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Royal Mail Multichannel innovation presentation for Ecom UK

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  • Are we really innovating, lets just set the scene as it stands now
  • Innovation in digital marketing & ecommerce touchpoints is occurring at an unprecedented pace
  • Remember when all we had to worry about was display & search? Play build 3 secs
  • And its not just the touchpoints we have to worry about, The marketing technology ecosystem to manage communications on these touchpoints is also mindblowing the graphic on the next slide shows
  • over 350 companies, which produce the diff technologies across 45 different categories and thats not all of them!
  • The only way we to interact with all those touchpoints is by typing. Typing is a skill and cumbersome if you don ’ t know how
  • Hardware & Input method Innovation seems to have stalled. Smartphones have a groundhog day feel don ’ t you think?
  • Many websites have not enabled social logins. Nothing more annoying than filling out forms or registering when trying to buy something online. On an ipad or smartphone double the effort
  • Consumers will Innovate, even if we don ’ t!
  • Some interesting trends in consumer behaviour are emerging. The likes of Google, Ofcom, Accenture have conducted a spate of studies which all point to one fact:- Consumers are looking for an integrated experience on the internet. They cris-cross between access devices depending on what they are looking for With the wider usage of smartphones & tablets who would have predicted we would be talking about “ Multi-screening ”
  • UK is multiscreening. Device use is driven by context. 2 main modes of multiscreening. Sequential and simultaneous screening. Tv has lost our full attention. Search is still the main bridge between us and content
  • Read that as 90% on DIGITAL media
  • We are moving between 4 devices
  • Smartphones are most common device when multi-screening
  • We Multi-task across Multi-Channels via Multi-Screens
  • Lets have a quick Look at how some things have changed or are changing, taking some inspiration from Mary Meeker
  • Our colleagues from Tesco may recognise the shopping wall on the right there . THE SHOPPING WALL basically has pictures ND BARcodes of a range of products. Consumers can just scan what they want, pay for it and the groceries are delivered home
  • What's the common denominator? Screens! Whilst we are on screens… Whats up with the biggest screen at home; the TV?
  • TVs are a lot smarter, social and can be controlled by touch, gesture and voice
  • For brands who want to have a more immersed experience in the living room, there is opportunity. Most devices are personal but the TV is about sharing the experience, so content that's intended for sharing works best on a TV. By 2016 there will be almost 1 billion smart tvs globally samsung tv app store has 2000 apps. And mobile and apple have made consumers more comfortable with apps
  • My old employers QVC were trading on tv, web, mobile & interactive TV as early as 2006. heady mix of 3% conversion for new visitors and 19% for repeat visitors. Secret was rich content on multiple channels. They created a new touchpount “ social infomercials ” by putting their TV content on Youtube etc and Gartner have just named them the poster child for social commerce
  • We don ’ t watch tv when its broadcast, we forward the ads, we watching more on demand. So despite all the signs & studies that consumer attention isn ’ t on TV.
  • Pay TV subscriptions and numbers of hours viewing tv are flatlining
  • Bizarrely, we still seem to be spending lots on TV advertising with UK TV ad revenues going up 2.2%
  • If you think advertising & marketing have changed in the last 10 years…. You haven ’ t seen anything yet 
  • The input method is finally changing to be more inclusive and not relying on just qwerty input
  • This future chart by envisioningtech [ which is only an excerpt and I recommend viewing it all on the url below] attempts to map the major developments and advancements. Looking at merging trends and research, they have tried to predict and draw conclsuions about how tech is developing. And which technologies should become mainstream in the coming years. Tech state that by speculating about what lies beyond we can make better decisions of what to create today For this preso I ’ m going to spotlight on interfaces and ubicomp columns
  • The web as we know it, is changing profoundly
  • Smartphone sales have overtaken PC Sales. Tablets will be next
  • Within 10 /15 years touchscreens as we know them will be obsolete and the digital advertising / ecommerce dynamic will shift again
  • To highlight gesture recognition, Nissan created an experience on Kinect allowing people to view and experience the Pathfinder car virtually from various angles and perfrom various actions, whilst they put it in the showrooms, imagine being able to do some initial research on the car from home before booking the test drive?
