Midterm presentation rubric


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Midterm presentation rubric

  1. 1. Scoring Rubric for Midterm Presentation _______________________ 50Name:__________________________ Topic: _____________________________ Class: _____________________ Time: ____________ 1: Novice 2: Beginning 3: Proficient 4: Expert ScoreVisualOrganization No clear opening. Opening only orients the Clear opening that Engaging opening that Audience is unsure what audience to the topic or orients audience to topic orients the audience to the theme is. No Basis for theme but not both. and theme but is not topic and theme. AudienceOpening audience to predict or Audience has some sense of engaging. Audience has a knows what will follow. follow. what will follow. good sense of what will Includes AG, Credibility, follow. Thesis, Purpose No clear conclusion. The There is some restatement Clear restatement of Creative and memorable speech just seems to stop. of the main theme and main theme and major restatement of main themeConclusion major support. supports. Audience is and major supports. Strong asked to action or belief. call to action or beliefs. Does not supply any Supplies a few words and/or Inconsistently supplies Supplies words and/orTransition words and/or phrases that phrases that link ideas words and/or phrases that phrases that link ideasWords/ Verbal link ideas throughout. throughout. link ideas throughout. throughout. Uses theRoad Signs ‘useful language’ studied in class.Analysis/Coherence Does not connect ideas Connects some ideas Connects most ideas Connects all ideas logically and makes few logically and creates a logically and builds a logically and builds aLogic or no logical connection general sense of cumulative cumulative statement. compelling, cumulative between statements. statement. statement. Seems to stray from topic Focuses on topic with some Focuses on topic with Focuses tightly on topicFocus on Topic and off into side issues. major tangents. few major tangents. and everything revolves about theme. Uses vague and weak Uses occasional strong, Uses strong accurate Uses precise, evocative and/or inappropriate accurate language that is language throughout that language and personalLanguage language appropriate to the theme and is appropriate to theme pronouns. Refers to the audience. and audience. audience.
  2. 2. Originality Chose uninspired topic Chose a hackneyed or Chose a traditional but Chose novel topic or gives that he/she does not seem clichéd topic or topic that is appropriate topic that new or unusualTopic Choice to care about inappropriate for setting, speaker seems invested perspective on old theme time and audience. in. and seems enthusiastic.Delivery Does not make eye Makes some eye contact Makes varied Makes varied andEye Contact contact with the with some of the audience. inconsistent eye contact sustained eye contact with audience. with the entire audience. the entire audience. Speaker speaks in a Uses some variance in pitch, Uses much variance in Uses variance in pitch, monotone or a voice that rate, and volume to pitch, rate, and volume to rate, and volume to is clearly uncontrolled. appropriately enhance their appropriately convey appropriately convey theirVoice meaning. Practice and their meaning. Exhibits meaning throughout. control are evident. some practice and Exhibits practiced control. purposeful control. Uses no body language Speaker uses some body Speaker uses a variety of Speaker uses body or some that language that appropriately body language that language that inappropriately enhances their meaning. appropriately enhances appropriately enhancesBody Language reinforces his/her their meaning. their meaning throughout meaning. speech. Frequently user filler Smooth flowing language, Smooth flowing Smooth flowing language,Filler Words words or phrases, or with occasional filler words language, with one or totally devoid of any filler("uh") pauses inappropriately, or verbal tics. two filler words or verbal words or verbal tics. pauses as if at a loss. tics.     Self-­‐evaluation    ___________    /3          Peer  evaluation          ______________    /3                                                        
  3. 3.                             • Attention  Getter       Intro   • Establish  Credibility   • Thesis     • Speci@ic  Purpose               PREVIEW  &  LINK       • Point  #1               Body                                  link   • Point  #2                      link   • Point  #3                                                                              REVIEW  &  LINK   • Thesis   Conclusion   • Memorable   • Make  a  recommendation