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Discussing the tough topics without dread


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The ability to handle conflict in a professional manner is an important leadership skill. This presentation gives practical wisdom and steps that can be used to help take away the dread that may come when a leaders knows they need to handle a situation that could be "less than splendid."
This deck was designed for Early Childhood Professionals but could be used by professionals within an discipline.

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Discussing the tough topics without dread

  1. 1. Lisa Fields & Associates
  2. 2. Presents
  3. 3. Discussing the ToughTopics without the Dread
  4. 4. I Needed this tool.
  5. 5. Learning Objectives Describe respectful ways to communicate in a manner that is beneficial to both parties. Use easy methods to discuss “sensitive” topics List 3 methods to establish healthy boundaries.boundaries.
  6. 6. A Respectful way to communicate
  7. 7. Another Respectful way to Communicate
  8. 8. David Holmes @DHolmesRaps
  9. 9. Respectful Ways to CommunicateDifferent Stories: Why we each see theworld differently.We have different information.We each know ourselves better thananyone else can.
  10. 10. Respectful Ways to Communicate We have different interpretationsWe are influenced by past experiences
  11. 11. Method to Discuss“Sensitive” Topics
  12. 12. This is a Pattern
  13. 13. Different Fabric
  14. 14. But still a Dress
  15. 15. When People & Turtles feel endangered what do they do?
  16. 16. They Hide
  17. 17. or
  18. 18. They might Snap
  19. 19. My Student
  20. 20. What to do?
  21. 21. Time for the Pattern.
  22. 22. Don’t use this when:Someone is under the influence ofAlcohol & or other Drugs.Someone has serious, chronic mentalillness and they are not presently stable.Someone is presenting domesticviolence patterns.
  23. 23. Let’s Go!
  24. 24. When you...Short, Sweet, Specific
  25. 25. I’m (The Feeling)Always use Concerned
  26. 26. Because (This is the why)It explains the Feeling
  27. 27. So,....(Ask for what you want)
  28. 28. This is what I said:When you pull your shirt up to hereI”m concernedBecause I’m having a hard timeconcentrating and I really want to listen toyouSo, could you put your shirt down?
  29. 29. Practice makes Perfect
  30. 30. How to Create Boundaries at Work Nicole Williams
  31. 31. This is Not A Healthy Boundary!
  32. 32. People with healthy boundaries havedeveloped an identity separate anddistinct from others and are notdependent upon others to nurture theirpersonal and spiritual growth.
  33. 33. “I’m not going to tell him to back off. I want him to like me.”“I swear she picks on me.”
  34. 34. “I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I told her I forgot the deadline.” “I thought we really made a greatconnection, but she didn’t say hi on the way to her office.”
  35. 35. Lessons Learned.
  36. 36. Thank You!