● Easy to work with ● Educate as we goMarketing MaterialsThe following marketing materials and methods are used to reach the target market: ● Monthly listing bulletin ● Marketing kit ● Website ● Newspaper ads ● Direct mail postcards ● Google AdwordsEach marketing kit will feature three case studies consisting of a one page story, a photo of theclient(s), photo of the home, and testimonial statement from the client. The website will featurethree video testimonials consisting of one-minute videos narrated by a client along with picturesof their home, the process of working with RoofRing, and the RoofRing office.Direct mail postcards will be sent to a target list of 1,000 individuals who currently rent in SiliconValley and potentially fit the ideal target market. These lists will be purchased based on income,age, and lifestyle elements suggesting they may be looking to move to a suburb. One postcardwill be sent every other month with an invitation to the next information session. A new 1,000individuals will be chosen every six months.Web PlanThe RoofRing website will aim to impress qualified prospects with the trustworthiness andexpertise of the office. The following elements and pages will support this: ● Selections from the "How To Buy a First-Home" Guide and information on how to send for the complete guide ● Collected columns/articles from the monthly listed bulletin presented as a blog ● Wrap-up descriptions of key takeaways from past information sessions ● Details on upcoming information sessions - bios of speakers, location, time, RSVP contact, content of the session ● Bios of other real estate agents with the firm, as they are added ● Video testimonials of past clients ● Written case studies of past clients ● The Website will be Search Engine Optimized
  4. 4. Social Media PlanThe company will send RoofRing’s blog posts to article databases and other real estate blogs inthe hope that the name of RoofRing will be promoted elsewhere and that more incoming links tothe website will be generated.The company will have presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.