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Week14 competition


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Week14 competition

  1. 1. Competition/Final Review Business English Week 14 Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Our Last Class  • Review • Vocab • Language Review • BREAK • Final Review
  3. 3. Review - Innovation Fill in the blanks: brainwave All of a sudden I had a _________ and came up with an amazing idea! I had to build a prototype ___________ of the product so that my idea could be materialized. But it didn’t work well, so it was back to the drawing board to make ____________ a new idea. When I finally perfected my idea, patent I applied for a __________ so others could not steal my idea.
  4. 4. Review - Innovation• Put the following into the passive verb forms was tested2. The prototype ___________(test) extensively. was applied for3. A license ____________(apply for). was granted4. Approval ___________ (grant). 4. The team ___________(train). was trained 5. The magazine was published ___________ (publish).
  5. 5. Review - Innovation SHOUT OUT some expressions you can use when you deliver a presentation! e.g. Introducing yourself Structuring the presentation Inviting questions Giving background information Referring to the audience’s knowledge Changing the topic Referring to visuals Concluding Ending
  6. 6. Vocabulary – Pg. 117 Exercise A, B, C, D Exercise A/B: Exercise C: 4.field – a 2.playing field – h 3.a one horse race 6.neck – c 4.ahead of the game – e 5.moved the goalposts 8.goalposts – g 6.flogging a dead horse 9.ball – f the driving seat – b 8.are neck and neck 11.race - d 9.keep your eye on the ball
  7. 7. Language Review – Pg. 120 • Exercise A, B A: B: 3. probable 2.might (possible) 4. possible 3.shouldn’t (probable) 5. probable 4.may not (possible) 6. probable 5.must (certain) 7. certain 6.should (probable) 8. not possible 7.can’t (not possible) 9. certain 8.may not (possible) 9.might (possible) 10.possible 11.probable 12.possible