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Twitter lecture.without Video

  1. 1. How to Win Friends and Influence Tweepeople
  2. 2. Lisa Fields@practicalwisdom
  3. 3. Richard EtheridgeNWAHEC Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  4. 4. “You are a gifted presenter and your styleis completely believable. Your connection with your audience is completely credible.” “I love your sincerity AND YOUR HUMOR.”
  5. 5. Donna M. Davis, SPHRVice President for Human ResourcesSt. Charles Community College St. Charles, Mo
  6. 6. "Lisa provided expert design and delivery of acustomized educational program for St. Charles Community College.” “Feedback on the program was outstanding!Employees reported after attending the programthey knew so much more about their co-workers and their various roles, gaining a greater appreciation as a result.”
  7. 7. “She even interacted with us via Facebook andTwitter beforehand, which thoroughly impressedme.”@Kannataylor
  8. 8. I’ve always been a Rascal
  9. 9. I love Twitter because..
  10. 10. Lee AaseDirector, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
  11. 11. More Good Reasons not to protect your TweetsMore Good Reasons to Not Protect Your TweetsBy LEE AASE | Published: AUGUST 9, 2010
  12. 12. The New Power of the Handwritten Note JAN U ARY 9, 2011 Dr . B r y a n V a r t a b e d i a n , M D Twitter: Doctor_V
  13. 13. There’s a lot of dialog about what we can do tostand out above the escalating noise of our newsocial channels. How can we make an impressionthat separates us?A handwritten note is an option.
  14. 14. OtterBox Case Study
  15. 15. Research & making connections
  16. 16. Twitter BasicsDiscover Sources: Find and follow others:Business you love, people you know, news sources,hobbies.See who those you know or admire are following.Check Twitter Ofen: pay attention to what’shappeningMake sure you visit your Mentions~Give thanks
  17. 17. BUILD A VOICE: retweet, reply, react A Retweet is like a Pat on the Back
  18. 18. Sounds like:“I’ll be your best Friend!"
  19. 19. Mistake, Huge Mistake
  20. 20. Pee Wee Herman Salesman Video
  21. 21. We also Hate this.......
  22. 22. me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,meme,me,me,me,me,meme,me,me,me,me,meme,me,me,me,me,me
  23. 23. Seth Godin/Tom PetersAmerican Express Video
  24. 24. If you want followers be a good Friend
  25. 25. Do your Homework
  26. 26. Use your creativity
  27. 27. YouTube: Feelin Groovy
  28. 28. Do you bring value?Why should I care about your “stuff ?”
  29. 29. Increase your contacts andcredibility by participating in Tweeter Chats.
  30. 30. The are 362 Twitter Chatgroups currently taking place
  31. 31. You can link in yourslideshare into your Tweetchat #HPM
  32. 32. Twitterchat linked me to:1. Solid folks in Hospice and Palliative Care2. Host the #HPM on occasion3. Used research to help my client presenting to localHospice4. Placed their views on Slideshare5. Currently working on three projects with folksfrom around the world.
  33. 33. Twitter BasicsMake sure you are linking your website toyour Twitter Page. It’s part of your BioI would not suggest you link your Twitter toyour Facebook/LInked In.Might link Twitter to your ProfessionalFacebook page.
  34. 34. Facebook was designed for Friends
  35. 35. Linked In was designed for Professionals
  36. 36. Evan Williams TED Presentation
  37. 37. Twitter is a Different CultureYour Twitter Bio Needs to reflect the differenceShort & SweetReflects why you bring valueCreative/show your personalityTell folks what you doReveal something person~not too personal
  38. 38. Measure your resultsKloutTwitalyzerTweetreach
  39. 39. Thank you!