Week 3 travel


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  • Brand loyalty, brand image, brand stretching, brand awareness, brand name Product launch, product lifecycle, product range, product placement, product endorsement 2. Am working / sell / develop / are drinking 3. The customers come from the baby boom generation and as they get older, the market shrinks.
  • - Underlined words are AMERICAN English – Others are BRITISH
  • GOING TO – I am going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend this year. WILL – I will kill you if you don’t wake up! PC – I am taking this class until June. There’s no backing out now. PS – Our class meets every week.
  • Week 3 travel

    1. 1. TRAVELWeek 3Business English Professor Hayashi
    2. 2. Today’s ClassIt’s going to be a blast! Attendance and Homework Check (pg. 62) Quick Review (GAME!) Vocabulary Listening Language Review Break Useful Language (Video) Case Study 22
    3. 3. HOMEWORK – pg. 62 PRESENT SIMPLE ANDVOCABULARY PRESENT CONTINUOUS1.durable 7. sexy 1.open2.stylish 8. value for money 2.are only building3.inexpensive 3.are not buying 9. well-made 4.sell4.reliable 10. top of the range 5.go to see5.timeless 11. fashionable 6.am visiting6.cool 12. luxurious 7.get 8.are negotiating 9.do not like 10. am playing 11. read 12. am enjoying 3
    4. 4. Quick Review1. Name as many of the ‘partnership words’ as you can (e.g. brand ______ and product _______)2. FILL IN THE BLANK USING PS OR PC: At the moment I ________ (work) for Guinness. We usually ________(sell) our beer to intoxicated students like you! Once a month, we _______ (develop) a promotion to entice our customers. Nowadays, many people ________ (drink) Guinness because of St. Patrick’s Day.3. What is the major issue that Harley Davidson faces and how do you propose the company resolves it? 4
    5. 5. VOCAB – pg. 15 – exercise A&B subway Underground-Work IN PAIRS on City centre Downtownexercise A & B Carry-on baggage Hand luggage One way Single- If you finish, pleasedo exercise A & B on return Round Trippage 14 freeway Motorway Rest room Public Toilet elevator Lift Coach class Economy Class timetable Schedule Car park Parking Lot 5
    6. 6. VOCAB – pg. 15 - answers 1. Freeway 2. Parking lot 3. Carry-on baggage 4. Subway 5. Schedule 6. Downtown 7. Elevator 66
    7. 7. LISTENING – pg. 16 exercise A, BA)- Good organization- Balancing cost with comfort- Being patientB)“It’s particularly important to establish good face-to-face relations with colleagues or with customers” 7
    8. 8. LISTENING – pg. 16 exercise C, D, E 8
    10. 10. LANGUAGE REVIEW – Page 18- In PAIRS, work on exercise A, B, C – CHAT IT UP! EXERCISE A EXERCISE C 1.I’ll take (decided at the time) 1.fixed arrangement 2.are you going to (intend to) 2.program 3.are going to offer (have already decided to) 3.decided at the time of 4.I’ll fax (decided at the time) speaking 5.going to learn (intend to do) 4.decided at the time of speaking EXERCISE B 5.program 1.arrives 6.decided at the time of 2.‘re staying speaking 3.begins 7.program 4.am travelling 8.decided at the time of 5.departs speaking 6.are seeing 10
    11. 11. Telephone English 1) Watch the video and underline any of the “useful language” you hear at the bottom of PAGE19 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-W6dXfm7YE&feature=related 11
    12. 12. Get silly!Role Play exercise D with a partner - you can loosely use this idea, but BE CREATIVE - DO NOT write down a dialogue; write a plan, but not every word 12
    13. 13. Homework!Read the article on page 17Complete exercise B & CHave an AMAZING week! 13