  • So for speech recognition wanted to higlight Mindmeld is a conf call app which “ listens ” to your conversation and serves up dynamic content based on keywords from your discussion. Team calls will never be the same again!
  • Disney, yes Disney have developed a technology that, turns virtually any material into a touchscreen. Couches, doorknobs, clothes, tabletops. And even cooler, it can tell the difference between different users which means targeting and personalisation!
  • Apple have patented a 3d display system that would “ mimic a hologram ” without requiring special glasses.  IF you have seen the avengers movie or star wars then that tech is what these patents are saying they will do. Basically Each eye of each viewer receives a different angle of the image, floating mid air. Best of all it will detect who is watching and display diff images to diff people meaning personalised advertising and offers   
  • Finally, we probably seen a lot of coverage on Google glasses. Think smartphone + camera that sits on your head! Recommend you watch the videos , as static pics don ’ t do justice to these concepts
  • IF there is anything that embodies visually what is to come then its these 2 vision of the future videos one from Microsoft and Corning nail it. Highly recommended viewing!
  • Multichannel innovation-royalmail

    1. 1. Are we really Innovating?Twitter:- @ZoheWannabe Futurist ;-)
    2. 2. Innovation in digital marketing& ecommerce touchpoints isoccurring at an unprecedentedpace
    3. 3. Kiosk In Store DOOH Blogger Blog Search In-Flight Digital POS Blog Outreach Engines Advertising Aggregators Blogs Social Photo Bookmarking Blogs In-Car Wiki Folksonomy l ce Advertising cia mer Social Content Virals Portal So m Computing Ad Platforms Co Ad Networks incl. Social Ad Exchanges Infographics incl. Social & Memes Display ATM Vid uTub Yo gs Advertising Advertising eo e], vlo Content [e. Special SEM Curation g. Teleweb Interest Social APIs Mobile OS SEO Content Integration SMS Syndication IT IT Social App Dev SMO Te Search Platforms ms stiNews tfor R& ng Interactive Analytics & Pla t Email ten D Content & TV Social App Stores / Con y Deliver Mobile Partners Cloud Listening & In-App Search Monitoring Micro- Propositions Casting Forums /IM Sec s uri r Answer Location ty lo pe Engines Smart TV ve E-CRM Based De Hitwise, Quantcast Social Media Online Webcasts Mgmnt Tools Mobile Ad Media Comscore Networks UGC Online Care Nielsen Mobile DVR / PVR / Market Social Payments Podcasts PTV Research Enterprise M- PC Meetups/ Rich Media Commerce Mobile Operators Devices Web Radio RFID Other Social Ratings & Networks Own Games Reviews In-App Social Tablet Adserver Onsite Websites Console Integration Google Search Social In Game Ecosystems DVB Twitter Facebook Digital NFC / Bluetooth Mobiles Devices
    4. 4. The marketing technologyecosystem to managecommunications on thesetouchpoints is mindblowing!
    5. 5. Input method is still Qwerty • We are only half way there in terms of mass market device innovation and adoption. • Typing is a skill, which if you don’t have it, can be laborious.
    6. 6. Touchscreens are awkward to use Past Present
    7. 7. Despite social logins being available manywebsites still require registration, & form filling,YAWN! What could be What about multi- And to do all that more annoying user households registering, logging than another with multiple in & out with a username & devices? Logout qwerty keyboard, password to one and Login on a touch device, remember, another, YAWN!? TEDIOUS! YAWN!
    8. 8. So, have we really innovated?Its more like Web 1.5.Consumers will Innovate, evenif we don’t!
