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Pmp an introduction


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Pmp an introduction

  1. 1. PMP-An Introduction By: Pradeep Patel PMP Webinar Session on:18-Dec-2011
  2. 2. WHY to become a PMP « I prefer to work with People rather than machines » I learnt Progamming language to work with machines and PMP principles to work with people.To become a successful project management professional(I did not say Project manager), you need to be aware of best practices and more importantly bad practices so that you don’t fall prey to them.PMP guidelines preaches these fundamentals.Following are the additional points for which people become PMP.– PMP principles and methodologies are applicable to cross domain industries.– PMP is recognized across multiple industry verticals.– There are less than 10 lac PMPs across the globe.– PMP are comparatively paid higher than their non PMP counterparts (if financial benefits interest you!)
  3. 3. PMP-Quick FactsPMP exam is conducted by PMI( conducts PMP exam across many global centers, in collaboration with Prometric test centers. You can apply anytime round the year, after fulfilling the PMP exam pre-requisites.Exam consists of 200 MCQs, with time limit of 4 hours, out of which 25 questions are not considered for evaluation. These questions are part of the Research work that PMI conducts through candidates (Bad thing..You don’t know which these questions are).PMP exam costs $555 for a single attempt.Alternatively, if you purchase PMI membership for $129, the exam fee is reduced to $405.There is a limit of 3 attempts in a year(provided you qualify PMP pre-requisites).Post these 3 attempts you’ll need to wait for one year, before re-taking the exam.
  4. 4. Am I Eligible for PMP You need to fulfill some requirements laid down by PMI before applying for PMP examination.If You are a Diploma Holder• Minimum 5 years/7,500 hours project management work experience(not necessarily Project manager role)• 35 Contact hours of formal project management training.If you are a Graduate• Minimum 3 years/4,500 hours project management work experience(not necessarily Project manager role)• 35 Contact hours of formal project management training. You need to have experience in all Process Groups(Discussed later) across all project management experience, submitted in application. However on a single project you don’t need to have experience in all 5 process groups
  5. 5. What is PMBOK• PMBOK stands for Project Mangement Body of Knowledge• This is a book published and maintained by PMI( currently Fourth edition is available)• PMI publishes its principles and methodologies in this book and is the main reference material for PMP exam.• PMBOK classifies the project management phases into Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Processes.• It has 5 Process Groups• There are 9 Knowledge Areas• There are 42 processes spanning across Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.
  6. 6. Process Groups, Knowledge Area, Processes Process Groups Knowledge Areas Processes
  7. 7. Process Groups
  8. 8. . Integration Scope Time Management Management Management Human Cost Quality Resources Management Management Management Communications Risk Procurement Management Management Management
  9. 9. Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring & Closing Control Develop Project Develop Project Management Direct &Manage Project Monitor & Control Project Close Project orIntegration Charter Plan Execution Work Phase Perform Integrated Change Control Collect Requirements Verify scopeScope Defines Scope Control Scope Create WBS Define Activities Control ScheduleTime Sequence Activities Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Duration Define Scope Estimate Costs Control CostsCost Determine Budget Plan Quality Perform Quality Perform Quality ControlQuality Assurance Develop Human Resources Plan Acquire Project TeamHuman Resources Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Identify Plan Communications Distribute Information Report PerformanceCommunications Stakeholders Manage Stakeholder Expectation Plan Risk Management Monitor & Control RiskRisk Identify Risk Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Response Plan Procurements Conduct Procurements Administer Procurements CloseProcurement Procurements
  10. 10. How is Exam StructuredExam consists of 200 questions, out of which only 175 are taken into consideration for exam score.25 questions are survey questions. Domain wise distribution of questions is summarized in the table-1 PMP Process Group Percentage of Questions Initiating 11 Planning 23 Executing 27 Monitoring &Control 21 Closing 9 Professional and Social Responsibility 9 Table-1
  11. 11. Professional and Social ResponsibilityProfessional and Social Responsibility is set of guidelines laid down by PMI(code of Ethics and Professional Conduct), that should be followed by every recognized PMP.These guidelines are the critical points that distinguishes PMP professionals among others.These guidelines are downloadable from PMI.orgFour Pillars of these guidelines are– Responsibility– Respect– Fairness– HonestyThere are two aspects of these guidelines, one is what is expected (Aspirational) and the other one is Mandatory.IF Mandatory guidelines are voilated and reported to PMI, it can lead to cancellation of your PMP certification.
  12. 12. Complete 35 Contact hours Training (Valid for One Year ) Application Submission (Once started on PMI site, the application should be completed within 90 days) Application Completeness ReviewIt takes 5 days, after which you get an email from PMI, to proceed with scheduling ExamThis form is valid for 1 year and you can schedule your Exam within 1 year of theconfirmation by PMI.If You do not get the mail within 1 week(7 days) from the date of form Submission, BADNEWS…..your Application has fallen in AUDIT ProcessWithin 90 days of the intimation by PMI, you need to submit Audit material as indicated byPMI .It takes 5-7 days for PMI to process the audit material. If found satisfactory, theapproval is given and the validity of Approval starts(1 Year)
  13. 13. Thank You! For Any Queries/Suggestions Please mail me at : The explanation of the topics covered in the webinar are available at