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Week4 linking the parts


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Week4 linking the parts

  1. 1. Today’s Class• attendance and prep sheet check• review• language focus• language focus practice• presentation practice BREAK• mini-presentations• midterm speeches• in-class presentation
  2. 2. Team up! It’s review time!Question #1Do you remember the language focus points “introducingyourself and your talk?”Shout out as many as you can now!Remember the headings:- Greeting, name, position- Title, subject- Purpose, objective- Length- Outline, main parts- Questions- Reference to the audience
  3. 3. ReviewQuestion #2What is the difference between an internal presentationand an external presentation?Question #3What are the 4 main points that should be included in anintroduction?Attention Getter – story, quote, question, unusualstatement, shocking statistic, humor, propCredibilitySpecific PurposeThesis
  4. 4. Talk / Say / Speak / Discuss
  5. 5. Language Focus- take out your prep sheets and lets review- in pairs, complete exercise 1 on page 20 ANSWERS: e)3 f)4 g)7 h)1 i)5 j)2 k)6
  6. 6. Language Focus PracticeIn PAIRS, go through exercise 3 on page 21ANSWERS:d)by the waye)for example/in particularf)firstly, secondlyg)howeverh)for example/in particulari)similarlyj)butk)in fact/actuallyl)as a resultm)however
  7. 7. Presentation Practice• Prepare a mini-presentation, something along the lines ofpage 22• You can use one of these, or make up a relevant topic foryour group• Try to get everybody in your group to participate in thepresentation• Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!
  8. 8. Midterm Speeches• Did you choose a topic?• Open your books to page 18• Create a mind map for yourmidterm speech OR outline