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By: Felicity Lord, QA Manager at Wyndham Vacation Rentals
As presented at Spring OnlineTestConf June13-14, 2017

Using real life case study information, this presentation will look at the changing role of QA and testing as we adapt to become more Agile and take on a DevOps culture.

Main Topics include:

– Testing in an Agile world, change of focus and skill-set
– Understanding when things are “good enough”
– The role of Testing in creating the right culture for Agile & DevOps Testing
– How understanding Digital Leadership concepts can provide a different take on your Test Strategy

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  1. 1. Felicity lord Quality Assurance Manager – Wyndham Vacation Rentals
  2. 2. KEEPING QA RELEVANT IN A DIGITAL WORLD •  Understand the challenge •  Changing role of Quality Assurance •  Structure your Strategy
  3. 3. MY EXPERIENCE I am passionate about the importance of quality and how getting it right can provide greater confidence and effectiveness. TAKE AWAYS By sharing my journey, I will demonstrate how you can create your own roadmap for QA in an increasingly digital world WHY QA? Quality Assurance offers an exciting opportunity to be at the heart of change within Software Development and to act as the voice of our customers.
  4. 4. UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGE The problem today and in the future Industry specific challenges QA’s place in Technology developments
  5. 5. DIGITAL WORLD Digital means maximising the power of technology to optimise how we reach and interact with our customers – 24/7.
  6. 6. QA RELEVANCE The culture around Software Development has shifted. The demand for pace is ever increasing. QA is now a holistic view of quality. The breadth of QA has grown. Change is happening, are you ready?
  7. 7. COMPETITION Emerging markets, new contenders, Start-ups can lead to Business model disruption. CUSTOMERS Customer demands are changing, more personalised. Users don’t partition quality. DIGITAL Digital transformations can be seen in new alternatives to traditional sectors such as Banking. GLOBAL Events across the globe can impacts on customers’ decisions and our ability to react to them. TECHNOLOG Y The fast paced growth of SMACI technologies means we all have to deal with change.
  9. 9. CHANGING ROLE OF QATesting in an Agile world QA and DevOps culture
  10. 10. A PLACE FOR QA Re-invention of QA as an ever evolving role that can match continuous change and delivery. Change the mental state. Change the product and service. Change the message. Change the process.
  11. 11. WHEN things are good enough Breadth of potential QA coverage has grown exponentially. Focus on the value, remove waste and automate as much as possible. Take a risk approach, help the business to accept a greater risk profile. TESTING in an agile world Creating a culture of quality. Take away the safety net, everyone is responsible for the quality.
  12. 12. QA and Dev Ops CULTURE QA as behavioural intervention and change. Performance test early. Increased automation. Develop and release quality products fast.
  13. 13. STRUCTURE YOUR STRATEGYApplying Digital Leadership Industry specific challenges The Digital Enterprise Wave
  14. 14. DIGITAL LEADERSHIP Business Acumen ICT capability Strategic leadership
  15. 15. SETTING THE SCENE Background to Wyndham Vacation Rentals UK – QA strategy was based on Manual testing with Automation as a Functional and Regression only activity. Assessment of 25 Key Areas showed focus for change.
  16. 16. BEING PRESENT Change of Focus – Understand the business, grow technological capability, building a strategy •  QA coverage increased by 85% •  Automation increased by 80% and run time reduced from 3 days to 3 hours •  Priority 1 & 2 Fixes in Live halved
  17. 17. INVESTING IN PEOPLE Restructuring the team to include new internal roles that have felt invested in the business. UPSKILLING Increasing the knowledge and skills of the existing team to meet the challenges of SMACI changes – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoT
  18. 18. Digital enterprise wave You either ride the wave or you get swamped by the wave.
  19. 19. KEEPING QA RELEVANT IN A DIGITAL WORLD •  Your business challenge •  Approach to risk •  Structure your QA Strategy