    9. 9. Multi-screen consumerbehaviour becomesmainstream
    10. 10. Google Multi-Screen Exec Summary Source: Google Multiscreen World
    11. 11. 90% of media interactions involve ascreen. Source: Google Multiscreen World
    12. 12. We are moving between 4 devices Source: Google Multiscreen World
    13. 13. Smartphones are most commondevice when multi-screening Source: Google Multiscreen World
    14. 14. We Multi-task acrossMulti-Channels via Multi-ScreensMulti Multi MultiConsumers’ new version ofVeni Vidi Vici ?!? 
    15. 15. Clearly there is someInnovation
    16. 16. Things they are a Changing:Classrooms Past Present
    17. 17. Things they are a Changing:Maps Past Present
    18. 18. Things they are a Changing:Grocery shop Present Future
    19. 19. Whats the commondenominator?SCREENS
    20. 20. Well, TVs are a lot smarter, a lot moresocial & a lot more connected You can control them with a combination of touch, gesture & voice
    21. 21. Smart TV Opportunity Samsung TV App store already boasts over 2000 Smart TV presents an Apps entirely new opportunity for brands and it’s time for companies to start to engage with how they’re going to address what will be a new behaviour. Mobile and specifically There are several million Apple paved the way for smart TV’s in the UK, and consumers to become globally, market research comfortable with Apps, suggests that consumer and there is as big an use of connected TV sets opportunity for will jump from 82m in 2011 engagement with Smart to over 890m by 2016 TV in all industries.
    22. 22. Internet + TV + Ecommerce = Powerful Mix. AddSocial then QVC more stronger even their TV content secret of using web, mobile, mix of 3% on Youtube & interactive TV [red success? Rich conversion of new Facebook. New button] & normal TV content on visitors & 19% for touchpoint … to drive sales as multiple early as 2006 repeat visitors “Social channels Infomercials” Oct 2012 – Gartner named the poster child of social commerce [i.e. actually driving sales with social]. Guess who? QVC & Home Shopping Network
    23. 23. Despite all the signs & studies thatconsumer attention isn’t on TV We are watching a lot more on demand TV and movie content and almost never rarely with ads (Were watch tv shows so used to watching shows via Netflix or when they are iTunes that ads now broadcast anymore 1 2 seem like bizarre intrusions) 3 4 We get our news We hardly watch from the Internet, TV with ads, even article by article, on a DVR clip by clip. Read more:
    24. 24. And, in the UK, Pay TV subscriptionsare flatlining As are the numbers of hours spent viewing TV.
    25. 25. Bizarrely, we still seem to be spendinglots on TV advertising In the UK, The TV advertising market is going through a renaissance, with revenues up by 2.2% year on year, a record £4.36bn in 2011. More info here
    26. 26. If you think advertising &marketing have changedin the last 10 years….You haven’t seenanything yet 
    27. 27. Evolution of Input Method Keypad Touch •The 5 Billion not on the Internet? They will be joining us sooner than we think Voice Gesture New developments in User Interface & User experience will be mass market before we know it
    28. 28. Source:http://envisioningtech.c om/envisioning2012/
    29. 29. The web as we know it,is changing profoundly
    30. 30. Smartphone sales have overtaken PCSales. Tablets will be next
    31. 31. Within 10 /15 years touchscreens aswe know them will be obsolete andthe digital advertising / ecommercedynamic will shift again
    32. 32. Gesture Recognition –Nissan Pathfinder Kinect Experience Source:
    33. 33. Speech Recognition –Mindmeld Conference Call App Source:
    34. 34. Haptics –Disney Touche Capacitive Sensing Source: e_drp.htm
    35. 35. Holograms – Apple / NokiaHologram technology patents Source: apple-will-turn-to-holograms
    36. 36. Eyewear Embedded Screens –Google Project Glass Source:
    37. 37. Conclusion: Marketing & Ecommercein 2025 • Search will still be at the centre of it all, but voice, gesture etc will affect how we search • New tech will literally bring anywhere, anytime, anyhow to life • Hyper Personalisation – behaviour, DNA, build/body size
    38. 38. Microsoft Vision of Future Source:
    39. 39. Corning Day Made of Glass Source:
    40. 40. Thank you.