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Major Search Engine Algorithm Updates for Digital Branding of Website.


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In today's world the strategy to perform digital marketing in the online world and analysis algorithm for measuring the performance has totally changed to be updated to the changing algorithm we are high lighting vital points to keep you up to date and more visible in the internet to your required audience and give you a flexibility.

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Major Search Engine Algorithm Updates for Digital Branding of Website.

  1. 1. Major Search Engine Algorithm updates whichhas lot of importance today in Digital Brandingof the Website.• Panda devalues duplicate or thin content which has no value for user.• Penguin devalues unnatural linking, spam links or over-optimization.• If majority of your links use “money keywords,” = high risk•If there is too many links from sites outside of your niche = risk• Spam strategies are being targeted and penalized.What to do:• Create unique, authentic and relevant content.• Get links from a variety of authority and relevant sources.• Diversify anchor text including 50%+ branded.• Don’t submit reconsideration requests unless warned in GWT.• Regular Review on-site and outbound links for quality and relevance.Always, use the correct method to optimize your website by having a good authority“SEO” who is well experienced to make your website visible to your audience in avery user friendly way. I found this company has lot ofexperienced professional with effective proven method to develop and maintain thewebsite strength.