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Link building plan blueprint


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Advanced insight into creating a link building plan and implementing it successfully. Phases include research, content creation and preparation, action, analysis.

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Link building plan blueprint

  1. 1. Practical SEOLink Building Plan Blueprint
  2. 2. Practical SEODeciding on Keywords and Landing Pages
  3. 3. Practical SEO- Keyword research
  4. 4. Practical SEO
  5. 5. Practical SEO- Keyword Rankings
  6. 6. Practical SEO- Landing Pages optimization
  7. 7. Practical SEO
  8. 8. Practical SEOCompetitor Research
  9. 9. Practical SEO- Find top competitors and check their backlinks (export toCSV)
  10. 10. Practical SEO
  11. 11. Practical SEO- Cross examine/compare competitor backlink profiles Something Fishy?
  12. 12. Practical SEO- Find minimum, maximum and average number of links Really Fishy!
  13. 13. Practical SEO- Examine types of sites linking inUnfortunately there is no tool to help you with this, some try but they are worthless, somanual process is the way to go, possible breakdown can include: Breakdown A Breakdown B Free Content (blog posts, news, mentions) Negotiated Directories/Profiles Paid (yes, paid) Low Level (comments, Relationship signatures) Uncategorized Categorization by Dan Petrovic
  14. 14. Practical SEOCreate High Quality Content
  15. 15. Practical SEO Source:
  16. 16. Practical SEOLink Building Strategy
  17. 17. Practical SEO- Prioritize keywords by traffic gain and probability ofachieving ranks (long term, medium, easy win)
  18. 18. Practical SEO Phrase Potential Calculator
  19. 19. Practical SEO- Plan the numbers and types of links (according tocompetitor research) x links of type a needed x links of type b need Note: Don’t mistake this with x links of type c needed actual links and work that is needed to achieve your goals, total: things will change as time passes, 1st place x links competition will not stand still, 5th place x links authority is not an easy thing to 10th place x links come by.
  20. 20. Practical SEO-Strategic link building, opportunity based for your brand:•Link Consolidation•Branded profiles, corporate associations, directories•Brand alerts, mentions, syndications, citations•Blogging, internal linking, authority building•Competition 404 pages•Guest blogging and offsite content creation•Events and Sponsorships•Promotions and Viral content (implement the high quality content you createdbefore)
  21. 21. Practical SEO- Creating search queries
  22. 22. Practical SEO- Social media presence (increasing your reach) Source:
  23. 23. Practical SEO Source:
  24. 24. Practical SEOResults Overview
  25. 25. Practical SEO- Analyze results and success
  26. 26. Practical SEO- Analyze errors and wins
  27. 27. Practical SEO- Refocus and modify the campaign
  28. 28. Practical SEO By Žarko Živković Practical SEO Dejan SEO